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Feeling Santa-Mental? Here Are 10 Gifts Your Bros Would Love!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 21, 2021 6 min read

Guys, can I have your attention? Yes, all of you huddled under layers of fuzzy blankets and struggling to warm your freezing feet, this concerns you! Actually, now that I think about it, this concerns every single person on the planet who successfully endured the worst of 2020 and 2021. Let's all give ourselves a congratulatory pat on the back, shall we? All of us deserve it for putting up with the hardships of this nightmare year, the list of which features a global pandemic, a locus attack, numerous celebrity deaths, random earthquake tremors, 2 Google outages....and I'm crying again. 


*Sniffles* It's all in the past, and that's the important bit. What matters now the most, is that we all went through it together, and somehow made it to the holiday season with plenty of enthusiasm in store. Now that's what the Christmas spirit is all about anyway! That, and spreading warmth during these chilly end-of-year days.


While I might not be at liberty to make assertions on behalf of you, I can certainly state that this wonderful time of the year, has me feeling equal parts grateful and giving. Especially considering the turmoils we braved through to get to this point, my urge to bring delight into the lives of those I love, is even stronger this time around. I also found a bunch of Christmas gifts on Chumbak that'll get the point across, so, I'm all set to play Santa and remind my friends how cherished their presence is. Why not do the same for your gang of guys? After all, they've played a key role in making sure you stay sane through it all. In fact, go ahead and borrow some ideas from this X-Mas list! 


1. Perfume

One of the best gift ideas would be gifting your friend a perfume so that he can use the gift every day. Choose the perfume that he loves the most, or gift him the perfume that he always waned to purchase. This is the perfect gift if their closet looks like a mini perfume shop. Add one more to his collection. 


We recommend: Eau De Parfum - Ombre from The Man Company @ ₹499

Image Courtesy: The Man Company



2. DIY Breakfast Mix

Do you know someone who wants to eat all things wonderful but with the least amount of effort? Or someone constantly pinging you or scouring the Internet for sophisticated recipes that can be produced in less than five minutes and with three (or fewer) ingredients? Basically, that one bro who is both lazy and a gourmand. Then gifft them a DIY mix this Christmas. No sweat, easy-to-make delicious breakfast options, your friend will thank you for.


We recommend: Monsoon Harvest from Amazon


Image Courtesy: Amazon


Check out the collection here on Amazon.



3. Greek Yogurt Pack

Snacking is important especially when one is working tirelessly or binge watching during the holiday season. Lucky for you, these yogurts will take care of your  friend's mid-work hunger pangs and the gut. 


We recommend:Greek yogurt from Epigamia @ 225

Image Courtesy: Epigamia



4. Beard Catcher

Does your buddy have a hard time cleaning up after he is done shaving or trimming? If yes, save him from that effort by gifting him this beard catcher, this Christmas. This will make a complicated task very simple and hassle-free for your bro and keep their washroom all clean.


We recommend: RSK Apron, Beard Clippings Catcher for Shaving and Trimming from Amazon @ ₹349


Image Courtesy: Amazon



5. Shoes

Like women, men are also crazy about shoes. Gift your friend the shoes that he has wanted to buy from so long on this holiday season, and lift his mood on another level. Undoubtedly gifting your brother his favourite pair of shoes is the best gift you can gift him this Christmas.


We recommend: Kook N Keech Men Black Sneakers from Myntra @ ₹999

Image Courtesy: Myntra



6. Small Backpack

There's a lesson I learnt early in life while going for a road trip, that you need a small backpack for essentials. So just imagine if your friend woke up on Christmas morning, to discover that someone else cared enough to get it for him! The next time he plans a trip, your super handy gift will come to his rescue. 


We recommend: Pop Art Doodle Printed Small Backpack from Bewafoof @ ₹249

Image Courtesy:



7. Laundry Schedule Wall Sticker

I love this one so much, I would completely understand if you chose to keep it for yourself. On top of being tremendously accurate, this cutesy wall sticker can add some decor sparkle to the drabbest of rooms. And working on the principles of reverse psychology, this Christmas gift may just end up motivating your friend to get off the bed and do their laundry! Either way, it's a great addition to their house. 


We recommend: DECOR Kafe Home Decor Laundry Schedule Wall Sticker from Amazon @ ₹340

Image Courtesy: Amazon



8. Travel Pillow With Eye Mask

In 2021, we may have had little to no scope for satisfying our wanderlust urges. But who says that'll be the case this year as well? Hopefully, we can all resume our travel plans sometime soon! And with that, the need to stay comfy during long hours of travel would come alive again. We think this printed set from Chumbak would certainly help the cause! If your friend is itching to go back to backpacking, this travel pillow and eye set will keep him cosy and charged throughout their trip. Bonus points? He can nap whenever he pleases! 


We recommend: Chumbak Blue & Yellow Midnight Jungle Printed Travel Pillow With Eye Mask from Myntra @ ₹1,000


Image Courtesy - Chumbak 



9. Customized gifts

Customized gifs are one of the cute and adorable gift ideas that can sweeten up your bond with your bro. You can customize his favourite Marvel hero into his cup or can gift his a photo of himself as a showpiece. Who won't love to wake up to his own picture anyway? You can get the craziest and amazing collection of customized gifts on online gift portals like Mango people, and so forth.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


10. Laptop Sleeve

Why would anybody not love to receive such a sensible Christmas gift? If my laptop sleeve was half as vibrant and attractive as this one, I'd be eager to dash out of my door and reach office every day. Just so I can show it off! 


We recommend: Gizga Essentials Unisex Grey & Black Laptop Sleeve from Myntra @ ₹399

Image Courtesy: Myntra



'Tis the season to spread joy, and count your blessings! 


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