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10 Doodle Artists Whose Instagram Feed Will Make You Want To Scribble Right Now!

By Swati Mishra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Nothing can put thoughts and creativity better on paper without doodling - These Doodle Artists In India who will make you want to scribble right away - their Instagram feed will leave you awestruck for sure. You'll be amazed to witness outstanding artsy content you can't even think of. These doodles depict every kind of illustrations - The best part about art is it's not subjected to any particular topic, it can be funny, meaningful, meaningless rather anything. Doodling helps a person to dwell their thoughts into paper through scribbling and nothing can escape the beauty of that. Some do it as a hobby and some turn into a profession but there's no underestimating the beauty of these doodles as they are the best examples of art.


1. The Filmy Owl

How can we miss out on this one when it comes to Doodles. Angel Bedi has established her way to success through her amazing doodles, eventually coming out with customised merchandise with her doodle art on it. You'll be awe-struck to see the creativity and artsy content on her Instagram Feed. Take some inspiration and paint down your thoughts and who knows you'll come out with something beautiful and artistic. 




2. Neha Doodles

Giving us a reality check with her quirky doodle memes and comics - Neha Doodles has definitely won our hearts with her super cool creative content. One scroll down her feed will make you realise how artistic and creative she is. We bet you'll relate to her doodles memes which are funny, generic and connected to our everyday lives. She's got it all covered for you from women empowerment doodles to daily drama in our lives.




3. Metrodoodle

You won't stop scrolling down through his Instagram feed as it's one of the most innovative and creative accounts ever. Doodling is not just about creating art on paper but a majority of artists also doodle through virtual mediums creating some fascinating doodles. The Metrodoodle also works on the same lines - creating some super cool doodles around the everyday metro life. It's stunning to see so much creativity and art overflowing our Instagram feed.




4. Delhidoodler08

Sadhika Gupta aka Delhi Doodler has blessed her Instagram feed with some beautiful doodles created with soothing watercolours and amazing calligraphy. Her content is simple yet very creative as she places her doodles in front of real-life backgrounds giving it some more life. Her play with colours and calligraphy makes the doodles more lively and interesting. One should totally attend a workshop to learn some artsy stuff!




5. Doodle-O-Bong

Be it Mother's Day - A special occasion or Inspirational Quotes - This one has got it all on her feed. She's got her creativity on point with her artsy doodles. It's inspiring to see such content made by these amazing artists as they make us want to scribble too who knows how much creativity lies within us. Follow her now for some awesome doodles!




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6. Doodles By Mansha

Doodles By Mansha centers around illustrations, doodles and making people smile through her beautiful content. Her Instagram feed is filled with artistic doodles depicting colourful imagery giving out positive vibes. She speaks her heart out through her doodles - painting her thoughts down through beautiful calligraphy and vibrant colours.




7. Doodleodrama

We just can't get over these super cool doodles - Mounica Tata has left us speechless with her innovative and amazingly inspiring content on Instagram Feed. Some of her doodles also depict a message and has a streak of maturity in them which amazes us. We love how these artists express themselves through the medium of art as it gives them the freedom to make complete use of their thoughts and creativity.




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8. Abhinav Kafare

Taking art to another with his art - Abhinav Kafare has enlightened us with hos awe-inspiring artsy Instagram feed. He doesn't limit his art to doodles but has so much more to contribute and express his art through amazing graffiti as well. One can easily sense the maturity and essence of reality in his art which makes us fall in love with it. Do go through his feed for some real-time inspiration when it comes to artsy content.

Abhinav kafare_image



9. The Bombay Doodler

Speaking his heart out through his super-creative doodles - The Bombay Doodler has left has awe-struck with his expressive artwork. We just can't over the awesome doodles on his Instagram feed - you've got to follow him to keep up with some trending artsy content. He can create it all from flowery doodles to mature inspiring work!




10. Trshdoodle

Give her an object and she'll make an awesome doodle out of it. We bet she'll make you want to scribble for sure - Trisha Gupta just started with her creative journey of creating some quirky doodles. One should definitely go through her Instagram feed to see the doodles she created for Dunkin Doughnuts as they look super cool. We love how she uses her creativity to make the best of the content to surprise her viewers. 




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Q: Which are the best places in Delhi to witness street art?

A: Connaught Place, Haus Khas Village, Lodhi Art District, Shahpur Jat - Get ready to get some picture perfect memories


Q: Who were the most famous cartoonists from India?

A: R.K Laxman, Mario Miranda, K. Shankar Pillai


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