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We Tried Digvijaya Herbals' 2 Amazing Products & Here's Our Review!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 1, 2021 4 min read

Like it or not, us ladies are bound to share our nightstand space with a handful of beauty products for the rest of our lives. From the basic ones like hand creams, moisturizers, foot lotions to some advance manoeuvres such as night-time face gels, anti-ageing creams and so on. To me, it's not such a bad thing. If truth be told, it's okay to have a helping hand. Be it for your work at home, work from home, skin, face, hair or any other part of the body.



Lucky for us, we have Digvijaya Herbals to fall back on. They are a 100% natural, organic and handcrafted solution to all your skin and hair-related problems.


After examining the underbelly of beauty and health, their internal panel of doctors has created herbal products that will not only take care of your skin and hair but also look out for your health and overall wellness. Their beauty products use cold-pressed oils and unprocessed essential oils from around the world and you don't have to be an expert to understand that it's much better for the body. 



Now, I've had the opportunity to test two awesome products by Digvijaya Herbals - Lush Conditioner and Elegance Saffron Beauty Elixir Creme, and I can't wait to share my feedback with you guys. So, here we go!


1. Lush Conditioner

Price: INR 479


Made with natural and pure ingredients, Lush Conditioner by Digvijaya Herbals is a sulfate, phthalate and paraben-free conditioner loaded with all the nature's goodness. It's made from Australian formulation to nourish and soften the otherwise damaged hair. The best part? This conditioner directly works on the roots of the hair whilst taming the frizz and also reducing breakage & split-ends.

Image Courtesy: magicpin


What did I think?

The best thing about Lush Conditioner is that it leaves no unnecessary build-up and is super nourishing for the hair. It smells fine but the foremost feature is... it washes off quickly. I used this product for 2 weeks and I must say I could, in fact, feel the change. My hair is softer, less frizzy. However, I am still waiting to see the effect on breakage and hair strengthening. If I could sum it all up, I think the product needs more time to reveal it's true nature (pun intended!) and I am willing to give it time. For me, it's a 9 out of 10 product. A must try from Digvijaya Herbals. 



2. Elegance Saffron Beauty Elixir Creme

Price: INR 799


Saffron is known to reduce pigmentation, brown spots and other skin blemishes. And if Digvijaya Herbals sells you a beauty elixir with saffron as the key ingredient, it has to mean something (Sidebar - It does!). With the goodness of other important formulations such as Cocos Nucifera and Kokum Butter, Elegance beauty creme works wonderfully on improving the complexion and reducing the tan. It also hydrates, softens and nourishes the skin along with reducing the scars and pimple marks. The best thing about this creme is that it can be used as a base for all your makeup endeavours. 

Image Courtesy: magicpin


My Opinion?

It's a fine creme with impressive ingredients and natural goodness, however, I could not get the best of it since I have oily skin. And to my misfortune, this creme works best for normal to dry skin types. Nevertheless, winters made it possible for me to try it for 2 whole weeks and I must say, it was not all bad, even on my skin! I like how it smells - natural and saffron-y. It has a smooth texture and not that heavy on the face. Still, it worked a little on my scars and pimple marks but the other claims are yet to be justified. I'd personally rate it 7 out of 10. 


Final Verdict!

Digvijaya Herbals has a stirring range of hair & skin care products. And these two are the ones that I got the opportunity to test. Even though the Lush Conditioner worked better for me than the Elegance Saffron Beauty Elixir Creme, I'd still recommend this brand for its use of natural and organic ingredients. The products have no strong smells which is a clear indication of the utilization of 100% natural elements. You can buy them online and the price is super-affordable and totally worth it. If I were you, I'd give this brand a fair chance of at least a month of regular use before accepting or rejecting their products. All in all, it's worth checking out, especially considering there's little to no side effects.



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