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Planning A Crazy House Party? Don’t Miss Out Of These 5 Super Important Things

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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The best part about throwing a house party is that it lets you have a great time in the comfort of your home. However, what goes behind the hosting part is sheer hard work and planning. From deciding the menu, creating a catchy playlist to enquiring about the price of best whiskeys in India there are a lot of activities you need to cover to pull off your party with panache. If you are someone who is planning the ultimate social gathering, then you need to keep these 5 super important things in mind:


1. Have a main party space


It’s vital for any house party to have the main space. The last thing you want is everyone messing up your bedrooms or kitchen. You can move around the living room furniture and make plenty of space for the guests. Having an open area ensures that your guests can move around freely and enjoy themselves.



Image Courtesy: Kate Macgarry


2. Deck up a variety of alcohol


A good drink selection can make or break your party. Some guests prefer whiskey, some vodka, and some like beer, so, ensuring there’s ample choice for the guests is a good idea. The key is to buy alcohol stock in bulk so that you can avail a good deal.



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3. Choose the menu wisely


People go to parties expecting to be fed well. Since guests consume a considerable amount of alcohol, you should provide them with food that keeps them full for longer. Finger foods and snacks like French fries, pizza, cheese breadsticks, and potato wedges make the perfect menu for a party. These foods keep the guests satiated.



Image Courtesy: The Pizza Press


You should also have a variety of vegetarian options at the party. Furthermore, include more starters than the main course on your menu. But make sure you have enough main course too because guests do get hungry as the night progresses.



4. Curate an amazing playlist


There is really no compromise when it comes to good music if you want to throw a good party. A catchy playlist gets your guests in a great mood and sets the vibe for the whole party. You can either hire a DJ for this job or pre-decide a party-mix playlist if you’re low on budget. The best part about music is that it motivates people to let go and let loose, making your party a success. Take an hour one day before the party to curate a great playlist so that you can play uninterrupted songs at the party.



Image Courtesy: Campus For All


5. Include entertainment


There are a lot of unknown friends of friends who show up at house parties, so having entertainment is a must. Arranging fun games and competitions is the best way to make people at your party socialize. Fun and competitive games such as beer pong is the ultimate choice. You can also play games involving splitting teams – to keep things happening and interesting at the party. If you are looking for low-key entertainment options, you can play card games or Scrabble. Include small rewards so that your guests take the games seriously.



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Most of the times, hosting a house party becomes such a daunting task that you forget to have fun yourself. That sort of ruins the entire point of throwing a party. The key tip is to carry out all the preparation beforehand so that you have all the time in the world to enjoy at the party. Cheers!