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Chic Diwali Home Decor Ideas For Easy Sprucing Up

By Anubha Das

Updated - Nov. 10, 2023 7 min read

As much as I want to claim that I adore all festivals equally, I'd be lying if I said I don't have a special soft spot for Diwali. First things first, I love its position on the calendar, and the comfortably chilly weather it's usually surrounded by. Then you have the delicious mithais, heaps of festive gifts, shopping plans for new festive clothes, and a house adorned by lights and trinkets. It's around Diwali that everything around you begins to sparkle, both literally and figuratively. 

But for now, let's talk about Diwali decor. The easiest way to submerge yourself in festivities, is to make your surroundings festival-ready. But I won't hold it against you, if you tell me you're bored of the usual Diwali decor formulas. Because honestly so am I. And with exactly that thought in mind, I set about to collate some quirky festive decor ideas, to help both you and myself, do something different with our living space this year. So, without any further rambling, let me jump straight to some Diwali home decor ideas that will leave your house picture-perfect, and your guests starstruck! 


Diwali light decoration ideas


1. String lights intertwined in fake flower garlands

This Diwali light home decor idea looks absolutely beautiful and requires minimal DIY skills. All you need is a set of flower garlands and some mini string lights, the length depending on where you plan to put them up. Intertwine them together, and seal with tape to create these beautiful festive lights. You can put them up individually at different corners of the house, or place all of them on a wooden stick for a curtain of floral Diwali lights.


We recommend: NOVALUC 40 Led Blossom Flower Decoration Lights from Amazon @ ₹449

Image Courtesy: Amazon



2. Fairy lights wrapped around wooden ladder

For a dose of rustic, offbeat Diwali light decor, wrapping some fairy lights around a wooden ladder is an economical and minimum effort idea. There are different ways you can use the fairy lights, such as tightly coiling them around the steps of the ladder, or pining them at the top such that they cascade down like in the picture below. 


We recommend: KSK 4 Step Wooden Bird Ladder from Amazon @  ₹249

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



3. Colourful rattan ball lights 

The perk here is that you can either go the DIY way, or get some ready-made lights online. To create your own Rattan ball lights, you just need to wrap some glue-heavy strings of yarn around a balloon, leave them to dry through the day, and then remove the balloon after popping it. Or if you're feeling lazy, you can order some in whatever size or colour you deem fit.


We recommend: My Party Suppliers Romantic Handmade Rattan Balls Lights from Amazon @  ₹899

Image Courtesy: Amazon



Diwali diya decoration ideas 


1. Diyas in mosaic tea light holder

I know these beautiful holders are ideally meant for tea light candles, but a set of Diyas will light them up just as beautifully. These are especially perfect if you've been looking for colourful Diwali decor ideas for the living room. Place them on a table next to a vase full of fresh flowers, or put them on the floor around the house corners for some instant festive sprucing up. 


We recommend: Homesake Tea Light Candle Holder for Home Decoration from Amazon @  ₹449

Image Courtesy: Amazon



2. Diya in glued bangle stacks 

Honestly, we're obsessed with this Diwali Diya decoration idea because of how unique and creative it looks. Bonus points for it is also super easy to put together. All you need are some stacks of colourful glass bangles which you can use super-glue to align and construct a holder. Place a diya inside the holder, and let the glass reflect gorgeous colours across the house. 


We recommend: Ayesha ayesha Set of 18 Metallic Multi-coloured Bangles from Amazon @  ₹448

Image Courtesy: Myntra



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3. Crystal diyas 

Do we even need to describe this one? These crystal-studded diyas are perfect for adding a touch of elegant beauty to your house this Diwali season. The fact that a set of four is so reasonably priced certainly helps the cause. You know what, BRB, I need to order some for my own house! 


We recommend: Homesake Set of 4 Smoky Crystal Diyas with T-Lights from Myntra @  ₹399

Image Courtesy: Myntra



4. Metal handi diya holder 

This Diwali, opt for traditional-looking rustic home decor by getting yourself a handcrafted metal handi holder. Perfect for being placed as the centrepiece decor item, you can surround them with a few brass bowls containing water and floating tea light candles along with flower petals. The best part is, you can use the holder as an incense burner long after the festive season gets over! 


We recommend: Anshika International Wrought Iron Handi Diya Lantern Candle Holder from Amazon @ ₹629

Image Courtesy: Amazon



Unique diwali decoration ideas


1. Leheriya dupattas & marigold garlands 

Another vibrant and colourful Diwali decor idea, we love the use of bright Leheriya dupattas piped with marigold garlands at the edges, to adorn your doorways with. A set of safety pins will work perfectly well to attach the flower garland strings to your dupatta. Put them in a criss-cross arrangement like the photo we see here to create a beautiful festive canopy. 


We recommend: Dupatta Bazaar Multicoloured Leheriya Dupattarn Candle Holder from Myntra @ ₹415

Image Courtesy: Myntra



2. Candles in metal bird cages

Want to stand apart from the sea of usual Diwali decoration designs? Get yourself some rustic metal birdcages online, and fill them up with pillar candles. Even one large birdcage can amp up the decor of your living room effortlessly. To make it even more festive, you can wrap some flower garlands around the top half of the cage. Just be sure to not burn the house down in the process! 


We recommend: Webelkart Gold Colour Metal Iron Bird Cage Tea Light Holder from Amazon @  ₹251

Image Courtesy: Amazon



3. Painted jute baskets as wall decor 

Such a creative idea to deck up the walls of your home! You can order a set of painted fruit jute baskets in varying sizes online, and hang them on the wall in a quirky layout. Pick baskets in vibrant festive colours, and you've got yourself a quirky wall decoration design for Diwali season! 


We recommend: Amoliconcepts Brown & White Multi-Utility Jute Basket Organiser from Myntra @  ₹1,600

Image Courtesy: Myntra



Wishing you a home full of beauty, and a life full of love. Happy Diwali! 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. What decorations are used on Diwali?

A. Use a combination of lights, diyas, rangoli, flowers, candles, urlis, and other items.


Q. When should I start decorating for Diwali?

A. It usually falls between mid-October and mid-November. Celebrations may involve family feasts, colorful decorations in homes and temples, and prominent displays of light. Making or buying festive illuminations and decorations for your house is a great way to decorate your home for Diwali.


Q. Where can I find Diwali decor online?

A. Explore popular online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Etsy for a wide range of Diwali decorations.


Q. Are there traditional Diwali decor options available online?

A. Yes, many online platforms offer a variety of traditional Diwali decor items, including diyas, rangoli, and torans.


Q. How can I ensure the quality of Diwali decor purchased online?

A. Read customer reviews, check product ratings, and buy from reputable sellers to ensure the quality of your Diwali decorations.



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