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Best Christmas Markets In Mumbai To Adorn Your House With True Festive Fervour

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 11, 2019 5 min read

Whether you're a believer or not, the charm of the festival of Christmas tends to pull you in regardless. And we get it. It's difficult to not get excited at the prospect of embellishing your house with festive ornaments and trinkets, shiny paper stars and organza tinsels. Every corner of the place you call home drenched in the holiday colours of pine green, snow white and heart red, your walls adorned with mistletoe and Christmas wreaths gracing all your doorways. Makes for a tempting picture, doesn't it?


If that imagery got your heart racing, congratulations, you made it to the right place! Mumbai is a city brimming with hidden pockets of pure, unadulterated magic especially during the season of Christmas. With elaborate market places tucked away in the city corners, Christmas decor shopping has never been more fun, convenient or pocket-friendly! 


Come along with us as we take you through the bylanes of Mumbai city, on a common hunt for the best Christmas decor items you can possibly get your hands on! If you have Christmas decor shopping on your mind, head to: 


Hill Road, Bandra

If you visit Bandra during Christmas time, prepare to be enthralled by the festive magnificence of the place! Hill Road in Bandra is a hot-spot for shopping all year round, but during Christmas, a plethora of enticing new shopping items and stalls pop up on this Mumbai street! With pocket-friendly street shops offering an assortment of festive ornaments, smaller vendors pitching their decor items and dollar stores proffering the best party decor trinkets, Christmas trees and holiday crockery sets as well as pop-up stores selling imported furnishings, Hill Road is your ideal Christmas shopping destination in the city of Mumbai! 


Image Courtesy - Whatsuplife



Crawford Market 

If you are in South Bombay, your Christmas decor shopping problems just got resolved! The Abdul Rehman Street of Crawford Market is particularly recognised for blooming into a bustling bazaar during the season of Christmas. Going beyond the bracket of decor ornaments, this street is also lined with endless stalls offering a medley of festive items ranging from sweets, gadgets, cosmetics and clothes. With respect to shopping for Christmas decor, this Mumbai market will furnish you with an unremitting range of Christmas ornaments, wreaths, trees, figurines and tinsels. Bargaining here is a must considering the initial price quoted by the shopkeepers tends to be slightly steeper and the best time to visit is during weekday afternoons. This will help you steer clear of the large crowds of Christmas shoppers, as well as give you the liberty to explore before finalising your purchases!


Image Courtesy - WhatsHOT



I.C. Colony 

The coastal residential zone of Borivali might be an unexpected feature on this list of the best Chrismas markets in Mumbai, but it is one that paid its dues! The lane opposite I.C. Colony Church is a hidden Christmas decor shopping gem, with a few, selective stalls offering premium quality Christmas decor items! Although this lane does not fall in the category of giant Christmas markets, striking a good deal here in exchange for top-notch products is a highly likely occurrence! The chief lane selling the best Christmas commodities is called Brother Cyprian Street, and it's here that you will feel absolutely spoilt for choice! 


Image Courtesy - YouTube


Colaba Causeway 

This major Mumbai commercial hot-spot is often lauded for its affordable goods and products, but during the last month of the year, a series of surprises spring up! The area paves the way for a new, flourishing marketplace with stalls selling every Christmas commodity you can possibly encapsulate in your Christmas shopping list. A wide range of products that touches base on everything Christmassy, from antiques to fancy decor can be sourced from here at reasonable prices! 


Image Courtesy - The Indian Express


Lokhandwala Market

A one-stop solution in Andheri West for all your shopping troubles, Lokhandwala Market is brimming all year long with zestful energy, and enthusiastic shoppers! But, come Christmas, and you are transported to a white and red haven for all your Christmas decor needs. During the holiday season, every shop on this street puts its best Christmas face on, and pledges to offer the best festival ornaments at near enviable deals! In addition to endless Christmas decor options, this market will also allow you to get your hands on some scrumptious seasonal treats and desserts! 


Image Courtesy - Travenix


Orlem, Malad 

This usually quiet locality in the area of Malad, Mumbai transforms over-night into a bustling marketplace teeming with Christmas enthusiasts from all walks of life. Offering a staggering variety of Christmas decor items ranging from intricate figurines to frosted ornaments, Orlem is a lesser-known hub in the city for serious Christmas shopping. With plenty of options in the categories of Christmas gifts, decor articles, festive sweets and manicured trees, this area should be on your radar if you are in North Mumbai hunting for Christmas items! 


Image Courtesy - WhatsHOT


Santacruz West 

Adorned with expansive nurseries offering fresh, well-manicured Christmas trees and innumerable stalls selling holiday essentials, Santacruz West can quench all your Christmas shopping needs! SV Road at Santacruz West houses a large Catholic community, a fact that contributes to the widespread availability of delectable Chrismas treats and delights in this area. The prices of the ornaments and other festive knick-knacks sold here are within the range of being affordable as well as reasonable! 


Image Courtesy - mumbaicoworking



The Malls Of Mumbai 

When it comes to purchasing authentic Christmas decor items, nothing can compete with the premium quality offered by the stores in thriving Mumbai malls! Although the prices at these stores and shops might inch towards the higher end, the assured quality and durability of the ornaments bought from here are worth every penny to a serious Christmas celebrant! Furnishing the finest of decor options during the season of Christmas, you can find everything you need here from easy-to-setup Christmas trees to that funny Santa Claus costume! 


Image Courtesy - The Economic Times


So now that we've touched base on the most prominent Christmas markets in the city of Mumbai, there is no scope for unnecessary waiting! Curb your procrastination habits and snatch up the best Christmas decor items available across the city! So, get sprucing and have a very merry Christmas! 

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