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Delicious Diwali Treats Without Which The Festivities Wouldn't Be Complete

By Anubha Das

Updated - Sept. 21, 2023 5 min read

The festive feels have enveloped one and all. Everyone is gearing up for Diwali celebrations and no Diwali in India is complete without a sumptuous feast of sweets and other gastronomic delights. Food is indeed the highlight of every Indian festival and it adds much more enthusiasm to the festive spirit. So here we are the must-have Diwali delights that you gotta have your hands on this year. 


1. Jalebis Are Tedhi But Meri

Diwali cannot be imagined without our enormously famous, piping hot, thick and juicy, freshly made jalebis made at home. Noshing on Jalebis during Diwali is not anything new but a cultural thing, yet we do it every once because it is so good to do so. Also, since Diwali is a celebration of the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya, we savour these twirls of fried, sugary goodness, which is synonymously auspicious and culturally connected to our souls. And why not, victories must be celebrated with something as good. 


Image Courtesy: D For Delhi


2. Samosa

Samosa, another delightful Indian snack, which looks like small pockets of pastry filled with spicy mashed potatoes, can make anyone drool over. The filling can depend upon the type of samosa you like and can be stuffed with minced meat, peas, lentils, potato, and even other vegetables. These days there are corn samosas, mushroom samosa and what not available in the market if you wish to go about a quest. so have a tummy full of samosas this Diwali to not miss out anything good.diwali-food-delight-image

Image Courtesy: Shreegan



3. Dry Fruit Laddoos

For all the people who have a sweet tooth, not trying the Dry fruit Laddoos is an opportunity lost to shame. These small balls of sugary goodness are stuffed with a combination of Mawa (Sweetened condensed milk), nuts, cardamom sugar, lots of dry fruits and often drizzled with syrup to serve. Many say that having a lip-smacking dry fruit laddoo on Diwali is the best thing about this festival. And we agree, because how often do you get to have something as heavenly as it is? I say, leave Diwali out of it!


Image Courtesy: Khushiram Sweets 


4. Kachoris

Talking of Diwali delights and one cannot forget about North India's love for kachoris. These crispy golden treats made with aromatic masalas and served with signature sabzi and chutney will become your favourite snack to munch on this year. So This Diwali, try the various kinds available out there and share with your friends which one you liked the most.


Image Courtesy:


5. Gulab Jamun

The mention of Gulab Jamuns can even be found in medieval records as well. With curdled milk, a little flour and so much more love kneaded into small doughs of happiness, Gulab Jamuns are highly potent in making you sling into a soulful smile this year. This Indian delicacy is then fried and soaked in Chaashni (sugar syrup), before getting drizzled with scented rose water and cardamom. The final result? Sheer aromatic and culinary bliss!diwali-food-delight-image

Image Courtesy: Deserts Kha Kar To Dekho


6. Punjabi Chhole

Diwali without the quintessential combination of Pindi Chole and Bhature or Lachcha Parathas is always bland. Just a tangy Punjabi Chole will make the Diwali evening more special. And to brim you with energy for the fun-filled evening ahead, you definitely need something like this. Rest assured, it will fill you up for the evening without making you drowsy.diwali-food-delight-image

Image Courtesy: Tandoori Flames Melbourne


7. Kaju Roll

A relished sweet that is often cut into diamond shapes and decorated with edible silver sheets or even sometimes with chocolate. Kaju Roll, more commonly known as the Kaju Katli, is made with cream, sugar and ground cashews, which are made into a smooth paste and then cooked on a flat tray or dish. The final result is nothing short of a feast for the gods. Once you bite onto one, it will be tough to stop yourself from hogging onto more. diwali-food-delight-image

Image Courtesy: Change IP



8. Kheer

Kheer is an all-time love of millions of Indians. With its sweet, nutty, creamy texture and the taste of well-cooked rice, kheer can entice all you five senses at once. Ask me, it's ecstasy for your taste buds and a bite after you experience what we foodies call – foodgasm. 


Image Courtesy:


9. Namak Pare

These small and light brown sticks look similar to a hardened spaghetti cut into strips. However, the Indian version, Namak Pare is actually a very light and tasty snack, that is nicely spiced with black pepper and carom seeds, making for great nibbles during the festival. This is the perfect munching partner while enjoying the festivities of Diwali and to get a true feel of this festival, you simply cannot miss out on this.diwali-food-delight-image

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


10. Kesar Badam Halwa

A dessert often associated with the northern part of India, kesar badam halwa is made with grated badam and kesar. The ingredients are mixed with sugar and water before being cooked in ghee. The pastry, now and again is decorated with almonds or other cracked nuts. One of the best Diwali delights that should be on your food bucket list, this is surely a welcome dish your guests would not say no to. 


Image Courtesy: Recipe Book


Diwali is a festival of lights and colours, many of which are edible and delectable to come across. Sugary delights or savoury pleasures, these dishes make for the true meaning of Diwali festivities. So munch on these this Diwali and have a happy, sweet or savoury year ahead. Happy Diwali!



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