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17 Ways To Wear A Dress Without Dressing Up

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - July 31, 2020 8 min read

Dresses are in, no way offensive, a girly outfit. The instinct to wear a dress for some fancy dinner or a friend's cocktail party is as natural as you getting all dolled up to match the high expectations obligated by that dress you're slipping into. The journey from flab to fab starts from just wearing the dress to quickly (And by which I mean 1 hour or so) changing the entire structure of your face with 12 dozen creams and so. Now I have the utmost admiration for the ladies who can pull this off like a pro but being as lazy as I am and as uneducated as I am to the ways of dressing up like a diva; the chances of me (and people like) making the heads turn in an event dials down to zero. 



My deepest sorrows aside, there are ways you can wear a dress without dressing up as the fashion connoisseurs recreating the perfect winged eye-liner sitting right next to you is.  


1. Style Your Dress With White Sneakers

White sneakers are a versatile necessity every girl needs in her shoe rack. From pairing them with basic jeans to styling them with a floral dress, a white shoe is competent enough fashion gem that could amp up your basic outfit in a single step. Not only do they offer a casual perspective to your girly look but keep you and your feet extremely comfortable. Win-win situation every girl is dreading but isn't asking for is here. Thank me later!

Dresses with white sneakers

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


2. Style Your Dress With Strappy Heels/Sandals

Once in awhile your shoes need to take a day off while you strap on to something that's a little more classy and out there. A dress while alluring can be a pain-in-the-head when it comes to styling it. Our advice; make strappy heels your quick fix when you want to dress up without calling too much attention to the other details such as your make up or hair. Keep the shade of the heels as metallic as you can so that it works with every outfit. 

dress with strappy heels or sandals

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


3. Style Your Dress With Over The Knee Boots

A dress that is short, styled with boots that are longer than your legs is the best way to lift up the entire ensemble in a zip. This season witnessed a lot of OTT fashion statement of which over the knee boots in velvet and block shades are my absolute favourite. Colour block it with a plain Tee-shirt dress or pair them up a mini dress, wrap dress and more. 

Dress with knee length boots

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


4. Style Your Plain Dress With A Striped Blazer 

I am leaning towards this striped blazer for the kind of snazzy effect it has on this plane black maxi dress but you can easily choose any blazer; plain, printed or colourful to get the jazz that is missing in your dress. Body-con dresses are blazer's best friend and we, as fashion mongers should totally take advantage of that relationship. But make sure you either colour block this combination or keep the arrangement as plain on printed/printed on plain; however your outfit allows. Also, basic shoes would be the preferable footwear but you can style it any way you want. 

dress with a striped blazer 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


5. Style Your Dress With A Denim Jacket

Even as a minimalist I can wholeheartedly agree with the final look denim jackets has to offer. With no extra effort adding a denim jacket to your dress will by definition make you a fashionista. Be it lace, maxi, midi or a bodycon dress, denim jackets usually get you off the hook without doing too much. 

dress with a denim jacket

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


6. Style Your Dress With A Mesh Skirt

Committing to this kind of look with a dress is a bit more than you asked for but I, in my good conscience cannot allow such an experiment slip through your eyes even though it's a far-fetched goal. Although if we are in close proximity to both the items being flaunted here in our closet there is no way we shouldn't give it a whirl. The skirt would go best with a body-con short dress that too combined in contrast like in the picture below. Don't be shy if you tried this, feel free to share it on the magicpin App. 

dress with a mesh skirt

Image Courtesy: chic_in_psychic


7. Style Your Dress With Cool Sunglasses

Sometimes even when the sun isn't shining bright in the sky a cool pair of sunglasses can do you some extra good. Especially when you style them with a cheerful sun-dress or floral, boho prints, etc. Pick the slick ones for a playful dress, big ones for a formal dress and go all out with retro and grungy ones when slipping into something a little bit cooler.  

dress with cool shades

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


8. Style Your Dress With A Trench Coat 

If you have a tee-shirt, body-con or turtle-neck dress lying the closet with not much exposure to nature here's what you do... Either wear a trench coat or just make-do with long coats or long shrugs you bought a year ago because...why not. A loose bun with add class to the overall outfit and basic sneakers in the feet will keep you comfortable. You can easily duplicate this look when going to the office for casual Friday or meeting your BFF for a quick coffee date.

Dress with a trench coat

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



9. Style Your Dress With Chunky Silver Earrings

A dress with traditional prints and colours deserves a trickle of silver on it. I mean you are not Indian enough if such heavy silver earrings and jhumkas aren't rolling in your drawers for no reason at all. Well, looks like these earrings had a purpose after all. Even if you choose to go out with absolutely no makeup, this piece of jewellery will save you from the snare comment of fashion critiques just lurking around in the city. 

Dress with chunky silver jewellery

Image Courtesy: thatbohogirl


10. Style Your Maxi Dress With Block Heel Boots

Keeping boots restricted to just one season isn't fair to the creators of such high fashion. Pick the lighter shades of brown preferably beige or peanut since they go with almost any colour you pick for the dress. Dress up like this on brunch dates or wine tasting sessions and be the talk of the town.

dress with block heel boots

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


11. Style Your Dress With A Velvet Blazer

A plain single slit dress that a friend gifted you on your 22nd birthday must be boring the brains out of you by now. Make it interesting by adding a layer of velvet blazer to it. Put on some statement jewellery pieces, a shiny belt and you are ready to walk the ramp. Try the look at a pool party and let your friends figure out how you look so...different today. 

Dress with velvet blazer

Image Courtesy: stylemeupwithsakshi


12. Style Your Dress With Just A Sweater

Wearing a sweater on the top of a dress can revamp the entire ensemble. If you are going for classy, step into the most pretty stilettoes you own and if you choose to keep it casual, wear them comfy sneakers. Also, pick a sweater in the same shade as your dress to make it look more elegant and elaborate without much effort. 

dress with a sweater

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


13. Style Your Dress With A Statement Neck Piece

A plain dress, be it a maxi, long, midi, body-con or boho, styled with a simple neckpiece will quickly glam the look. So rather than investing heaps of money on expensive dresses, spend them on quality jewellery. Statement neckpieces, bracelets, earrings, etc. that goes with everything has the potential to complete all your looks especially the one with a dress. 

dress with a statement neck piece

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


14. Style Your Dress With A Belt

A very simple solution to all your dress-related problems can be solved by just wearing a belt. Not only will it add to your style but also align the dress with your body structure, making you look like a million buck. Also, try belts with neutral shades that don't call much attention and make sure that there's enough room in the dress for the belt to hold on to something. Any dress can be upgraded with just a belt provided you choose the right one. 

Dress with a belt

Image Courtesy: shradha.malik


15. Style Your Dress With A DIY Crop Top Or A Sweater

This picture is the living example of how simple DIY projects can be. A simple knot in the middle of your favourite sweater or a top can bring the change in how you look instantly. When done on a dress, the result is rather trendsetting and fashionable. It's very easy to pull-off and if there's a belly you want to hide while wearing the dress, well, it'll do that too. 

dress with DIY crop

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


16. Style Your Dress With A Hat

Going for a walk at the beach or meeting someone in the park, a floral dress of any length will do justice if you could just add a wicker hat to it. No makeup, no glam, nothing just a simple hat and you are golden. 

Dresses with hats 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


17. Style Your Dress With Something To Wrap Around Your Waist

We have a denim jacket wrapped around a tee-shirt dress, you can pick any jacket or shirt to style your basic outfit like a fashion blogger. And there is an additional benefit of carrying a jacket around in case you feel cold and your man's got none on him. Share if you like. 

dress with wrap around

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Now that you are fully equipped with the ideas about all that you can do with a dress without actually dressing up, send us a thank you letter every time you receive a compliment. Do post your #OOTD picture on magicpin for us to see. 



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