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Dear Men, Please Retire These 10 Things From Your Wardrobe Already

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 5, 2021 4 min read

Life only moves forward. And so do fashion trends. Sure, a lot of these long-forgotten styles makes a comeback, but more often than not, they're history. You can stick to a few classics, however, you still need to let - some of your clothes, shoes and bags - go. I mean, there's not enough space in the cupboard to hold everything you own. 


It's going to be hard, but it's also necessary. To help you out, here are 10 things you boys need to say goodbye to. 


1. Tees with big prints & slogans

You and your buddies twinning in the same t-shirts with messages and prints that were too big, too bold, or downright shocking was a fun thing to do in 2016. But these t-shirts do not represent the adult you have become or even the principles you stand for. If you still have it hanging in your wardrobe, it is time to let it go as your rebellious youthful days are over now. Welcome adulthood. 



Better alternative: The Traveller Half Sleeve T-Shirt for Men from Bewakoof (Price: ₹399)



2. Velcro shoes

Get rid of your velcro shoes the moment you read this article. They are a good add on to your wardrobe if you wear diapers and eat pureed food. But far as I know, you are mature enough to understand what’s best for you. Unlike your wallet, your shoes are always on public display. And velcro shoes can be a big disappointment.



Better alternative: ReLive Knit Shoes for Men from Neeman's Shoes Company (Price: 3,299)



3. Skinny jeans

Guys, just because skinny jeans are still in the market, it doesn't give you the pass to actually buy one. Apart from its bad effect on your health, it also accentuates chicken legs. So, if you really want to relax and sit anywhere without any problem, say goodbye to your skinny jeans now.



Better alternative: Levi's Slim Fit Jeans for Men (Price: ₹2,999)



4. Studded belts

The fashion of studded belts is long gone unless you are a huge Sallu Bhai fan. Your studded leather belt is not going to make you feel young again. Men have very few accessories such as belts, ties, and watches that they can call their own. Don't ruin it for yourself. Make sure you get your belt right.



Better alternative: Arrow Leather Belt for Men from Nnnow (Price: ₹1,199)



5. Dull socks with holes

Dull, boring socks with holes isn't the right way to complete your look. Sure, socks aren't exposed like belts or ties but bright coloured socks with fun prints and graphics amp up confidence in your personality. Moreover, you will never have to think twice before removing your shoes. 



Better alternative: The High Life Edition Socks from SockSoho (Price: ₹399)



6. Stained or worn out underwear

This might come as a shocker to you, but your underwear tells a lot about your personality. Apart from the fact that strained undergarments are unsanitary, it also plays a major role in your dating game. Make sure you bid adieu to strained and worn out underwear and replaced them with fresh and comfy ones.


Better alternative: Deo-Soft Boxer Briefs from Damensch (Price: ₹640)



7. Jersey

Going out wearing a sports jersey with your name or Dhoni written on the back is a big no-no unless you are a part of your school football team (which you are not anymore). Over-sized jerseys are only allowed when going out for match screenings with friends. 



8. Old running shoes

The durability of your running shoe cannot be judged by the number of months you have worn it but by its mileage. Get a new pair of running shoes for yourself as soon as they complete 700-900kms.



Better alternative: Red Tape Men's Walking Shoes from Myntra (Price: ₹1,769)



9. Overstretched & faded t-shirts

You will find t-shirts of all shapes and sizes in a man’s closet but the chance of getting noticed by a woman is more when you don into something fresh, crisp and in vogue. While well-fitting ones can highlight your build and muscles, the relaxed-fit ones will keep you comfy and confident. 



Better alternative: Smiley Half-Sleeve T-Shirt from Beyoung (Price: ₹325)



10. Shiny shirts

You're a star, and if I were you, I'd definitely avoid shimmer. Glossy, shiny shirts no longer belong in your closet. They're tacky and super-outdated. 



Better alternative: Bewakoof Grey Print T-Shirt (Price: ₹599)



Be fashion-forward, by making sure you aren't backtracking! 

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