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Skincare Diaries #1: A Quick And Essential Guide To Face Masks

By Vaishali Valecha

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Do you wish to indulge in pamper nights at weekends? Well, grab a face mask and get to masking. Face masks are super beneficial for your skin as they provide all the necessary nutrients to your skin. Starting from Ubtans to Clay masks, cream to peel off masks and now water-based gel masks to sheet masks, the selection is never-ending. So, to make it easy for you we have a simple and quick guide of most important face masks you should invest in to give that inner glow to your skin.


Clay And Charcoal Masks

A clay mask is something we all have used at some point in our lives. It is hands down the most traditional form of face mask. These masks help in clearing out all the impurities and dirt from your skin from deep within. They are a boon for people with oily and acne prone skin. A charcoal mask tho is intensely purifying and clears out all the toxins from your pores, leaving your skin detoxified. These masks help you achieve brighter and clearer complexion over time.




Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliating masks help in the removal of dead and flaky dry skin. It improves the texture of your skin and leaves your skin soft and supple. If you're using a manual exfoliating mask then 2-3 min massage is more than enough to treat your skin. If you go longer than this, the mask will get abrasive and cause irritation to your skin. On the other hand, chemical exfoliants like lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid help in cell regeneration and the smoother surface of the skin. Chemical ones will also help in tightening and brightening your skin.




Hydrating Masks

Hydration is key and if you do it well then you'll be able to prevent dull, dry and ageing skin. Hydrating face masks are meant for all skin types if you pick the right kind for your skin type. They give major hydration without feeling heavy or clogging your pores. Vitamins, collagen, and plant extracts are just a few of the ingredients found in hydrating face masks, which deliver spa-worthy results in the comfort of our own homes. 

Bonus Tip: Hyaluronic acid sinks in and plumps your skin from deep within. So, invest in a mask that contains hyaluronic acid as a primary ingredient and thank us later!  


Korean Sheet Masks

One time use and ultra hydrating, Sheet masks are a Korean beauty magic product. They are super efficient and provide you with hydration levels of a week worth of serum. They are pre-made and soaked in a serum that fits your face like a dream and feels like an expensive spa. 10-15 minutes and you'll be left with super hydrated, glowing and plump skin. They are perfect an on the go treatment or as an in-flight essential. They help in treating the issues like ageing skin, dullness and dehydrated skin.


Bonus Tip: Under-eye masks are also like mini sheet masks so add those to your list to boost collagen and hydration levels under your eye. 



Home Made Masks (DIY)

If you're some who believes in going "au-naturel" (all natural) then look no beyond your kitchen or pantry. You'll be able to find most ingredients in there and the bonus is that it will be organic so no fear of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Basically what we are trying to say is "feed your face". Ingredients like oats, honey, yoghurt, lemon, rose petals/water, turmeric, sandalwood powder, milk, flour and chickpea flour are a few of the best ingredients you can use to whip up some natural face masks and use that to pamper your skin.


Bonus Tip: You can apply fruits and vegetable pulp and peels on your face and body as a quick fix skin care, instead of dumping it away.




Caffeine-Induced Masks

Give your skin a boost of caffeine by using a coffee induced mask. You can buy a pre-made one from the market or whip up your own at home. It promotes cell regeneration and exfoliation with this mask leads to better skin texture and surface. Issues like inflammation and dull skin are going to be at bay if you include a coffee mask into your skincare regime. You will be able to feel energized and fresh once you're done using this. Don't forget the amazing scent it comes with!




MULTI MASKING is a famous technique that is taking over the beauty world like fire, it comprises of applying a particular mask on a targeted area to treat the specified issue of that zone. (For example, A clearing mud mask on the T-zone to detoxify and a hydrating one on the cheeks to moisturize). So go ahead and whip up some natural ingredients like yoghurt, rosewater and honey and get to masking. You can also call your squad over and have fun masking and selfie/groupfie sessions.



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Now that we have sorted you our with all the necessary and beneficial face masks to help make your skin feel and look it's best, Go ahead and shop for the one that suits your skin type. Let 's way to your us know in the comments below which facemask made it's way to your skincare regime. Until then, PEACE!

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Question: Which face mask is best suited for oily skin people?

Answer: Clay, Exfoliating and Charcoal Masks.


Question: Which face mask is best suited for dry skin people?

Answer: Cream, Sheet and Hydrating Masks. 


Question: What are the benefits of multi-masking?

Answer: Multi-masking helps treat a specific area and resolves the issue of that zone accordingly. Example: (A clearing mud mask on the T-zone to detoxify and a hydrating one on the cheeks to moisturize)

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