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Getting Hitched For Life? Relive The Journey Of Love Before Tying The Knot

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Jan. 20, 2020 5 min read

Tieing the knot after an arduous journey through the various stages of love makes for a feeling that's tough to imagine. Counting down every second to the date, the time between getting engaged and then your wedding is a beautiful test for two in a relationship. By when you have done it all and a lot of "been there already" come into the picture, you crave for those moments which bring about a sense of newness and excitement altogether. 


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So for those who are about to tie the knot of love sooner than later, this is how to keep the spark of love alive and kicking within. These dating ideas would help you bring a sense of newness in your relationship. so bring the one you love closer and make the most of these cherished moments.   



Go For A Bicycle Ride

When was the last once you went on a bicycle ride with the special one in your life? I can bet you don't remember! And which is totally understood for you don't have enough time in the busy 9-5 routine of yours. But a bicycle ride would fall in right in place for even if you don't have a second to spare through the week, just plan for a bicycle ride on a weekend. Spending some quality time like this would only bring about a new sense of romance and love.   


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Plan To Cook Something New Together

Cooking together is another great way to contribute to your relationship. Cooking is therapeutic, fun and completely rejuvenating for a relationship that's been a while in the race of love. Getting to such an activity with the love of your life is sure to unveil new shades of romance, new memories and you can even show off your cooking skills this way as well. Afterwards, all you would need is a pretty set up for a candlelight dinner and your efforts put in would make it a cherished evening.   


Image Courtesy: Dating & Relationships Love To Know


Go For A Movie Marathon At Your Favourite Theatre

We all have those memories of a theatre we used to binge upon, getting back to that spot for a movie marathon would bring alive that child within. These small innocent gestures bring about cute moments that make for a perfect memory for your married life. After tying the knot, you'll remember these things and laugh over them for being that childlike.    


Image Courtesy: Youtube


Volunteer To Help At An Old Age Home

What's better than just splurging on each other? Spreading love to your old age pals. Heading out to an old age home to volunteer for some work would give your relationship a healthy direction. Satisfying and memorable, such a date wherein you seek so many blessings and wishes from these elder members of society would bring out your kind side across to your love. If nothing else, it will definitely make you a heroic presence in your lover's eyes. 


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Emulate Your First Romantic Date

Emulating the first step in love, even if it's not exactly the same, but at least visiting those places you frequented when you entered the world of romance, can be one of the perfect things on your dating bucket list before you'll tie the knot. Reliving those moments would make for a great time for you and the special one along. Those memories are always close to your heart and emulating the same mood again would make it all seem better. You can also make changes to everything that you think went wrong and take it as a chance to make amends for what you did not do back then and your better half complains about. 


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Lie Down On Your Terrace & Gaze At The Stars For Hours

Done it all & still need some more time with your bae? Well, we have the perfect place to be. Where? Nowhere but your terrace. Such places are always so romantic every single once. Simply take an old rug from your place and lie down with your bae's hands in your hands while gazing at the stars that shimmer a similar shine in your eyes. Simply mesmerizing, this would make for a memory you won't give away so easily. 


Image Courtesy: Love Bondings


Complete The Journey & Find New Beginnings

You must've had that romantic trip when you came in love and started a beautiful journey thereafter. Yeah, for many of us, a travel experience a trip to the hills or that weekend over the beachside, makes us fall in love with those we never paid any heed to before. And if you've covered those miles of love and are about to tie the knot, it's time you complete the loop and find new beginnings in life. It's time you visit that place again, get there the same way you went before, stay at the same accommodation which made up for so many great memories and simply relive those moments once again. You're about to embark on a beautiful path ahead and a rather beautiful conclusion to the times of the past is definitely one of the many things to do before. 


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Such things and moreover, these small little things make it all seem worth it before you're about to tie the knot. Reliving the spark of love within would make your soul shine out loud and makes just about every single sense of yours delve in love, all over again. Just the thing you needed before the next big step in your relationship. And if you're still in a dilemma of whether you can step up to such a huge thing or not, then find yourself a little more in the eyes of your love. Spend some more beautiful moments together, but stick to each other, it might take some time, but you will find your safe haven within the embrace of that special one in your life. 


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