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Explore The Spectacular River Cruises In India

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Vacation is the journal of memories and experiences. So, for this time plan your vacation in the mesmerizing river cruises in India.  River Cruise is the blessing to explore the nature’s beauty that no one can afford to miss.


1. Brahmaputra River Cruise

Crossing Brahmaputra River Cruise is a wonderful experience which can’t be express by words.  Quaint villages, bewitching landscapes, exotic wildlife and the famous Indian Dolphins glorifies the beauty of the river. Planning this river cruise is an opportunity to experience the feel of a traditional climate of Northeast. 

Main Attraction: Beautiful Views of Enchanting countryside, the villages, and the exotic wildlife.
Special Ingredient: The atmosphere is full of holy and holistic vibes.


2. Chilika Lake Cruise

Chilika Lake Cruise has reserved its place in the list of popular river cruises in India. The unique location makes the traveler witness the atmosphere of true wildlife.   In the stop of Rajahamsa Beach,  you will spot the beautiful view comprising of the variety of birds and Dolphins dancing around the waves of the water. Afterward, you will smell the aroma of Marshlands and beautiful villages. Such a perfect cruise!Main Attraction: Rajahmsa Beach
Special Ingredient: The unique location helps you to witness fairytale wildlife.


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3. Dibru- Saikhowa River Cruise

Dibru- Saikhowa River Cruise is a spectacular place which is blessed by the beautiful surprises of nature. As it is surrounded by the national park of Dibru Saikhowa,  which is counted as one of the 19 Bio-diversity hotspots in the world. Through this cruise, you have a golden opportunity to experience the untouched part of North-East India. That is full of an exquisite collection of Orchids, migratory birds, and river dolphins.

Main Attraction: National Park of Dibru- Saikhowa
Special Ingredient: The scenic atmosphere consists of the variety of flora and fauna.


4. Goa Cruise Destination

Goa is one of the sexiest and the most popular one in the list of river cruises in India.  This cruise is a platter of mesmerizing views.  The topography makes the place more romantic that’s why it is also best suited for the honeymoon couples. Goa Cruise is the best definition of natural beauty. Main Attraction: The never-ending beautiful views from sunrise to sunset.
Special Ingredient: The climatic conditions makes it a romantic place.


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5. Ganges Heritage Cruise

Ganges Heritage Cruise is the journey of historical and remarkable destinations of Kolkata. It covers that destination also which can’t be covered by road. The visions of this cruise will be full of ethnicity.  And this quality set Ganges Heritage cruise apart from all the river cruises in India

Main Attraction: Covers all the historical places of Kolkata.
Special Ingredients: The views represent the ethnicity and culture of Kolkata.


6. Kerala Backwater Cruise

Kerala Backwater Cruise is a path towards a discovery of unspoiled landscapes and the rural life. This cruise comes with the deadly combination which marks a special place in one’s memories.  Cruise is equipped with modern amenities these houseboats are favored by honeymooners and families alike. Main Attraction: As the name suggests it is a backwater cruise. 
Special Ingredient: It is the journey that covers the unexplored landscapes of the country.


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7. The Andaman Islands Cruise

It is counted among the best river cruises in India. The beauty lies in arms of island archipelago in the Bay of Bengal.  To explore the wonderful marine life, you need to go down in the waters. You can’t miss this golden chance of your life. Sailing in the water is just like going deep to a wonderful secret of adventures. 

Main Attraction: Island Archipelago in the Bay of Bengal.
Special Ingredient: The wonderful marine life.


8. Sunderbans Cruise

Sunderbans is world largest reservoir of mangrove forest. Sunderban Cruise is a spoon full of activities which attract the travelers.
Crossing the dense forest of Sundari trees with the aroma of rustic villages will make you drive crazy. Later, you can also spot the Royal Tiger on your expedition which doubles the level of adventure. That’s why Sunderban Cruise is a paradise for all the nature lovers. 

 Main Attraction: The Dense forest of Sundari tree and Rustic Villages.
 Special Ingredient: It is considered as the paradise for nature lovers.


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9. Mandovi River Cruise

Mandovi River Cruise is stated as that best thing in Goa, which no one can afford to miss. The beautiful journey starts from Santa Monica Jetty at sunset and continues at the night.  The cruise surrounds you with the positivity of excitement and aroma of romance. So, book this place for your near and dear loved ones.

Main Attraction: All the activities conducted in the cruise levels up the excitement.
Special Ingredient: It covers all the beautiful views of Goa.


10. Mangalore Cruise Destination

Mangalore Cruise Destination is the fantasy one in the list of river cruises in India. As it comes with an opportunity to delight with sea, river and jungle cruise. Hooking up with such places can make your memories worth living. Explore the offbeat holiday destination with your friends.

Main Attraction: It is a delightful journey of sea, river and jungle views.
Special Ingredient: It covers all the offbeat destinations


After going through the list of river cruises in India you have definitely switch on to the channel of your fantasies. So, just go and live your dream. Live your life the fullest with never-ending memories.



Q. What essentials should we carry while traveling on a cruise?
A. Swimming Costume,  Sunscreen, DSLR Camera to capture the beautiful views and all the Florent colors clothes.

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