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8 Easy Habits For a Healthier Diet

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 30, 2022 4 min read

Most of us tend to think of the term "diet" as a ground-breaking transformation in our regular lifestyle. We tend to assume that a transition to healthier eating would demand a substantial amount of effort, time and commitment. And as a result of these suppositions, most of us end up not doing anything at all. 


The crux of the matter is that healthy eating isn't as complex a challenge, as we've made it out to be. To eat healthier, you don't really need to plan your diet for every minute of the day or have a diet consultant's number on speed dial. A few basic tweaks in your everyday dietary routine can be enough to pave the way for a healthier lifestyle and thus, a healthier you.


Lost on where to start? We've rounded up these 8 easy eating habits you can establish for a healthier lifestyle. All you need is some self-control, and the inclination to give your body the fuel it rightfully deserves.


1. Stop skipping breakfast 

You know how you've read "breakfast is the most important meal" in every dietary guide, ever? Well, there's a reason for that. Having a healthy breakfast is much more impactful in boosting your metabolism, than a meal later in the day. There have also been numerous studies supporting the link between starting your day with a filling breakfast and achieving healthy weight loss. Good breakfast not only gives your body the fuel to take on a new day, but also helps in ensuring that you intake lesser calories. 

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2. Include enough fibre in your diet 

Eating a diet rich in fibre helps you boost your metabolism and stabilise your weight. The science behind this easy health trick is as simple as the habit. Insoluble fibres aren't easily digested, and as a result, your body ends up spending more energy on trying to digest and eliminate this fibre. So, in simpler words, you expend more calories on digesting high-fibre food, as compared to refined carbohydrates. 


3. Monitor your sugar consumption 

Sincerely tracking and carefully cutting down your sugar intake is one of the most effective tools against weight gain. This is particularly important for those permanently afflicted by an overactive sweet tooth. The key is to satiate your cravings for a certain kind of food with healthier alternatives. Want ice-cream? Have some Epigamia Greek yogurt instead.

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4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Regularly drinking water, and keeping yourself hydrated, is a health hack that goes beyond weight loss as the only benefit. Hydration plays a key role in maintaining your metabolism, suppressing unnecessary hunger pangs, detoxing your body from impurities and waste, as well as burning fat. An hourly glass of water can help you achieve several health gains without expending any effort, virtually. Oh, and, it keeps your skin clear! But, do you keep forgetting to drink water? Get a smartwatch, it will remind you now and then that its "hydration time".

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5. Use smaller plates 

This is a strange psychological trick in terms of food recommended far and wide by nutritionists and diet specialists too. Doing something as basic as changing the size of your plate, can have a substantial impact on your calorie intake. This is actually based on an illusion known as the Deboeuf illusion which, in the context of dieting, essentially involves tricking yourself into feeling satisfied with smaller portions. Well, what can we say, it's not strange if it works! 


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6. Increase your protein intake 

As your gym instructor might have reiterated time and again, protein is the single most important nutrient in making modifications to your weight and body. A protein-rich diet helps you in stimulating weight regulating hormones, enhancing your metabolism, and reducing your broader appetite. High a rich protein intake also helps you in resisting those sugary cravings, and late-night munching urges, thereby significantly reducing your overall calorie intake. You can also take the help of products like whey protein.

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7. Switch to healthier oils

While all cooking oils come under the fat category, there are certain types that are relatively healthier than the others. Look for oils high in monounsaturated fats. Swapping your regular vegetable oil for a healthier alternative such as extra virgin olive oil, peanut oil, or sesame oil can have a tremendous impact on your dietary quality. 

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8. Regularise your green tea consumption 

The health benefits of green tea have already been discussed and highlighted extensively over the last few years. One of the healthiest beverages in the world, in addition to being packed with antioxidants, green tea aids you in burning fat, boosting metabolism, and improving brain function. Make it a habit to consume 2-3 cups of green tea a day, ideally 40-45 minutes after each big meal. 

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Your transition to a healthier lifestyle, one minor dietary tweak at a time! 

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