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Terrified Of Awkward Silences? 8 Conversation Topics You Should Avoid On A First Date

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 23, 2019 6 min read

First dates can be exciting at best, unsettling at worse and nerve-racking at worst.

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There is immense pressure on you, to impress your date while also avoiding looking like you're trying too hard, to gather as much information as possible whilst also sharing your own life stories, to keep the conversations seamlessly flowing without chartering into potentially offensive territories. First dates can induce enough anxiety for all your brain cells to collectively give up and pave way for word vomit. The next thing you know, your shirt is drenched from the water that has just been hurled at your face and all you are left with is the vision of your date's silhouette stomping her way out of the restaurant. Cue the confetti! You are now traumatised beyond recovery

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Fret not, we won't allow such unfortunate events to occur in your life. As long as we can help it, and given you consistently read our blogs (Sorry for the shameless plug) you will soon be equipped with a set of some very special skills that allow you to effortlessly navigate your way through the battlefield of dating. For now, let's touch base on certain topics of conversation, that you should avoid bringing up at all costs to ensure smooth sailing on a first date. 


1. Which Political Party You Support 

In all honesty, this one should be an absolute no-brainer. Politics is a conversation topic that can quickly become conflict-ridden and emotionally charged, especially when two individuals with divergent views are involved. You may attach substantial significance to staying abreast with political happenings while your date may be apolitical. Worse yet, you both may end up discovering that you support opposing political parties, thus paving the way for unnecessary and avoidable arguments and altercations. Yeah, let's not go there. 

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2. Whether You Believe In God

Religion is another subject that can rapidly manoeuvre the conversation into a territory of discord. It's wonderful if you place blind faith in God or entrust him (or her?) with the course of your life. However, it's for the best that you keep this information to yourself owing to the simple fact that you may come across as a weirdo to someone who identifies as an atheist. Depending upon the intensity of your feelings towards or against religion, it can also set the stage for ugly confrontation and the early demise of your first date.


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3. If You Still Love Your Ex

Look, if your current date is more or less a rebound from your previous relationship, it's best you keep this information to yourself. It can bring about an abrupt end to your romantic date and pave the way for anger and resentment. Also, do not, I repeat, DO NOT go on rant about your ex-partner. Whether you hate them (really bad) or still love them (infinitely worse) or continue to be friends with the, (THE worst for an insecure date), reserve sharing about the nuances of your past relationships for subsequent dates when you are more comfortable with each other. 

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4. How Much You Earn

It doesn't matter if you draw a 7 figure salary or constantly feel like you are grossly underpaid, steer clear of discussing your income or for that matter, any money-related topic on the first date. Why? Marriages spanning decades have collapsed due to bitter arguments over finances, does this really seem like a topic worth discussing on a first date with someone? Also, unless your planets have managed to align in a miraculously congruent pattern, chances are that one of you earns a bit (or way) less than the other person. In the face of this predicament, the best course of action is to actively avoid bringing up a subject that can potentially cause discomfort

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5. How Traumatic Your Childhood Was 

Did your father tell you that he is going to the store and will be back in 10 minutes, except its been more than two decades? Or did your mother whoop you, every second day, to infinity and beyond? Yeah, let's save that for therapy. I know you are dying to share your troubling past with your new potential romantic partner, but let me tell you something, YOU ARE NOT THAT CLOSE. Making your date cringe awkwardly whilst you have a borderline nervous breakdown is probably not the most brilliant idea. Again, this is one of those topics which should be discussed only when there is some semblance of a comfort and acceptance factor in your equation. In other words, later, like way later. 

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6. How Much Of A Thug You Are 

Can't stop talking about that time in college you got wasted with your best buds and beat up a junior? Or can't stop raving about that incident wherein you made two guys arm-wrestle in order to land a date with you? Yeah, try harder. Rest assured, your supposedly "impressive" conquests are not going to do much to enthral your date. However, if you are trying to make them vomit in their mouth, go for it!

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7. If You Want To Get Frisky

Studies say that it takes less than a few seconds to determine if you find someone sexually attractive. Common sense says this is not the kind of information you share with them on the first date. Your date may be mind-numbingly appealing and cause all your blood to rush out of your brain and onto other territories (if you know what I mean), however, that is no excuse for you to make lewd comments or potentially alarming propositions. If you wish to walk away from this with the certainty of a second date and not a restraining order, keep your wild desires at a safe distance until some mutuality in thinking is established. 

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8. How Soon You Want To Get Married

Just, don't!

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So that brings us to the finishing point of this guide on controversial conversation topics to be avoided on a first date. Now that you know what you should NOT speak about, figuring out what exactly you should discuss is a level easier. Best advice for a first date? Be yourself. Unless you're a creep. Then be somebody else, literally anybody else. 


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