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Festivities Burning A Hole In Your Pockets? Spend 24 Hours Of Christmas On A Budget In Delhi

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Nov. 26, 2019 7 min read

The season of Joy, gifting smiles and happy congregations, Christmas is finally here. Feeling ho-ho happy this day is one thing but splurging out would surely leave you in financial troubles in the aftermath.


Image Courtesy: Newy With Kids


Many feel it's an unsaid reason to splurge and spend out generously, but things can still be kept subtle and yet merry, both at the same once! But only if you lay down some ground rules. So let's not be a tomfool this year and go around spending out a fortune this Christmas but let's just keep things simple sweetheart! 


Image Courtesy: Netmums


And today let's know how to spend 24 hours of Christmas on a budget in Delhi


Make Peace With Your Karma - Attend A Midnight Mass Prayer At The Sacred Heart Cathedral

One of the best ways to kick start your day is by seeking some blessings at one of the beautiful churches in Delhi. What will it cost you? Not much, but the satisfaction you'll get is simply priceless. Head to the Sacred Heart Cathedral near Connaught Place, which is in the middle of the city or to the St. James Church near Kashmiri Gate, and your Christmas night is sure to light up with a million stars in the sky. Well quite literally, you light candles, share greetings and have rum cakes, what more can you ask for a start to such an eve.  


Image Courtesy: International Business Times

Cost: Free



Head Home With A Bottle Of Wine - Buy It From The Overnight Thekaas (The Kapashera Border) 

Well, when you're done satiating your social, cultural and ethical desires, just head back home to a bottle of wine with the special one in your life. If you happen to live with your family, then it's even better, it's always good to spread this happiness among as many as you can. And what can amplify the spirit of Christmas better than a bottle of wine, some freshly home-baked bread and while you pack away presents to be opened in the morning. Indeed, it's therapeutic and fun for one and all among.   


Image Courtesy: Valenzano Winery

Cost: INR 400-600 Per Bottle


Wake And Bake - A Great Breakfast Or Head Out To A Budget Friendly Cafe In Delhi

Christmas mornings are eagerly awaited! For the gifts, those smiles and the surprises that come along, and also for it's one of those days when your mood is good without any specific reason. And maybe that's how the world celebrates the existence of godly happiness in our lives. Also, you can scale up this happiness with a great breakfast to kick start such a day. For after your kids, friends & family are done unpacking their gifts, it will be soon when the hunger pangs rush in. Baking something yourself is good for you and your pockets, or you can choose from a number of budget-friendly breakfast joints in the city as well. From buffets at diners and restaurants that won't cost as much, to the street side Thelas and Stalls, Delhi looks after those who wish it to be light on their pockets and awesomely delectable, both at the same once.  


Image Courtesy: Washington Post

Cost: INR 400 Onwards


Sharing This Happiness Won't Cost You Much - At The Jeevan Jyoti Home

Meeting friends and spreading the festive madness is one of the many traits of a Merry Christmas. If you happen to live far away from your friends and family, you can simply head out to the Mother Teressa Orphanage or an old age home to gather some love. And remember, the more time you give away to these, the greater will be the happiness within. So just meet those whom you've not seen since long or spend some time with those who are forgotten by society, but head out to spread some smiles this once. Not for a cause, but for yourself, do this to appease the divine being within you and which is definitely the true spirit of Christmas as well. Well, it won't cost much but you would bag in so many blessings and moreover, the happiness you get in return is simply priceless.   


Image Courtesy: Quartz

Cost: Free


Treat Yourself With A Christmas Brunch - Delhi Brims With Christmas Brunch Deals

If you've not heard of this before then get ahead of your knowledge base as the latest buzz in the town is all about Christmas Brunches and parties. These are specific feasts hosted by various places in Delhi and are seriously amazing for those who need to spend less and eat more. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best ways to make your Christmas celebrations more memorable and worth your time and money. Every year, dozens of such brunches are hosted throughout the town and if you are able to make reservations on time, it won't even cost as much as it would at the 11th hour. Keep yourself looped in for some latest info on the same.  


Image Courtesy: The National

Cost: INR 500 Onwards


It's Time You Head Out - To The Beautiful Malls Of Delhi

Christmas evenings are meant to be celebrated, with friends, food and outside your comfortable homes. So just head out tonight and witness some city lights today and which is the absolute way to spend a great Christmas evening. It doesn't matter if you peeps like it at home, today you should get out of that bubble and witness the shimmering Christmasy glaze at one of the major shopping malls in the city. Won't cost a penny more than what you need to get there, but would add so much more colours to your Christmas memories from this year. These places are beautifully lit and decorated, making for a perfect backdrop to those pics to be shared on your social media handles. A suggestion if I may? Choose among the Select City Walk Saket, the Pacific Mall Subhash Nagar or The DLF Promenade Vasant Kunj to witness the most extravagant Christmas decorations in Delhi.   


Image Courtesy: The Champa Tree

Cost: Free



The Night Calls For A Feast - But Shop For Groceries From The INA Market First

As soon as the sun bows down to the night, make plans for a feast with your family. And when it comes to Christmas dinners, the INA Market in Delhi is one place you need to make it all things delectable. Although, there are a number of restaurants that come up with quite many discounts and deals these days, however, it's best if you can stick to a homecooked meal this once. Preparing a perfect dinner with your family is surely going to cost less than what your pocket can afford and is a serious bonding effort for the peeps around you. Club it with some homemade cake, some wine from last night and some music, and you're sorted for the evening. What else do you need to make it more memorable anyways? 


Image Courtesy: Just Giving

Cost: INR 300 - 400


Looking back at the day, you've spent so much on fun but not much out of your pockets. Instead, out of your efforts to make it a truly Merry Christmas this year.




Q. Do I need to make reservations for the mass prayers?

A. No, there isn't a reservation needed for the mass prayer at the cathedrals or churches in Delhi. However, these places rush up sooner and hence getting there early for a place is suggested. 


Q. I don't know anyone at the Orphanage, nor do I have the money to take gifts along, would I still be welcomed to such places?

A. Yes, these places are not about people waiting for gifts or their relatives, you can simply go there, help around their staff or spend some time with the elderly or the kids. 


Q. Would it really be cost-efficient to prepare a Christmas Dinner at home?

A. Indeed, it is cost-efficient because there isn't a profit margin attached to this meal, you won't have to shop many of the ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen and you won't be travelling out to someplace which in turn would save you more money.   

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