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10 Easy Hobbies You Can Master With Zero Skills

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 12, 2020 7 min read

Trust me when I say this, I am well familiar with the conundrum that's picking hobbies as a grown adult. It's almost like choosing a partner but the great ones have already been taken and invested in for several years, and the ones you can go for, are out of your league. Now I could blame it on my scatterbrained tendencies or my ambitious Bengali family, but growing up I was enrolled in so many different hobby classes and encouraged (read: threatened) to try such a variety of activities, that ultimately I stuck by none of them. 


Now I'm 23, and every time someone pops the inevitable question that goes something like "so, what do you do for fun?", my brain draws a complete blank. It's almost embarrassing to admit, but except for maybe reading and writing, both of which I make a living out of, I don't have any impressive hobbies to boast of. And after a quick survey amongst my immediate circle, it became starkly clear that a lot of 20 somethings would relate to this sentiment. 



But guess what I also found? The term "hobbies" is immensely wide-ranging, and even if the traditional leisurely pursuits like classical dancing or playing the piano might warrant a bit of childhood training, there are a host of other very easy hobbies that don't require skills. These are super easy hobbies to get into as an adult, require zero prior training or skill development, and are actually really fun! 


So, without further ado, let's get cracking on these 10 easy hobbies to pick up as an adult, virtually without any skills. 


1. Take On Vegetable Gardening 

It can be a bit daunting but fostering gardening as a hobby comes with perks that extend beyond just passing time. Vegetable gardening, besides giving you fresh herbs and kitchen ingredients, is a great stress-management technique and activity to unwind with. It's also one of the most rewarding zero skills hobbies you can take up as an adult, one I've never heard of being practised since the days of childhood. Here's a guide on how to start your own vegetable garden, to get you inspired. 


Image Courtesy - The Philadelphia Inquirer


2. Become An Expert On Podcasts 

They're inspiring, informative and above all, dangerously addictive. Listening to a podcast is a great hobby to take up as an adult, especially when you're not fond of reading. There's a wide variety of podcasts out there on the internet-verse, that will furnish you with informative content, cool facts and extensive knowledge, on any subject of your liking! From true crime to enhancing productivity, you can take your pick from an assortment of interesting podcasts online


Image Courtesy - Wintringham


3. Take Up DIY Craft 

You've always seen DIY ideas on Pinterest or other sites, and somehow convinced yourself that it takes skill to get into art and craft. While yes, conventional art forms like scenery painting might warrant a few pre-requisite skills, art is a massive category that also includes activities you require zero skills for. DIY crafting is one of those domains, that doesn't really need you to be an expert in anything, except for maybe picking up scissors. Besides, the point of DIY craft is to create something and have fun doing it, not giving birth to a masterpiece worthy of being displayed at the Louvre. You can also check out this list of creative things to do at home, for more easy hobby ideas. 


Image Courtesy - Motley Fool


4. Become A Documentary Buff

Documentaries are the best source of random but useful knowledge, that you can flex in front of your friends. Documentaries are great for understanding the exact workings of a variety of phenomena, gain insight into some of the most pressing issues of the world, learn more about famous as well as infamous people, and all in all, get answers to questions you've always been curious about, but not curious enough to sift through a 500-page hardback book. Here are some documentaries on Netflix you can check out! 


Image Courtesy - Embracing Health


5. Review Movies 

If you've always had a knack for critiquing poorly shot scenes in movies and finding loopholes in the plot of the film, perhaps you were born to be a movie reviewer! Making it big as a professional movie critic can involve a bit of struggle, but taking it up as a fun and easy hobby is a great way to sharpen your natural reviewing skills, practically understand the nuances that separate good and bad cinema, and maybe, even share with an audience that enjoys your genre recommendations! Besides, the next time your mum remarks on you watching your fourth film of the day, you can say "I'm actually reviewing it for a project". Maybe start with closely examining these famous Oscar-winning movies?


Image Courtesy - Allconnect



6. Start Baking 

As many psychologists have emphasised, cooking is one of the most naturally stress-relieving activities one can take up, given they're doing it for fun, and not to feed a family of four. Ask any long-time baker, and they'll be quick to fill you in on the creative process that is the practice of baking. All you need to do is snag some basic ingredients, get your oven working, pick a recipe and just give it your best shot! Your first cake might be a bit saltier or more burnt than you anticipated, but keep at it and you'll soon develop remarkable baking skills. Anyhow, be sure to use your family members as guinea pigs for your baking experiments, to make the process all the more fun. For starters, try these super easy mug-in-a-microwave recipes


Image Courtesy - Unsplash


7. Start A Collection

This might be a tad more eccentric than the others, but collecting objects has long been declared a rewarding hobby that even adults can take up. Think people well into their 40s, with an impressive (and super expensive) action figure collection! Depending on what you find interesting, you can start a collection of anything ranging from interesting coins to comic books to vinyl records. And if you manage to get your hands on rare collectibles in the process (like a cereal box from 1961 priced at 2,550 USD!), you now have a valuable (and pricey) antique in your collection, that you can perhaps auction on eBay in the future. 


Image Courtesy - The Spruce Crafts


8. Teach Yourself A Language 

Yes, learning a language is easier when you're in your early years of brain development. But if that was an exclusionary criterion, we'd only see 2-year-old babies attending online language classes. Learning any language is always a useful skill that you can hold on to for life. Also, the process of learning a language has been proven to be packed with several cognitive benefits, including enhanced memory, concentration and critical thinking. This hobby will require a bit of perseverance and dedication, and while it's difficult to speak a language like a local in a matter of a few weeks, even beginner knowledge about a foreign language is worth mentioning in your CV! 


Image Courtesy - Pexels


9. Pick A Photography Niche 

Photography is one of those easy hobbies that are also tremendously engaging and fun, especially when you find a niche you're interested in. While we all take a lot of pictures regularly for social media, practising photography as a hobby can be immensely fulfilling, rewarding and a great outlet for your creative energy. Photography is also one of the most budget-friendly easy hobbies to pick up, as long as you have a decent camera on you (yes, phone cam works!). With regard to the photography niches you can pick from, you can take a gander at capturing portraits, products, food, nature, animals, fashion, fine art...yep the list goes on. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


10. Get Into Bullet Journaling 

Trust you me, if we were talking about a month back, I wouldn't have recommended this hobby, mostly because I personally didn't have any faith in it. But about 20 days into maintaining a journal I think I'm at a position to advocate the series of benefits it brought to my life. First off, it's an outlet for expression. Secondly, it keeps not just your physical life, but also the world inside your head, a lot more organised. Thirdly, sneaking in 30 minutes of bullet journaling before bed has proven to not only relieve stress but also make me relaxed enough to fall asleep more quickly. So yeah, take it as a tried and tested zero skill hobby, bullet journaling is a lot more fun, and a lot less complicated than you think it to be! 


Image Courtesy - Edding

To hobby, or not to hobby, that isn't the question. The real query is, which one is the easiest to pick up?


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