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A Sandy X-Mas Affair - 24 Hours Of Christmas In Goa On A Budget

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 14, 2019 6 min read

There is no denying the magic inherent in the air of Goa, Christmas day or not! But as the month of December nears its end, Goa undergoes an enchanting transformation! The entire state starts basking in the fervour of upcoming festivities and all corners of Goa get decked up like a newlywed.


Picture the splendid Portuguese architecture of Goa immersed under the spell of Christmas, and the natural energy of the streets, magnified tenfold! That's what awaits your arrival in Goa during Christmas season. With age-old traditions that have been perpetuated till date, a galore of scrumptious meals and holiday favourite drinks and an unremitting list of happening parties, Christmas in Goa is a magnificent celebration!


To ease your life, we have prepared a special Goa itinerary that will ensure you have a Christmas you can't ever forget! Read this guide to spending 24 hours of Christmas in Goa, on a budget! 


24th December 2019 11:00 PM - Attend A Missa de Galo 

With over 400 churches scattered across the length and breadth of Goa, this state will furnish you with an overabundance of options for attending a Christmas mass! Playing dress-up in your most banging year-end outfits, joining hands with all the folks gathered to sing Christmas carols and hymns as well as relishing in the mass proceedings, spending Christmas eve in Goa is a merry affair! Some of the best churches for midnight Christmas mass include The Basilica of Bom Jesus. Immaculate Conception Church and Se Cathedral. It is advisable to take a seat inside the church well before time in order to avoid the excess crowd that usually gathers on X-Mas eve! 


Image Courtesy - Travel Nearby


25th December 2019 9:30 AM - Start The Day With Brunch At Artjuna Cafe

If you are in Goa, the siren calls of the alluring shacks on the beaches will reach you sooner or later, so might as well give in! One such shack cafe by the beach with a distinct vibrant artsy vibe is Artjuna Cafe in the coastal village of Anjuna. Located near the flea market, this cafe attracts hoards of tourists every day because of its classic Goan laid-back ambience, generously loaded menu and lovely beachy decor. The international menu is particularly recognised for its breakfast and brunch options which deem this quaint cafe the perfect hot-spot for a rejuvenating brunch before kickstarting the festival of Christmas in full swing! 


Image Courtesy - Artjuna


Where - Anjuna (Get Directions)

Cost - INR 700 For Two 



25th December 2019 - Take A Stroll Around A Goan Flea Market

The holistic Goa experience remains incomplete without a shopping session on the beach! With colourful bazaar squares and flea markets hiding away in the nooks of the state, your Goa Christmas itinerary is lacking if it does not involve venturing into one of these souks! As far as options are concerned, the world is your oyster! Some popular choices during the day include Anjuna Flea Market, Panjim Market, Mapusa Market and Calangute Market Square! With fairy lights and kaleidoscopic trinkets adorning the shops, a Goan flea market can be the perfect source of sun, frolic and the tangible festive air! 


Image Courtesy - Goa Trips India 


25th December 2019 - Participate In A Crib-Making Competition

One of the chief elements in celebrating a traditional Goan Christmas is the act of designing and creating a crib for baby Jesus. And mind you, it is a tradition taken extremely seriously! With state-level crib making and star-making competitions that are orchestrated every year, the folks lucky enough to celebrate Christmas in Goa participate in the process of conceptualising interior decor and furniture designs, with the most prominent ones being those that depict the village of Jesus. Does not sound like your thing? You can also swap this for a high-spirited star-making competition or a cake mixing ceremony! 


Image Courtesy - Youtube


25th December 2019 - Feast On Some Scrumptious Goan Desserts 

The season of Christmas marks the arrival of several special festive desserts on the table, literally and figuratively! Traditionally, these sweets are prepared at home and packaged in napkin-covered trays to be delivered to those that matter. Some of Goa's delectable offerings in the category of Christmas sweets include neureos, mandares, kulkuls, doce de grao and the legendary bebinca! Created from scratch and with love, these sweets are composed of cherry-picked natural ingredients like fresh coconut, gram lentil and rice flour. To get your hands on these toothsome Christmas treats, you can head to an established bakery like Mr Baker 1922, A Pastelaria, Nostalgia or Marliz! 


Image Courtesy - Archana's Kitchen



25th December 2019 - Indulge In A Traditional Goan Christmas Dinner At Rovers Return

If you are celebrating the festival of Christmas in Goa, devouring a steaming plate of traditional Goan dinner is an important rite of passage! With Christmas delicacies like roast turkey, pork sorpotel and an assortment of grilled seafood on your virtual platter, this is an item in your Goa Christmas itinerary that you just cannot skip out on! Rovers Return is a dainty shack in Calangute that offers delectable options on their Christmas menu. Perfectly placed on the beach with the stunning sandy shores of Goa grazing your feet, Rovers Returns will furnish you with a range of roast dinners and other luscious Christmas meals!


Image Courtesy - Trip Advisor 


Where - Calangute (Get Directions)

Cost - INR 600 For Two 


25th December 2019 - Go For A Bicycle Ride In Old Goa 

Nothing short of a traveller's personal paradise, Old Goa is brimming with stunning landscapes, iconic churches, enchanting trails and that distinct colonial charm! Beautiful during the rest of the year, the season of Christmas brings out the exceptional magic in the area of Old Goa which you can explore on two wheels! The Church of St. Francis of Assisi is the penultimate attraction in the area which attracts visitors from all over the globe to its festive glory. In addition, there is a gamut of charming cathedrals dispersed across the area along with cutesy colourful houses, green vistas and pristine water bodies!


Image Courtesy - Explore Goa



25th December 2019 - Head To Tito's Lane For A Christmas Party

Going to Goa and not partying at Tito's has to be the eighth deadly sin out there! Known for its epic night-life scenes, Tito's, located in Baga is the ultimate party destination especially during the season of Christmas. The catchy music pulsating through every inch of the beach-side club, and the unparalleled energy in the crowd create the perfect atmosphere for some large-scale festive celebration! There is no better way to submerge yourself entirely in the authentic Goa party scenes on Christmas. 


Image Courtesy - Mami Eggroll 


Where - Baga (Get Directions

Cost - INR 1,500 For Two 


25th December 2019 - Watch The Fireworks On The Beach 

Goa is a place that sets unbelievably high standards and ending the night of Christmas is no exception! Pick a popular beach of your liking, and head there with a few closed ones and your cosiest blanket! Sit still and watch with your mouth agape, as the entire sky lights up with vibrant colours and hypnotising fireworks! Anjuna Beach, in particular, is known for displaying a myriad of colours on it's Christmas lit skies on an annual basis. Other beaches you can also explore include Arambol Beach, Calangute Beach and Vagator Beach. 


Image Courtesy - Thrillophilia 


With that, we arrive at the terminating point of this special Christmas in Goa itinerary. With the myriad of options, we have presented thus far, celebrating the festival of Christmas in Goa will be one long, effortless party! So grab those shades, and venture out on the rustic lanes of Goa. You never know what awaits you! Merry Christmas! 

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