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Some Things Never Go Out Of Fashion - Follow The Hottest Denim Trends

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 9 min read

Spring season is all about catching up with the latest fashion trends in India  - There's no way you can get over these denim trends going viral in 2019. From Denim on Denim to DIY Denim Jackets, time to experiment with the best. If you're in love with the denims then you've got to catch up with these trends and upgrade your wardrobe.


1. Denim Dress

Denim Dresses are something which matches the comfort level plus the style trend. Carry it with your cool shades and super-white sneakers. That would be a perfect anchor to make you a trendy girl of the group. So, shop all the cool denim dresses and accessorize them well for a sport look. Style Tip: Add a choker to the look to highlight your outfit.denim-dress-denim-trends-2019_image

Buy The Best Of Denim Dresses From: LEVI'S


2. Denim On Denim

This one trend has been going on for ages now and we're in love! - One can easily nail a casual look while wearing their favourite denim with a denim shirt. If you want to try something as unique as the look below then pair your denim shirt & bustier along with denim culottes for a game changing denim on denim look. You can also put a twist on the basic denim on denim trend by pairing your white jeans with a blue or black denim jacket and see the magic this white jeans outfit does. 


Find The Best Of Denim Clothing Here: SHEIN STORE


3. DIY Denim Jackets

These DIY Denim Jackets are women are perfect to make a statement - If you still don't own a denim jacket then you're definitely not following the trends well. This time rather go for the ones with quirky patches, either buy a plain denim jacket and add patches later. You can also purchase patches online to revamp your denim jacket. If experimenting is your thing then definitely go for the ones with matches for an offbeat look. The jacket looks super cute and goes perfectly well with casual wear. You can also pair it with a sport bodycon dress for a cool look.


Fond Of DIY Denim Jackets, Find One In: H & M


4. Button Up Flared Denims

As odd as they may have sounded, this new 2019 trend has taken our Instagrams by a storm. All clothing websites have been selling them in bulks and they look so high fashion and casual at the same time. We are in love with these new side button up flared denims. Pair it with a crop top and your favorite pair for sneakers for a complete look.


Shop These OffBeat Side Buttons Flared Denims From: LIFESTYLE


5. Ripped Jeans

Earlier, we used to throw away the jeans that got torn and now, we cut out jeans using blades and sandpaper for the cool quotient. Ripped jeans have become super famous and everyone's favorite. Near thighs, at the back, in front, one leg, whole leg, etc etc. no matter what's the placement, Rips are in!


Buy The BEST of Ripped Denims From: SHOPPERS STOP


6. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans might seem like a new trend but it's one of the 90's trends which caught everybody's attention again. One can easily pull off a casual or party look by wearing a fancy crop top or cool t-shirt with your pair of boyfriend jeans. They are loose when it comes to fitting and comfy to wear.


You've Got To Buy A Pair Of BOYFRIEND Jeans From: LEVI'S


7. Denim Culottes

Culottes are the pants that were worn by the European men earlier, but nowadays these are immensely trending among the women. This is a flared pant that ends just a few inches before the ankle, which gives it a very quirky look and can be easily carried off with a T-shirt or a camisole according to the need. We highly recommend buying a denim culotte if you're in casual wear. Missing out on these pants for women should be crime for fashion enthusiasts.


Buy These Trending Culottes From: ZARA



8. Short Denim Skirt

Just like cool denim shorts or shirts, these skirts are also very popular these days. Be it a simple denim skirt or a ripped denim skirt, they look equally stylish and perfect for casual wear. Denim skirts have always been in trend, be it 90's or trending fashion of 2019, there's no stopping!


Shop From Your One-Stop Store For Denim Skirts: PANTALOONS


9. Bodycon Denim Skirts

Bodycon skirts are extremely versatile as they can be worn at a party, at lunch date and probably at every casual occasion - All you need to do it pair it with the most compatible option, be it a formal shirt or a camisole or even a t-shirt. You've got to have a denim bodycon skirt in your wardrobe for sure as it's a unique one unlike your usual skirts. The slit is definitely a highlight of this super chic denim skirt.


Buy A Bodycon Denim Skirt From This Trending Store: INCENSE


10. Denim Jumpsuit

Revamp your summer wardrobe with this stylish denim jumpsuit. It's perfect for both party wear and casual day, pair it with your heels or sneakers according to the occasion. Accessorising this outfit will is the key to slay a look in a Denim Jumpsuit. Don't forget to accessorize this chic look with the right necklace, sunglasses & handbag.


Buy A Chic Denim Jumpsuit From: WESTSIDE


11. Denim Shirts For Women

Denim shirts are way more popular than ever nowadays - you'll see various shades and patterns in the marekt. Best way to pull of a denim shirt is too try the "Denim on Denim" trend to come out with an offbeat look. Pair it with a dress, jumpsuit or a combination of a crop top and ripped jeans. It's more like a basic element which you've got to have in your wardrobe.


Get Yourself A Cool Denim Skirt From: LIFESTYLE


Let's talk about MEN's fashion now!


12. Denim Shirts For Men

The most classic denim trend which nobody can get over is "wearing denim shirts" - Denim Shirts are just perfect for summer wear as they look extremely stylish. You can wear it as a cover up over a graphic tee or just wear it with a pair of ripped jeans for a complete look.


Get your first Denim Shirt from: WRANGLER


13. Distressed Jeans For Men

You just can't miss out on this basic pair of ripped jeans for men - It's perfect for your party and casual wear wardrobe. Raise your style quotient by adding one of these to your collection. Pair it with a casual shirt or a graphic tee for a complete look. Style Tip - Buy a pair of white sneakers, they look extremely stylish with denim clothing.


Buy Your Pair Of Distressed Denims From: WROGN


14. Denim Jackets For Men

This light wash denim jacket is all you need to revamp your style this season. It's the ultimate for casual wear, invest in some slightly baggy denim jacakets for easy over the shoulder accompaniments to white t-shirts or striped sweaters. You can also go for a denim on denim look to carry off this jacket in style.


Shop For This Super Cool Jacket From: ZARA


Top 7 Stores To Shop For Best Denim Clothing


Levi Strauss & Co is one of the world's largest apparel companies and is also recognised as a global leader in jeans. There's no place better than Levi's to buy your perfect fitted pair of denims. Not just jeans but they've got a great collection of chic denim jackets, denim dresses and denim shirts as well.



Wrangler's aim as a brand is to come out with apparels which are designed in a way to fit the needs of the people wearing it. They are leading their way up by providing more comfortable & more stylish denim wear. Their clothing is durable and authentic as they are one of the world's favorite denim brand.




Your one-stop destination to buy the best of casual wear, party wear and ethnic wear - But here's we are talking about comortable & stylish denim wear. From denim shirts to denim jackets, denim tunics to ripped jeans - the list goes on, shop at shoppers stop to upgrade your wardrobe with the latest denim trends of 2019.




No brand can bring out style and comfort together the way Zara does - You'll be amazed to see what all Zara has to offer when it comes to Denim Trends. Shop for the best of distressed denims, boyfriend jeans, flared jeans and the list goes on. Apart from that they've got chic long bodycon denim skirts, DIY denim jackets and a lot more in store for you.



5. H & M

Another brand to keep you updated with the latest denim trends 2019 would be H & M. We're in awe with their designs with it comes to Denim shirts, Denim Jackets, Denim shorts and what not. Not just for men and women but they've also got denim wear for kids. Head to H & M to upgrade your wardrobe now!




Don't know how to go about this summer season, Head to Pantaloons to shop for chic casual wear, stunning party wear and beautiful ethnic wear. But if you're all about following the trends then shop for the best denim trends here - they have it all covered for it from denim skirts to ripped jeans.




One can never go wrong with lifestyle as they are the best when it comes to shopping for the most chic clothing. They've got flared denims, pink colored denim jackets, flushed blue denim shirts and everything to keep you updated with denim trends. Not just denims but their collection for ethnic wear and party wear will also leave you awestruck.


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A: Peplum Skirts, Bodycon Skirts, Flared Skirts, Pleated Skirts


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