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5 DIY Scrapbook Ideas To Document These Strange Times

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 31, 2020 3 min read

Have you seen that meme? The one that talks about all of us in the world right now witnessing history book content, live? Well, needless to say, it's not far from the truth. The ongoing pandemic and resultant lockdown across the globe isn't something any of us could have anticipated. Or even pictured in some remote corner of our wildest imagination. 



But it happened, and so did the changes in life as we've known it so far. Suddenly, time has ceased to exist and days blend into one another. You work on your bed now, and sleep on the living room couch. A glass of wine to wash down your cereal, and frozen peas as a midnight snack. A glimpse at the currently deserted roads is equivalent to a post-apocalyptic vision. And the strain of cigarette smoking isn't measured in terms of impact on health, but rather the difficulty of procuring another box when one finishes. So to sum it all up, times are a-changing. And changes need to be documented. For the sake of the progress of humanity and whatnot. Or just to be able to look back a couple of years later and think to yourself, "I survived March 2020, I am invincible!" Whatever floats your boat. 


Either way, both call for you to have a space that will help you archive your observations. So here's a round-up of 5 DIY scrapbook ideas you can use to document these strange times we are living in. 


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1. A Special Text Screenshot Scrapbook

The current stir in the world has everybody distancing themselves socially, but connecting digitally more than ever. We are all constantly discussing what's happening, with those close to us, and in the process we end up have some heartfelt, wholesome or downright hilarious text conversations, which when taken out of context, make zero sense. So imagine stumbling upon a scrapbook full of those, 10 years down the line. 


2. Compile Together Snaps Of The Things That Helped Your Cope 

For a lot of us, the last couple of weeks have been full of psychological and emotional turmoil. Even if you consider yourself as relatively "chill", a pandemic isn't, by any standards, an easy truth to deal with. But we are sure, that 1 week into the current Indian nation-wide lockdown, you must have managed to find a few things which help you stay sane. And as the days pass by, the list is likely to grow longer. So put together photos of the things that helped you stay sane during the COVID-19 outbreak, in your scrapbook. 


3. Document The Funniest Or Most Bizarre News Clippings From Present Times

From happening urine parties to people stocking up on guns to fight the virus, the COVID-19 outbreak has led to some rib-tickling headlines. It all makes sense right now, but imagine someone unearthing these articles 30 years down the line. Now imagine the look of sheer confusion that is likely to follow. And now, become the person that ensures a person finds these news pieces 30 years later, by documenting them in your journal. 



4. Put Together An Achievement Of The Day Scrapbook 

When the entire world is struggling together, the smallest of feats matter, no matter how insignificant you might believe them to be. Managed to take a shower BEFORE the morning office call? Scrapbook. Had a bedtime cup of green tea for 6 nights straight? Scrapbook. Called someone back in less than 30 minutes, and without having an anxiety attack? SCRAPBOOOOOOK. 


5. Create A My Quarantine Diet Scrapbook

From special dinner treats by my mum in the beginning to a bowl of Maggi for breakfast now, my quarantine period so far has consisted of some drastic dietary changes. So why not create a scrapbook that documents all the transitions in your food consumption through the pandemic period? Imagine looking back at it a couple of years later and thinking, "how did I survive the quarantine, and WHY was I eating cookie dough for dessert?!"

Go ahead, get scrappy with it! 


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