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Easy Christmas Decor Ideas To Help You Glitz Up Your House

By Anubha Das

Updated - Dec. 6, 2021 6 min read

Picking my favourite bit about celebrating Christmas is quite a daunting task, considering the myriad of answers that lay ahead. From scrumptious festive spreads that can make your mouth water from a mile away, to exchanging presents and watching your loved ones beam with child-like excitement, there are so many reasons to adore the festival. But the prospect of decking up my house in gorgeous lights and festive ornaments, never fails to get my holiday spirit raging! 


Nearly every place turns into a winter wonderland as soon as Christmas comes knocking on the door. Draped twinkling lights, lush green and vibrant red wreaths, and warm candles everywhere, whoever said magic doesn't exist, never tried to get into Christmas decor. We won't let that happen to you though! To help you turn your house into a stunning Christmas-themed abode, here are some effortless and easy Christmas decor ideas you can borrow. 


1. Make room for fairy lighting 

It doesn't really feel like Christmas-time till the streets get adorned with sparkling lights all over. Well, why not bring some of that bright Christmas cheer into your house? This Christmas, decorate your house with strings of fairy lights that are rather inexpensive but manage to lend a dreamy festive vibe to any space. If you live in one of the colder regions, the fireplace can also be used as a quick Christmas decor hack. Besides, it's a great way of bringing together friends and family in one room! 


We recommended: xenith 200 inch White Rice Lights from Flipkart @ ₹489

Image Courtesy: Flipkart



2. Hang holiday wreaths

To get into the celebratory, holiday spirit, hang a dainty wreath above every door inside your house. You can also hang wreaths over the mantle, in front of the windows, as well as on bedroom doors. You can use different types of wreaths ranging from holly to grapevine or decorated with bows. There are a lot of artificial wreath options available in the market as well that will last for more than one Christmas season!


We recommend: Crystal Bloom Christmas Wreath from Amazon @ ₹889

Image Courtesy - Amazon



3. Pillow talk

Sorry to disappoint, but we don't mean the obvious here! Festive pillow covers are a great and convenient way to spruce up any home for the season of Christmas. Pick Christmas themed covers such as those with reindeers, trees or pine cones in the typical Christmas shades of red and white. Use these pillows to fill up and cheer up any empty space in the house. 


We recommend: StyBuzz Cartoon Cushions Cover from Flipkart @ ₹399

Image Courtesy - Flipkart 



4. Decorate that christmas tree

If it's Christmas-time, the need to put up and decorate a customary Christmas tree does not have to verbally expressed. Pick a healthy-looking, moderately sized Christmas Tree which can either be real or artificial. For adornments, wrap counterfeit festoons on the branches, over mirrors, on the highest point of armoires, and along the mantle. You can also use extra decorations on the top, or at the area around your tree for an extra boost of Christmas spirit. 


We recommend: TIED RIBBONS Set of 12 Christmas Tree Decoration Hanging Ornaments Gift Set from Myntra @ ₹299

Image Courtesy: Myntra



5. Highlight the colours of christmas 

We all know that Christmas, for the most part, comprises of three colours – green, white and red. Add a shining touch to these colours and upgrade the general look of your home by picking festive decor in holiday hues. Bring out the Christmas colours while making cookies, or decorating the table, or even while deciding upon a theme for your Christmas party.


Image Courtesy: The Horton


6. Think beyond the branches

Is it necessary to only decorate the Christmas tree with your festive ornaments? We say no! You can use ornaments to decorate the window panels as well as above the sofas; this would make the wall look beautiful too and there won't be a single space left in the entire house which would look plain in this festive season.


We recommend: TIED RIBBONS White 12-Pieces Hanging Bells from Myntra @ ₹399

Image Courtesy: Myntra



7. DIY-Christmas candles

You can make Christmas candles to decorate the dining table as well as the drawing-room. We will tell you about an easy DIY-Christmas candle that you can make at your home for this Christmas. You just have to put some greenery in the bottom of a Mason jar. Then fill two-thirds of the way with water and add some cranberries and a floating candle for a simple and charming accent to invite holiday cheer.


We recommend: JHINTEMETIC DIY Candle Making Kit Supplies from Amazon @ ₹399

Image Courtesy: Amazon



8. Make some candy lights

Have you heard about candy lights? Well, you might have seen them featured in beautiful Christmas movies. Pretty much everybody likes candy and decorating the house separately, so to use candy lights that one can literally pluck off the tree and relish, is like bringing together the best of both worlds. Try this Christmas decor idea for an unconventional spin on festive home-decor!


Image Courtesy:Pexels 


9. Decorate with pine cones

Pine cones ain't just made to decorate the Christmas tree. They can also be used to decorate the dining table as well as other parts of your house. They give a very optimistic look and a homely, wintery vibe that is sure to be enjoyed by one and all during the Christmas week.


We recommend: TIED RIBBONS Set of 12 Mini Pine Cones from Myntra @ ₹399

Image Courtesy: Myntra 



10. A Starry Experience

Use of stars everywhere in the house can add loads of life and energy to your decoration. Electric stars with twinkling lights would be a great option to explore this Christmas. Not only will they add that elegant Christmas charm to your house, but they will also make the exteriors of your home inviting and warm!


Image Courtesy: Richer In Sight 

So, what exactly are you waiting for? With this list of the best Christmas home decor ideas as your source of inspiration, get sprucing and deck your halls in Christmas cheer. Happy holidays everybody!


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