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Get Inspired From The Best Crossfit Trainers In India

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Crossfit is a branded fitness regimen started by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in 2000. It was promoted as one of the physical exercise as well as a competitive fitness sport in the United States. The CrossFit trainers increased the sense of curiosity among people to know this art that includes, High-intensity Crossfit Workouts, Interval Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Plyometrics, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Girevoy Sport, Calisthenics, and other exercises.  So let's know about the best Crossfit Trainer in India who made the Crossfit Training so popular in our country.


1. Pradeep Maurya

Pradeep Maurya has secured many successful titles in his fitness career. From the 4th Rank in National Weightlifting 2016 to Gold Medal in Delhi state weightlifting 2015 he is praise with many fitness titles. In addition to an IKFF Workshop Certified Crossfit trainer, his dedication and hard work made him the best Crossfit Trainer In India. Right now he is working as a Crossfit Trainer at Cross Fit Himalaya and also a coach at Barbell_Boss.

Highlights: Crossfit Trainer, Weightlifting Trainer


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2. Sweaty Shewta

Shwetha Devraj set an example for today’s women competing in every possible field with men. She is literally living a life with two careers. At one note she is a talented Crossfit Trainer and on the other, she is an excellent Doctor. She also invests her time in giving counseling to people about the need of physical exercise. Her hard work has brought her in the list of Top Crossfit Trainers In India.

Highlights: Counsel online on diet and physical exercises, Crossfit Trainer, Doctor


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3. Sourabh _Dubal

Sourabh Dubal is a Level 1 Crossfit Coach and a National Level Rugby player. He has been working as a Crossfit Trainer for last 6 years. Since many people wanted to learn from his skills, he started giving personal training too. He is tagged with a reputed title of Personal Fitness Trainer in India.

Highlights: National Level Rugby player, Crossfit Trainer, Personal Fitness Trainer


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4. Shivoham Official

Well, Shivoham is the most popular one in the list of Crossfit Trainers in India. He is a celebrity fitness trainer, Co-Founder of SHIVFIT  and is honored as Reebok Crossfit Master Trainer.

Highlights- Founder of SHIVFIT which looks on weightlifting, gymnastics, body-weight training and cardio.


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5. Yogi Kamal Chikkara

Yogi Kamal Chikkara is the owner of Reebok Crossfit Robust. He is recognized as the Best Trainer in India by Men’s Health Magazine.  He has his own Crossfit Studio where all his session are praised by compliments not only by Crossfit community but the fitness community at largest.

Highlights- Yoga Instructor, Crossfit Trainer


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6. Vijay Raj Cross Fit

Vijay Raj is a seminar staff at Crossfit. Since the age of 17, he was involved in training under Crossfit Methodology. He has earned respect in the society by winning titles like the gold medal in both senior and junior weightlifting championship in 2011, ranked as 23rd Fittest man in Asia in Crossfit  Games Asia Regional in 2013. Vijay Raj strongly believes in overall fitness rather than stereotypical workouts. Through immense hard work, he finally reached the stair of success. Highlights: Crossfit Headquarter Seminar Staff, Crossfit Level 3 Trainer



Q- What is Crossfit?
A- Crossfit is a GPP Program, which stands for General Physical Preparedness.

Q-Crossfit Training include?
A- It includes weightlifting, gymnastics, power-lifting, strongman, indoor rowing, aerobic exercise, running, swimming, body-weight exercises, and calisthenics.