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8 Best Environment-Conscious Eateries Across the Country-September, 2023

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Aug. 25, 2023 3 min read

Switching to eco-friendly practices for mother earth? Why stop there? Now explore the ecologically conscious food habits at some of the best restaurants in the country. In the past few years, environmental sustainability in the restaurant industry has taken a giant leap. It's time you do too.


Here are 8 eco-friendly restaurants in India to start with- September, 2023 


Eco-Friendly restaurants in Bangalore


Image Courtesy: Facebook

Here's an eco-friendly restaurant in Bangalore worthy of its title. Running on solar power and harvested rainwater, Go Native, offers farm (located within a 500 km radius) to table vegetarian meals alongside active initiatives like nature walks, interactive workshops, and fun events. They even cater to a wide array of food preferences ranging from vegan to gluten-free, Jain-friendly, keto-specific, and low/high protein. You should definitely try their vegan ice cream and whole-wheat pizza. 


Image Courtesy: LBB

Undertaking zero-waste practices, check out this unique juice bar in Bengaluru serving natural and refreshing juices in fruit shells. Established by former RJ turned entrepreneur RJ Raja, the place is a haven for environmentalists. Their eco-friendly practices include replacing plastic straws with other alternatives such as paper straws, reusable steel straws, straws made from fallen banana leaves and bamboo, and wheat paste straws. 


Eco-friendly restaurants in Delhi NCR


Image Courtesy: Instagram

For some peace, quiet, and environment-conscious good times, head to this zero-waste store-cum-café in DLF Galleria Market. With an objective to reduce plastic consumption and find eco-friendly alternatives, the name-sake (pun intended) offers a delicious selection of locally sourced coffees and various healthy savouries and bakery preparations. This eatery in Gurgaon is also known for its recycled stationery and organic skincare products. For every pencil you buy, there is a free plant seed at the ferrule. So cool!


Image Courtesy: magicpin

A recent addition to the list of Insta-worthy cafés in Gurgaon, OMO is also a sustainable eatery with plenty of vegetarian vegan (reducing carbon footprints already) and heart-warming eats on its menu. An abundance of natural sunlight on the patio and chic decor later, you find some of the most decadent beverages (coffee first) and health-conscious food choices in the neighbourhood. Our advice, devour them, one at a time. We chicken-heads tried their cold-pressed juices, Mezze Platter, and pizzas, and they were insane!


Eco-Friendly restaurants in Mumbai


Image Courtesy: Facebook

SOCIAL has been around long enough to instil the true "nature" of sustainability. One of the best restaurants in Mumbai, it is also the first 100% upcycled restaurant. The tabletops are discarded timber-framed doors, the lights are repurposed, and the food is mind-blowing. Don't leave without trying their famous momos, biryanis, and cocktails. 


Image Courtesy: GQIndia

Plural is a contemporary Southeast Asian restaurant in Mumbai putting forth food-centric sustainability deeds. Starting from sourcing high-quality produce from local farmers, giving patronage to them, reusing discarded vegetables (asparagus, mushroom, etc.) trimmer in vegetable stock, and repurposing citrus fruit peels as cordials for cocktails. 


More eco-friendly restaurants in India


Image Courtesy: Hungry Hitchhiker

Another popular eco-friendly cafe in India proudly recreates gastronomical wonders with traditional methods from around the world. The idea is to serve healthy, delicious dishes that also reduce kitchen waste. It is located in C-Scheme and only uses local, seasonal ingredients. 


Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Founded by two environmental activists, this eco-friendly restaurant in India has a vast menu of decadent grubs alongside plenty of vegan options. Everything from the decor to seating and packaging is repurposed from waste material, which says a lot about this cosy little cafe in Kolkata. Don't forget to order their Buddha bowl, vegan pizzas, and whole-wheat desserts. 


Take this opportunity to leave footprints worth following! Let these eco restaurants help. 


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