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Date In Delhi? Let Us Tell You The Best Places To Visit!

By Suhani Gupta

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Delhi is rightfully called the city of hearts; considering that people run on amazing food and unfiltered charm. Undeniably, you can find some of the best places in Delhi for a romantic escapade- from luxury rooftops to iconic places marked with history. Doesn’t matter if you are a born Delhiite, or are visiting for a handful of days with your beau- there are places to capture your attention for months. 


In this blog, we’ve gathered a few places that could be the perfect spot for your next romantic date. Dive straight away below!


1) Pottery Class

What could break a few shards of ice on a date than trying your hands on physical art? The Clay Company at Nehru Place is one of the finest pottery establishments in Delhi offering pottery classes. Choose from the courses they are offering, or go for a one-day beginner’s session. Either way, it's an amazing way to spend time while also getting your creativity flowing. And if you love the experience, you can actually take up regular classes!

Image Courtesy: Couple Classes NYC


2) Painting Date

A date that has something to do with Art, could make it to your “Best Dates” list. Take our word for Vadehra Art Gallery, Defence Colony where all lovers of Art are welcome to gush and fawn over the works of Indian artists. Let the paintings be your feed for a conversation on the date- and you can be sure that neither of you will be forgetting the vibes anytime soon.

Image Courtesy: Painting to Gogh


3) Qutub Walk

What is Delhi without Qutub Minar? Attracting all sorts of crowds, from history buffs to families to young lovers, the mausoleum is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Delhi for a date. We’d suggest taking a walk with your beloved to the Qutub sometime in the evening. With a slight halo around the Minar with the help of LEDs, the entire complex looks ethereal. And while there might still be many people, the beautiful lights will surely add a twinkle to your night.

Image Courtesy: LLB


4) Arcade Day

Here’s one for couples who love besting each other. An Arcade Day is perhaps one of the most exciting dates you can have. In Greater Noida, Mastiii Zone is one giant place designed to give you adrenaline and thrills. With more than 150 attractions like bowling areas, shooting arenas, and trampoline parks, you can bet no date can get any more energized than this. The best part about this place? You can tag your kids along as well! 

Image Courtesy: So Delhi


5) Library Date

Now, where are our book nerds at? This one’s for you. Connaught Place is incredibly popular among Delhiites, mostly because of its nightlife, and architecture. The American Library is one of the many popular establishments located along Connaught place. The best kind of date here would be to surprise your beau with a Library Date. Even better if it's spontaneous- though we won’t be able to guarantee you not losing a few hours inside this iconic library. 

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6) Trip to a museum

Move over cliche coffee dates and movie meetups. Museums are the new lovers’ point. Seriously, who doesn’t find holding hands and talking about ancient artifacts and crafts? And if you don’t think that’s romantic, here’s your cue to get to Pragati Maidan with your beloved to visit the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum. Huddled inside are a few hundred years old textiles, crafts, paintings, etc. And with over 30,000 pieces here on display, we can guarantee your date might stretch on just a little longer. 

Image Courtesy: The Heritage lab


Delhi is one of the most charming places to lose your heart in. And talking about hearts, nothing could be better than going on dates with your beloved through all the charm that the city has to offer. While coffee, parks, and movie dates may have lost some of the allure, we can assure you the above places will, in no way, let you down aesthetically, or romantically. Now, what’s stopping you from asking them out, again?