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10 Places In Mumbai Serving The Most Sinful Desserts This Valentine's Week

By Anubha Das

Updated - Feb. 4, 2022 3 min read

We know that there are several things common between chocolates and love. For one, both are incredibly addictive and once you’re hooked onto them, there’s little that you can do to control yourselves. For another, both cause an excess rush of serotonin (happiness hormone) through your body and you feel like you’re walking on air. Hence, this list!


Mumbai offers a plethora of dessert places to satiate your sweet tooth cravings but these places are not-to-be-missed ones. From a Japanese cheesecake to something as unique as a 'Gaajar' ice cream, here's a list of places that serve the most drool-worthy desserts in Mumbai.


Bookmark 'em all, and take your bae to a romantic dessert date this Valentine's week.



Run by the ‘Macaroon Queen of India’, Pooja Dhingra, Le15’s macaroons are the best in the city. With a variety of flavours, you will have a tough time choosing. Our favourites are the Passionfruit and the Dark Chocolate macaroons. Besides the patisserie chain, they have two cafes in the city that serve amazing plated desserts. Try this place in Mumbai for a romantic date with bae.



Known for the best brownies in the city, whichever Theobroma outlet you enter, you will find an entire counter displaying freshly baked brownies. Our favourite is the Overload Brownie baked with just the right amount of chocolate. And when we are not in the mood for something chocolaty, we go for a slice of the Orange Juice Cake. Not only this, they have started serving meal options that makes them the best place for first dates and Valentine's Day chocolate cravings.



This place comes across as a hidden gem in the bustling city of Mumbai. If you're always on the lookout for a cutesy little corner for an amazing date with bae while relishing some lip-smacking French desserts and food, then you are at the right place. Also, their hot chocolate is absolutely the best we have had so far!



Now this place with an open kitchen is sure to steal your heart. You can see the chefs preparing desserts right in front of you. Interesting, isn’t it? Their Caramel Sea Salt Macaroons are heavenly and their artisan chocolates are equally delectable. We just can't deny that they serve one of the best desserts in Mumbai.



No, you don't have to be a fitness lover to make the most of this place because it has its own charm to convert you into a healthy food lover if you aren't. Alongside scrumptious foods, what you cannot afford to miss is indulging in their decadent Homemade Chocolate Sorbet. 



We had to include K Rustoms for obvious reasons. The most iconic (and the most affordable) dessert place in SOBO (South Mumbai), they serve old-school ice cream sandwiches in unique flavours with a pinch of nostalgia. An Iranian ice-cream parlour set up in 1953, whips up flavours like paan, gaajar, pista, walnut crunch, ginger lemon, and doodhi.



Indigo Deli brings to us contemporary Western comfort food with a friendly and relaxing ambience. It's also known for its innovatively designed desserts which must not be missed if you have a sweet tooth, especially their Orange Sorbet and Chocolate Orange Cake.



Cupcakes so nice we couldn’t pick just one! These moist and delicious tiny beauties at the Boston Cafe & Patisserie are worth every penny. But we’re particularly fond of the chocolate blueberry, chocolate ganache, Nutella, and Boston cream pie cupcakes here.



Run by Toshin Shetty, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, serves some of the most delicious desserts in town. Macaroons here come in innovative flavours. Quality and service are top notch. You can try the Oasis, My Precious, I-Surrender, Tiramisu, macaroons and a Pina Colada de-constructed in a dessert.



Everyone knows what a Japanese Cheesecake is and it is all thanks to the power of Instagram. After having gone completely viral, the fluffy slices with a cloudlike consistency made their way to Mumbai courtesy, Daniel Patissier. Slightly sweet and insanely light, it’s a unique dessert.


So, this was our list of the best dessert places in Mumbai for a sugar overdose, this Valentine's week. Comment below your favourite one!


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