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7 Reasons To Check Out The Delhi Book Fair & Mini Stationery Fair 2019

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

All you bibliophiles out there, clear out some space on your bookshelves as The Delhi Book Fair & Mini Stationery Fair 2019 is lurking around the corner, just waiting for you. This fair is a bi-annual thing. The first edition took place in January 2019 and the second one is going to take place in September only. So if any of you nerds missed the chance to check out the exhibition in January, seems like you got a re-run for missing it out earlier. And for the people who did attend the previous fair, you folks are in for a treat.Delhi Book Fair 2019

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We know that books and stationery are enough reasons to attend this year's fair but we have some speculations that might push you towards the celebration of literature.


1. Author's Corner

How many times have you thought about confronting that one author who just changed your life with just his words? Now imagine if you get a chance to breathe the same air as he will breathe in that fair. Wouldn't that be an honour? We know the answers and it is very much possible that one of those authors might be present at the venue. 

Author's Corner

Image Courtesy: Umirror


2. Screening of Films

This is your one chance to get a sneak-peak into the truck-load of literature just sitting around the libraries. The joy that you get whilst smelling the worn-out pages of a book is irreplaceable but how cool would it be to watch some inspirational material on the screen? And it is proof that literary knowledge is not confined to just books, it's a whole universe within itself. 

And it could be a fantastic opportunity for the ones who just can't get themselves to read but are still interested in knowing stuff.

Screening of Films

Image Courtesy: Upstage insider



3. Award-Winning Book Galleries

One place in the city where you find all your impossible books and publications is like a temple. But what if we were to tell you that the best book stores will be here at the fair to help you look for books that are just impossible to find? Sounds exclusive right!! And you definitely can buy quality things off these galleries, No question asked!!

Award-winning Galleries

Image Courtesy: Indian printer publisher


4. Kavi Sammelan, Nukkad Nataks & A Lot More

This Book Fair is no less than a literature festival. However deep or update your curiosity may be, the place will always surprise you with some new element. Although we are quite certain that it will be a treat to watch the poets sharing their piece of work with everyone in the venue. And not to forget the street plays and their out-loud messages to the society. It is going to be a blast for sure! Kavi Sammelan, Nukkad Nataks & more

Image Courtesy: Youtube



5. Stationery Fair Alongside

Assuming that all the bibliophiles are undoubtedly into cutesy stationery stuff, the fair has actually dedicated a hall to all stationery supply stalls. Now you can get exotic-stationery items that you might not find in the local markets right here. From snazzy notebooks to theme-based accessories like mugs, bags & whatnot are all part if this year's Delhi Book Fair with one added advantage that the stuff you get here might be less expensive than online or special-stores.

Stationery Fair

Image Courtesy: What's Up Life


6. Famous Stationery Brands

From Sakura, Tombow to Van Gogh and Nichiban from Japan, all the big brands of stationery supplies will be there in Delhi Book Fair 2019. So if you are into Mangas and other Japanese literature this is where you can go. The fun does not end here, you can even buy interesting stationery supplies like tapes, pens, notebooks and a lot more directly from your favourite brand. So you can stop looking online or scramming through libraries because you can stock right here at the fair.

Famous Stationery Brands

Image Courtesy: LBB


7. Steal-The-Deal Offers on Books

You can buy novels in kilograms and we are not kidding. At this Book Fair, you can avail unbelievable offers and discounts on some best-seller stuff. You can strike-off so many books from your bucket list as you visit The Delhi Book Fair and if you get lucky, you might get an amazing deal on the book. This reason is our personal favourite because we know these books would be getting a new & loving home after-all.

Best Deals on Books

Image Courtesy: NewsD


All you need to know about The Delhi Book Fair 2019


Venue: Hall H, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi (Get Direction)


Dates: 11th September to 15th September


Timings: 10 AM to 7:30 PM




Nearest Metro Station: Pragati Maidan Metro (Blue Line)


So buck up guys because there are so many books and so little time to grab them!



Q. Are books available at cheap prices at Delhi Book Fair?

A. There are all kinds of stalls. Yes, you will find some books at cheap prices but not all.


Q. Which books should I purchase from Delhi Book Fair?

A. You can buy all kinds of book. We suggest you go for the cheap ones and the ones which are rare to find in the Delhi bookstores.

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