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Trinkets, Stars & More, Deck-up Your Xmas Celebration From These Best Christmas Shopping Markets In Goa

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 14, 2019 6 min read

Christmas is one of those occasions when you go all guns blazing while decking up the good vibes around. With manicured Christmas trees, bright colourful lights and strings that make your entire life so festive and fun, we all should head out and hunt for some Christmas assortments and feel the merriest of vibes during these days.


Image Courtesy: Lonely Planet India


And when in Goa, one has so many places and options to explore. An entire city becomes dedicated to making your life more colourful and winter-full during this time of year. So if you've not heard of these before, then this is your guide to the best Christmas markets in Goa. 


Image Courtesy: Adotrip


Just get out of your cosy beds and deck up your Christmas celebrations with decor articles from these places!


Calangute Bazaar

The Calangute market square, which is one of the most frequented spots of Goa, comes up with so many Christmasy colours during this time of the year. From clothes to decor and accessories that make you revel your shopaholic side in festive feels, you're sure to find new reasons and occasions to come back here. And remember, the bargain's tough but possible here. So go ahead and haggle your way to the best Christmas merchandise this year.


Image Courtesy: LBB



Arpora Midnight Market

An all inclusive place for you to shop, eat and enjoy, the Arpora Midnight Market is one of the most sought after experiences of Goa. Scores of visitors come here every Saturday (It's held only on Saturdays), looking for some steal deals and quirky things that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Come Christmas times, the market escalates on its aesthetic, visual and gastronomic appeal. Come here to score the coolest Christmasy flavours out there and it doesn't matter if you're into shopping or not, but you will become a fan for life.  


Image Courtesy: Outlook India


Anjuna Flea Market

This one comes with a legacy of cool! Started more than 3 decades ago by hippies trying to raise funds for their extended stay and all the vices of life they were accustomed to, it is now just about the cool shades of life that are still evident in Goa. And to make it all better and brighter, the places transforms into a complete funfest during Christmas times. And you'll know that the merry days are en-route when the reds, greens and the bling make this market all things Christmasy for you. If nothing, come here to experience a yet undiscovered shade of Christmas celebrations in Goa.


Image Courtesy: Lonely Planet


Margao Market

Christmas celebrations in Goa cannot be deemed complete without a true Goan feast and to dig in some of the best authentic gastronomic flavours for your Christmas celebrations, the Margao Market is surely one of the best places to be. Come here for the most aromatic spices, the freshest of ingredients and you can always try come of their local street delicacies to include as appetizers for the big night. Just as cosy and Christmasy your living space would look, is what your dinner table will explicate. 


Image Courtesy: Skyscanner


Friday Market, Mapusa

A major tourist magnet and a melting pot of truly local shades of Goa, the Friday Market at Mapusa is one of the best places to shop for your Christmas celebrations in the city. Come here for some of the best local produces, organically grown veggies and fruits that it's widely known for or some handmade merchandise that makes for a signatory element of the area nearby, you won't leave disappointed. Undeniably, the best local flavours are readily available for one and all over here.  


Image Courtesy: Thrillophilia


Makies Night Market

Along with some peppy live tunes to make you tap your feet every once you come here, the Makies Saturday Night Market is one of the favourite spots for the Christmas shoppers. From junk and rustic jewellery to go with your Christmas look to those cool and colourful clothes that complete your festive look, and one cannot look away from dirt cheap antiques up for grab over here that make for the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones, the Makies Night Market can be your one stop destination for Christmas shopping and more.


Image Courtesy: Flickr


Arambol Street Market

Touted to be the best flea market experiences of Goa, the Arambol Street Market and the Arambol Sunset Beach Market is sure to cling on to your senses this Christmas. Selling bright and cheerful Christmas decor during these days, the entire aura of this market changes from cool to Christmasy merry these days. Locals, tourists and wanderers alike flock in here every once the Christmas bells ring out loud to spend the most amazing time of this larger than life festival in Goa. Come here for soulful shopping experience or just to glance at the new vogue in town, you're in for a great deal of Christmas fun! 


Image Courtesy: Trip Savvy



Panaji For Designer Boutiques

Saving the best for the last, Panjim, more commonly known as Panaji is for a serious shoppers paradise in the entire Goa state. From bookstores that boast archaic collections of literary masterpieces and small little streetside vendors selling Christmas decor to designer boutiques and shopping malls in the chicest neighbourhoods, you'll find almost everything in this bustling part of the city. Shopping on a budget or out there to splurge, Panaji has you sorted! 


Image Courtesy: Lokaso, your photo friend


Goa is undeniably one of the best destinations to spend a truly merry Christmas in India. And why not, when you have so much to do on Christmas and so many places you can head out for a great shopping experience, there's nothing much left for you to ask for during Christmas times in India.   




Q. Where can I buy a Christmas Tree in Goa?

A. There are specific dealers in Goa that you can search for on the internet, however, at the markets stated in this blog you're more likely to find shops selling well cut and trimmed Christmas trees for a better price (Negotiation is possible).


Q. What about the quality of apparel you get at these places? Will it be worth the money?

A. Absolutely, these places sell good quality produces. And specifically for a great value for money that they ask for. Just remember to negotiate well. 


Q. I am not from Goa, I don't speak the local language as well, do I need to keep some things in mind before heading there?

A. Nothing specific, but yes, you being an outsider are prone to higher than usual prices for things that can be bought for less. Just catch up with some friendly locals who can help you buy things if that is possible.   

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