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Flaming Shots Are Too Mainstream, Would You Dare To Try A Fire Paan Instead?

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Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 1 min read

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Connaught Place is the entertainment hub of New Delhi. From meeting old school friends to partying like animals, we all choose CP over other places. Food is yet another factor that pulls us towards the place. And who doesn’t love visiting Naturals in CP? So the next time you visit, don’t forget to stop by in front of Naturals at the FIRE PAAN stall.

fire pan

Yes, you heard it right, FIRE PAAN! If you’re a paan enthusiast, this place will serve you a wide variety of paans, amongst which, one is the fire paan. It is a normal meetha gulkand paan with peppermint brass so that it catches fire easily (but of course not meant to make your mouth catch fire)


Highlights: Wide variety of Paans, Fire Paans
Cost for two: Rs. 80
Address: Paan Stall in front of Naturals, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


Other Places In Cp Where You can get FIRE PAAN :


Yet another place in CP that offers Fire Paans is Odeon Gupta Paan Place, located right next to Odeon Cinemas.

fire pan

Highlights: Ice Paan, Chocolate Paan, Fire Paan
Cost for two: Rs. 200
Address: D block, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


Don't forget to stop at one of these outlets and enjoy their unique yet amazing FIRE PAAN!

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