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7 Ways To Channel Your Creativity While You're At Home

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 15, 2020 4 min read

This lockdown situation isn't an easy one to deal with by any standards. Our activities, schedules and choices, along with every other aspect of life as we've known it, has been indefinitely put on hold. And now, what we are left with, are a couple of blank hours during the day, that we have no idea what to do with.



But, you know what? We now have a couple of free hours during the day, we can do a lot with! Like, let all our creative juices ebb and flow freely, for instance. While you're stuck indoors as a way of dealing with the current pandemic and doing your bit in flattening the curve, you can mitigate the inevitable resultant boredom, by engaging in an activity that helps you channel both your creativity and energy! Not only will these creative activities during quarantine help you stay occupied and distracted, but it will also furnish you with a sense of achievement for choosing the hour to create instead of consume. 


So without any further delay, here's a roundup of 7 creative things you can do during quarantine. 


Image Courtesy - Pexels 


1. Start A Blog 

Haha, wonder where the inspiration for this suggestion came from! But jokes apart, you don't need to be a professional writer or even a semi-decent one to start your own blog! All you need is a passion for a subject, and the inclination to express yourself. And even if you fall in the category of people who enjoy a lot of things, but don't have any specific passion (I am a long-standing member of this club), you can use this blog as your own personal journal. Trust me, it helps to pen down the chaos in your head. Try websites like WordPress, Weebly and Blogger that let you start your own blog page for free. 


2. Try Your Hand At Papier-Mâché

Remember those SUPW classes in which you put layer after layer of newspaper on an object, stuck together by diluted glue, to create lanterns, vases and other handicrafts? Yeah, that craft is called Papier-Mache in fancier words. It's basically a composite item or material consisting of pieces of paper, pulp and glue. Art and craft really not your thing? Well, doesn't matter because that isn't the agenda. The activity of Papier Mache, while being a great way to channel your creativity, is also loads and loads of fun. So if you take a gander at this, brace yourself for endless child-like entertainment. 


3. Write Your Own Dialogous For A Favourite Scene

Another not just creative, but also plenty of fun activity, this one is especially more entertaining if you have a companion with you. Just play a scene of your choice on your laptop, and mute all the dialogues. Now, as the scene unfurls, give your own dialogues to the characters. The show you're watching is about making quick money? Well, in your world, the characters are now discussing the benefits of cheese. 



Image Courtesy - Pexels 


4. DIY Decor (Duh) 

Of course, you saw this one coming. But really, an activity that lets you put your creativity to good use, while ALSO leaving you with amazing personalised decor items for your room? Can this BE any better? From hand-made wall hangings to DIY lava lamps, Pinterest is a hub for everything you can create with your own hands. So do some surfing on the site, and identify a couple of easy-to-execute and quick DIY projects that you can use to add that personal touch to your space. 


5. Bring Out Your Inner Marie Kondo

Remember Marie Kondo, the professional organizer? Yup, that's a thing, and that thing is big enough to have its own show on Netflix! In addition to imparting some fabulous advice, this wonder woman has also conceptualised certain techniques that will be of great help to you if you're looking to simplify and organise your life. So go ahead, do your research, and declutter your space like you have a PhD on it! It will keep you engaged, and also leave you with long term yields, such as a tidy house with everything in the right place. Now, that's a thought. 



6.  Try Creating Your Self-Portrait 

Really, really difficult, and also really, really hysterical. Walk up to a mirror with a piece of blank paper in your hand, and study your face carefully. On the basis of your observations, and by peeping at the mirror whenever you wish, attempt to create your own self-portrait. I'd recommend this activity as not only a creative way to occupy time but also as a way to spend some quality time with yourself. Always thought your nose was too pointy for comfort? But it's actually kind of cute, right? Especially when you look at yourself as art, and not a flawed human being. 


7. Start A Scrapbook & Document The World 

To say that the entire world population is currently experiencing unusual circumstances which came with zero prior warning, would perhaps be a gross understatement. And these unusual things, especially the ones peculiar to your life (like your father trying to knit) demand to be documented! Check THIS out for a comprehensive guide, and also the best scrapbook ideas well-suited for the occasion. 

Here's to finding a creative outlet, when we can't let anybody go out *sad but understanding face*

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