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Rock PC's All-Denim Look With These 5 Amazing Pieces

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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If there's one fashion staple, that has successfully stood the test of time along with countless revisions in the latest runway trends, it's denim. Whether it was in the return of the classic 80s style jean jacket, or the resurgence of 90s strap-down overalls, denim has found several fashionable ways to make it to our list of wardrobe essentials every year. 


Denim is also one of the most durable, versatile and gender-fluid fabrics to own. A denim fashion item is one of those timeless pieces that are absolutely worth investing every penny in, given the returns are likely to be much higher, and also last much longer. But the durability and longevity aside, what makes denim an irresistible fashion trend, is the simplicity and comfort of wearing something in the fabric. A denim add-on is an effortless way to take your outfit from weak to chic, in a matter of minutes. 



In the past few years along with the current one, we've seen denim-on-denim looks making all the rounds. From Bollywood & Hollywood celebrities to Instagram influencers and Youtube Vloggers, all-denim outfits have been all the rage lately. And right when we thought this trend was beginning to get just a tad stale, Priyanka Chopra just casually springs this stunning all-denim look on Instagram. And let us admit, we've been pulled in all over again. So to help you rock this ceaselessly trending denim-on-denim look the way PC did, here are 5 denim essential pieces your wardrobe must have. 


1. A Denim Shirt Dress 

Denim shirts have long been declared a wardrobe staple, but when you throw the silhouette of a dress into the mix, you get an all-time trending outfit piece you can don for years to come, while staying just as fashionable. A denim shirt dress is also the perfect desk-to-date outfit the glamour of which can be amped up by adding a few trendy accessories, a statement make-up look or a broad leather belt. 


Image Courtesy - Sydne Style


2. Denim Dungarees

This year is all about the classic vintage-wash denim dungaree, and this is a trend we can happily get behind. Over-sized denim dungarees with a cool relaxed fit can be paired with relatively more figure-hugging tops for a chic, hipster look. The best part about denim dungarees is their styling versatility, and a pair can look equally chic with a silk ruffle blouse as a grey v-neck t-shirt. You can also experiment with the length, silhouette, colour, and detailing of your denim dungaree. 


Image Courtesy - BSB Fashion


3. Boyfriend Jeans

A personal favourite in the wide category of ever-trending denim pieces, every girl should own a pair of ultra-comfortable boyfriend jeans. These slouchy, baggy jeans have taken over skinny jeans in popularity, and the 2020 version warrants a pair that is slightly tapered at the waist and ankle and features a high-rise waist, along with an overall relaxed fit. With the right pair of boyfriend jeans, the outfit options are honestly endless, ranging from casual chic to punk rock. 


Image Courtesy - Misguided 



4. A Strappy Denim Maxi 

Denim has infiltrated every fashion trend ever, including that of the timeless maxi dress. And trust us, we say that with a lot of happiness. A strappy denim maxi is the new it-piece to have in your 2020 wardrobe, one you can sport during a fancy dinner date with your partner, or a brunch with the girls, with equal ease and grace. The best part about this denim piece is that it's the ideal base item to build a denim-on-denim look on. Simply add a denim jacket with your denim maxi, and you have effortlessly created an elegant all-denim outfit. 


Image Courtesy - Far Fetch 


5. A Denim Jacket 

This one. This one is the finishing denim piece that will top off your denim-on-denim looks. Besides, a denim jacket is extremely utilitarian and thus essential to a woman's wardrobe regardless. It can be worn season after season and can be thrown in with any ensemble to amp up the trend factor. Though there is a variety of colours, styles, and details to choose from, a classic medium wash is the most versatile option out there. 


Image Courtesy - Ever Lane

Do you dare to denim-on-denim?