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From Stand Ups To Comedy Festivals - 10 Upcoming Comical Events In Bangalore

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Everyone needs a dose of laughter - mark your calendar with these comedy events happening in Bangalore which includes talented artists who will entertain you with their incredible sense of humor. These 11 upcoming comedy events in Bangalore are definitely the best ones you can attend before the year ends.


1. Bengaluru Improv Festival

There was no way we were going to have a hush-hush opening to The 1st Bengaluru Improv Festival. The opening night is going to be AWESOME! This night of the festival is going to start with an introduction to the festival followed by Improv games for anyone to come and participate in. They are also going to have a spread of appetizers in the local cuisine. Annnnnnd, joining them will be the incredible musical-trio of Flu - India to add music to the night.


DATE: 21st November 2018 - 7:00pm onwards

VENUE: MYBOTREE, 60FT Road, 5th Block, Koramangala




2. That Line-up at Bengaluru Comedy Festival '18

The BEST lineup show is finally happening in Bengaluru at this hilarious comedy festivals - Witness the best  Line-up: Anuvab Pal, Jaspreet Singh, Navin Noronha, Neeti Palta, Rahul Dua, Sumaira Shaikh, Vaibhav Sethia and more. We bet you'll get a great dose of laughter!


DATE: 17th November 2018 - 4:00pm onwards

VENUE: MYBOTREE, 60FT Road, 5th Block, Koramangala


ENTRY: Rs.899 onwards


3. WEDx - Where Husbands Dare

People say comedy comes naturally post-marriage. After all, tragedy plus time equals comedy. Watch four married men cross the proverbial line and spill the beans on their married life. Note: Aforementioned spilt beans will be cleaned up post-show by sleeping on the couch.



DATE: 3rd November 2018 - 8:00pm onwards

VENUE: The Bohemian House, Rajaramohan Roy Road, Bangalore, India 560025


ENTRY: Rs.299 onwards


4. This Line-up at Bengaluru Comedy Festival '18 

The BEST lineup show is finally happening in Bengaluru at this hilarious comedy festivals - Witness the best  Line-up: Line-up: Aakash Mehta, Gaurav Kapoor, Nishant Suri, Pavitra Shetty, Pratyush Chaubey, Sourav Ghosh and Urooj Ashfaq and more. We bet you'll get a great dose of laughter!


DATE: 17th November - 4:00pm onwards

VENUE: St.John's Auditorium Koramangala, Koramangala, Bangalore, India 560034


ENTRY: Rs.899 onwards


5. Meri Maa Ki!- A stand-up Solo by Punya Arora

Mothers and daughters have a special relationship and if you’re anything like Punya, you can also find comedy in that camaraderie!"Meri Maa Ki" is a show about a mother and daughter journey navigating single-hood and being a family. Join Punya Arora in a night of uplifting, positive comedy where you laugh your heart out as she takes you through their lives.

comedy-shows-in-bangalore-2018- meri-maa-ki-punya-arora_image

DATE: 3rd November 2018 - 7:00pm onwards

VENUE: Enerjuvate, 82, 7th Cross Road, KHB Block Koramangala, 4th Block


ENTRY: Rs.249 onwards



6. EIC Showcase at Bengaluru Comedy Festival '18

Angad Singh Ranyal, Azeem Banatwalla, Kunal Rao, Sahil Shah, Sapan Verma aka East India Comedy is bringing special showcase at the 4th year of Bengaluru Comedy Festival. There will be some songs as well. A showcase you just cannot miss out on when it comes to witness the best comedy shows in Bangalore happening in November & December.


DATE: 18th November 2018 - 7:30pm

VENUE: St.John's Auditorium, Koramangala, Bangalore, India 560034



7. The Big Show at Bengaluru Comedy Festival '18

Best 20+ comedians on a line-up at The Big Show at Bengaluru Comedy Festival'18: Aamer Peeran, Aishwarya Mohanraj, Anand Rathnam, Deepika Mhatre, Jeeya Sethi, Kjeld Sreshth, Masoom Rajwani, Neelaksh Mathur, Niveditha Prakasam, Prashasti Singh, Punya Arora, Rueben Kaduskar, Sejal Bhat, Shaad Safi, Shamik Chakrabarti, Shankar Chugani, Shashwat Maheshwari, Shreeja Chaturvedi, Siddharth Dudeja, Srijan Kaushik, Suhas Navarathna and more. 



DATE: 18th November 2018 - 2:00pm 

VENUE: St.John's Auditorium Koramangala, Koramangala, Bangalore, India 560034


ENTRY: Rs.499


8. Evam presents I tried by Manoj Prabakar

Philosopher Pepsi Uma once said, Keep trying, keep on trying. In accordance to that, Manoj in this standup show will try to make the audience laugh. Failing to do so, at the end of the show, he will say I TRIED and quietly leave the place, that way he also justifies the name of the show. So come watch Manoj as he tries his level best to make you laugh. Did he succeed or not? We don't know. But he genuinely tried.


DATE: 4th November 2018 5:00pm onwards

VENUE: Vapour Pub and Brewery, 7th Floor, Bren Mercury, Bren Celestia Apartment Road


ENTRY: Rs.200


9. Vipul Goyal Live in Bangalore

Back on populer demand in Bangalore, Vipul Goyal, the star of TVF's hugely popular web series Humorously Yours now comes with his jokes to your city LIVE! Having caused many a laugh riot through his shows globally and with more than 10 million stand-up video views online, some of his jokes and punchlines have even gained cult status.



DATE: 2nd November 2018 - 7:45pm onwards

VENUE: Sherlock's Pub Indiranagar, 212/A, 1st Main Road, Domlur, 2nd Stage, Bangalore


ENTRY: Rs.599


10. Azeem Banatwalla - Problems | Bangalore

After two years, Azeem Banatwalla is back with a new live show. It's dark, politically charged, and will challenge the way you look at society. Book your tickets and make your plans now! More shows and ticket links being added over the course of the week! Live taping in Mumbai on 16th November!


DATE: 24 Nov at 19:00 – 25 Nov at 21:00

VENUE: That Comedy Club, Above Sherlock's Pub, 2nd Floor, 46, 4th B Cross Road


ENTRY: Rs.499 onwards


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