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Considering Long Haul Traffic, This Is How You Can Celebrate 24 Hours Of Christmas In Bangalore On A Budget

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 11, 2019 8 min read

Recognised by the rest of the country as the hub of stand-ups and start-ups, Bangalore city is always thriving with enthusiasm and zest. If there is one time period when the city especially comes alive, it is during Christmas! With the season of Christmas hauling along a truckload of more reasons to celebrate and rejoice, the city of Bangalore starts brimming with the holiday fervour along with hoards of locals as well as visitors flocking from one Christmas venue to another. 


If you happen to be in Bangalore city during Christmas time, you are in for several delightful treats. Read on to discover how you can spend 24 hours of Christmas on a budget in Bangalore! 


24th December 2019 11 PM  - Attend Midnight Mass At St. Patrick's Church, Brigade Road 

One of the oldest churches in Bangalore that recently completed 175 years, St. Patrick's Church on Brigade Road occupies a core position in Christmas celebrations within the city. The architecture of this church is beyond dazzling already, and the spirit of Christmas in the air further augments its beauty. The Christmas midnight mass here is a grand affair with large crowds of Bangaloreans and tourists huddling together, singing carols and revelling in the joy of X-Mas! Doesn't matter if you are not religious in nature, visit St. Patrick's Church during Christmas mass to savour the feeling of unity within the community! 


Image Courtesy - St Patrick's Blr 


Where - Brigade Road, Shanthala Nagar (Get Directions)

Cost - Free 



25th December 2019 11 AM - Grab Brunch At A Whole Lotta Love Cafe, Koramangala 

If there is a singular feeling everybody wants to be drenched in during Christmas time, it's homely comfort. And that is exactly what you will stumble upon when you head to A Whole Lotta Love Cafe in Koramangala. Situated opposite Jyoti Nivas College, this cafe is known for its cosy, hipster decor replete with book racks, vinyl records and antiques as well as scrumptious breakfast and brunch offerings at affordable prices. With filling dishes fresh out of the kitchen and a laid-back, snug ambience, this Koramangala cafe makes for the perfect Christmas brunch spot! 


Image Courtesy - Zomato 


Where - Koramangala (Get Directions)

Cost - INR 500 For Two 


25th December 2019 2 PM - Shop All Things Festive At Commercial Street 

The main shopping lane of Commercial street awaits the arrival of Raave's every December. One of the most popular Christmas decor shops in the city, during the festive season you can spot flocks of Bangaloreans rushing to this outlet to get their hands on top-notch Christmas merchandise. Xmas red stockings with cheery reindeer and Santa patterns, carefully crafted angel figurines, and an expansive variety of Christmas tree ornaments, this store along with several small shops on Commercial street have them all! 


Image Courtesy - Trip 101 


Where - Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar (Get Directions)

Cost - INR 500 to 1,500 



25th December 2019 5 PM - Have Fun With Your Best Pals Over Coffee At Bangalore's Most Stylish Place, Koshy's

This charming restaurant has been coined as the most stylish place to dine at in Bangalore, and we can't help but agree wholeheartedly! Reputed to be a popular hang-out spot amongst celebrities who are visiting the city, Koshy's has been visited by personalities in the likes of Jawaharlal Nehru, Nikita Khrushchev and Queen Elizabeth II! With legendary breakfast and brunch spreads, delectable choices on the lunch menu and appetising flavours on the dinner palate, the quality of food at Koshy's remains unparalleled through the years. During the early evening of Christmas day, head to Koshy's for a steaming cup of coffee to share with your best friends along with some fun gossip and star-studded sights! 


Image Courtesy - magicpin


Where - Saint Marks Road (Get Directions

Cost - INR 500 For Two 


25th December 2019 6:30 PM - Splurge On Some Baked Christmas Goodies at All Saints Bakery 

One of Bangalore's oldest bakeries, the institution of which dates back to the 60s, All Saints Bakery is filled to the brim with crowds of baked goods enthusiasts all year round! But it is during Christmas time that the magic in the air of this bakery especially comes alive! Satisfying the dessert and bread cravings of Bangaloreans for years now, All Saints Bakery has now adapted to the tastes of the younger generation. From an assortment of breads and buns to mutton samosas and cakes, and not to forget their legendary lemon tart, this bakery in Bangalore city is more than equipped to handle all your Christmas cravings! 


Image Courtesy - Justdial 


Where - Brigade Road (Get Directions)

Cost - INR 400 For Two 


25th December 2019 7 PM - Share Some Christmas Cheer With Vagrant Animals At Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre 

Named after their spirited three-legged in-house therapy dog, Charlie's has devoted over half a century to the purpose of rescuing and looking after destitute animals. A safe haven for abandoned animals, this NGO provides them with proper shelter, timely medical aid and rehabilitation. Bearing in mind the spirit of Christmas and the inherent joy in the act of giving, we urge you to spend an hour or so with these animals on the cold night of Christmas! Not only will these kindred souls be eternally grateful to you for your time and generosity, your heart will flood with the kind of warmth only kindness can bring about! 


Image Courtesy - Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre 


Where - Yelahanka (Get Directions)

Cost - Free 



25th December 2019 8:30 PM - Marvel At The Grand Christmas Displays At Phoenix Marketcity 

The pinnacle of grand Christmas displays, Pheonix Marketcity in Whitefield is recognised by every city-dweller and visitor, for its extravagant X-Mas arrangements. This year, this mall comes bearing promises of erecting the country's tallest Christmas tree thus far. Expected to stand tall at a whopping height of 75 feet, this lavish Christmas installation will be done by renowned Spanish Installation Artist and Sculptor - Manolo Rubio. If that wasn't exciting enough, the mall has also planned for a host of Christmas celebratory events that include fireworks, carnival dancers, carol singing, juggling acts and much, much more. Need more reason to spend some time here on Christmas day? There will be a Guns "n" Roses and AC/DC tribute band performing live! 


Image Courtesy - Youtube


Where - Whitefield Main Road (Get Directions)

Cost - Free 


25th December 2019 10 PM - Dance Any Blues Away At Catholic Club 

Situated in the heart of Bangalore with Brigade Road on one side and Museum Road on the other, the Catholic Club is a social club instituted in 1948 to bring together the diverse folks of Bangalore. Stationed atop a sprawling property spread across an area of over 1 acre, Catholic Club has over 2,500 affiliated families that rely on it for social, recreational and sporting activities! One of their most awaited events is their grand Christmas party that invites swarms of enthusiastic Bangaloreans dancing and making merry! Head to this club for the perfect mirthful Christmas ball and spend the night swaying along to the holiday spirit. 


Image Courtesy - BrinMor


Where - Museum Road (Get Directions)

Cost - Free 


25th December 2019 11 PM - Sip Leisurely On A Glass Of Mulled Wine At Big Brewsky 

Nothing complements the crisp December air of Bangalore like a glass of mulled wine exuding warmth and holiday comfort. An ambrosial infusion of flavours, the mulled wine at Big Brewsky in Sarjapur is a temping concoction prepared with apple sauce syrup, lemon, cooling mint and copious amounts of premium gin. The fruity undernotes, the enticing aroma and the accompanying feeling of unadulterated cosiness, together make for the perfect endnote of an eventful Christmas! 


Image Courtesy - WhatsHOT


Where - Sarjapur (Get Directions)

Cost - INR 1,500 For Two 


No matter the extent of your religious or cultural beliefs, there is no denying the ability of the festival of Christmas to unify diverse individuals and bind them together as a community celebrating and rejoicing! If you are in Bangalore city during this opportune time of the year, count your blessings and have a gala time spending 24 hours of Christmas on a budget! Merry Christmas!


Q. Do I need to make reservations at these places? 

A. It is advisable to make reservations in advance at F&B outlets during Christmas time. Due to the sizeable crowds that gather to feast during the festival, it is highly likely to not find readily available seating space. 


Q. Is Bangalore expensive during Christmas? 

A. The befitting budget for your Christmas celebrations in Bangalore city will be entirely dependent on what you decide to do! If you are facing a cash crunch during the festival, it is advisable for you to explore more public spaces like the ones mentioned above as opposed to fine restaurants and premium bars and pubs. 


Q. Do I need to purchase a ticket for the Christmas display at Phoenix Marketcity? 

A. No, you don't! Entry to the mall is absolutely free. 


Q. Can I adopt an animal from Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre? 

A. Yes, you can! Charlie's is an animal hospital, rescue shelter and adoption centre, all in equal measure. However, before arriving at the decision of adopting an animal, ensure you evaluate every step, and weigh every aspect of keeping and caring for a rescue, with careful and rational thought. 

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