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Restaurant Of The Week - Next Weekend Plan For The Vintage Souls

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

Restaurant Of The Week- DETROIT-Connaught Place

Delhi loves a drink, and being an open-minded bunch, they embrace clubs, wine bars, and cocktail joints in equal measure, meaning you won't go wrong when looking for a place to knock back a few.

The latest addition to the surging bars is an ultimate Nightlife destination with an aim to bring the cultural influence of Detroit, U.S.A to the high streets of Delhi. Inspired by the City that ties to the auto industry, Detroit takes the concept of a bar to another level. The combination of vintage themed ambiance to the amazing live music, you'll be grooving by the time you get a seat.detroit-cp-delhi-restaurant-week-bar-image


Highlights: Serves Alcohol, Vintage Theme, Great Interiors, Match Screening, Take Away, Dance Floor 

Cuisine: Multi-Cuisine

Must-Haves: Vintage Mumbai Soya Wings, Hatchback Potatoes, Detroit Dogs, Chicken in a Blanket, Cris Crox

Cost For Two: ₹1800

Timings: 11:00 am - 01:00 am

Address: F-40 2nd-floor, inner circle, Connaught Place (CP), New Delhi (Get Directions)



Ambiance and Interiors

Have you ever fantasized about being in one of those classic movies with vintage cars and ambiance that intimated the style of a previous era? Get ready to have your heart pumping fast as you approach the premise of the new Detroit bar. You'll be thrilled to see the Vintage car themed seating arrangement. Once you have relived the city of Michigan, you'll be startled by the DJ console which has a tailored addition of the front of a bus



Doesn't that already make Detroit having one of the best-themed bars in Delhi? Well, the answer is yes. With amazing wall hangings of vintage cars to a stage for live performances, there isn't a thing that won't uplift your mood.




Their Car themed dining areas and spacious ambiance is sure to lift one’s mood and bring back all the retro imaginations from the 1920's.




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Lip Smacking Menu

Did panic grip your soul as you stared into the whirling hypno wheel of the menu, where adjectives and nouns spin in an amazing way? A section of dishes lists the cosmopolitan starters like "Chicken in the Blanket", Bourbon Whiskey Chops", "Hatchback Potatoes" which will surely exceed your expectations.




Not only do they taste great, but alongside the taste, the presentation of the food items make you go fanatic thinking about how it might taste in your mouth. They also have an exquisite list of Asian food which is juicy, flavored with rich spices to make you addictive.


detroit-cp-delhi-restaurant-week-food-imageSo, when you’ll find yourself hankering for a “Sizzling Chicken Puff” or an “American Cheese Tacos” at 10:30 in the morning, head straight to the Detroit. The restaurant, with its long list of dishes which compromises of a consistent, quality menu of around the world starters, pizzeria, soups, burgers and salads around the clock (11:00 am – 1:00 am).

Drinks and Beverages 

There’s a short, smart wine list, but most are here for the cocktails, such as Hot Pants, a combination of Vodka, White wine, and lime named as Blue Chevrolet, Doger, Piston, and a twist of Jim Beam called as Twisty Sour. There’s a whole separate menu devoted to all-time classic cocktails, a real vintage drip in-house, and barkeeps who know what they’re doing with it all. Brews are locally sourced and tasty, and the single malt drinks shine, too. The staff easily performs the unenviable task of making sure the area never crowded, leaving room to sip theatrically prepared cocktails and clever takes on scotch and sodas in relatively quiet comfort.detroit-cp-delhi-restaurant-week-cocktail-imagedetroit-cp-delhi-restaurant-week-hukkah-image

They are also quick on the refill, so you won't have your glass empty till the time you want no more.


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When Happiness Is Only A Dessert Away

No good Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner can is complete without the Deserts. At Detroit, you must try their ‘Classic Brownie with Ice Cream’ and ‘Wine and Blueberry Cheesecake’ that will leave your mouth watering. detroit-cp-delhi-restaurant-week-desert-image

Also, try the Banana Churros or the Irish Coffee Éclairs—classics for a reason—or inquire about the Must-Have. They’ll likely be able to create a new favorite in your mind.

Be it a dinner date, or just a few drinks with friends, Detroit is a one-stop destination for a fun and relaxed evening. Detroit will become, we think, consistently best for classy and loved the Multi-cuisine restaurant in a terrific vintage-car setting.

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Q: Which is the nearest metros station to Detroit?

A: Rajiv Chowk


Q: Which are the best restaurants in Connaught Place?

A: Ministry Of Beer, Odeon Social, Unplugged Courtyard, 38 Barracks

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