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Best Christmas Shopping Markets In Bangalore To Ring In The Festive Charm

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 12, 2019 5 min read

With the season of Christmas upon us, the urge to submerge your house under a blanket of festive decorations is almost overwhelming! If you are currently debating venturing on a treasure hunt for the best Christmas decor items that the city of Bangalore has to offer, we are here to make the task at hand, a tad simpler! 


Kick-start your Christmas celebrations in full swing with this curated guide to the best Christmas decor markets in Bangalore city. Whether it's your home or your office cubicle that you wish to deck up, all you need to do to jump on the Christmassy bandwagon is visit these bustling Bengaluru bazaars! 


Shivaji Nagar

Every holiday season, as the calendar approaches the last few weeks of the year, a series of colourful make-shift stalls pop up on the lanes of the Bangalore locality of Shivaji Nagar. Stretching across the area flanked by the gates of St. Mary's Basilica on one side and Beef Market on the other, this Christmas market will furnish you with the latest offerings in the category of Christmas decor including beady strings and tinsels, giant Christmas-red bells, shiny stars and crafted Christmas tree ornaments. If you are looking for the perfect nativity set, the sidewalks of Shivaji Nagar will provide you with plenty of options in a few hundred rupees!


Image Courtesy - The Hindu



Brigade Road

As most Bangaloreans and frequent visitors must have already observed, Brigade Road doesn't need an occasion to get decked up in all its glory! But the festival of Christmas definitely augments the already discernible festive vibes in this area! In addition to being decorated with utmost holiday grandeur, Brigade Road also offers those in Bangalore, a gamut of Christmas decor goodies and items. If you take a stroll down this market during Christmas, you will spot stalls adorned with extravagant Christmas adornments and installations!


Image Courtesy - Soul In A Fishbowl



Safina Plaza 

Located on the vibrant Infantry Road, Safina Plaza is nothing short of paradise for hopeful shoppers! And with the festival of Christmas around the corner, the truth in that statement magnifies ten-fold! This retail hub ordinarily offers enticing options across a vast range of products including curtains, handicrafts, clothes and accessories, but Christmas turns this spot into a jolly trading point bubbling with holiday energy! With an overabundance of artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, nativity figures and other Christmas accents up for offer, this Christmas market furnishes you with premium quality in exchange for budget-friendly prices.


Image Courtesy - Book My Shop


Eka, Ulsoor 

By employing materials like porcelain and metal, House of Eka located in the Bangalore locality of Ulsoor supplies elegant Christmas decor elements to residents and visitors in equal measure. The intricacy and attention to detail you can expect from this store is unlike anything else you may encounter on the streets of Bangalore while shopping from Christmas decor. Picture slender, carefully constructed angel figures, hand-crafted Christmas trees and cutesy Reindeer installations!


Image Courtesy - You Gotta Try It 


Commercial Street 

This one is probably the most expected feature on this list of best Christmas markets in Bangalore city. The penultimate hub in Bangalore for all things purchase, sale and retail, Commercial Street often proves to be a life-saver in the face of serious shopping troubles. And with the festival of Christmas, it's no different! Right from trees trimmed to perfection and festive ornaments, to holiday clothes and Christmas stockings, Commercial Street has a store for each one of your Christmas shopping goals! 


Image Courtesy - iDiva



Often referred to as the Sarojini Nagar of Bangalore, most residents and visitors are already familiar with the plethora of fashion options available at this market! The season of Christmas further augments the staggering utility of this bazaar by bringing to the table, delightful ornaments, trinkets and lights, all at wholesale prices! The substantial affordability factor involved in shopping from Chikpet makes it a necessary mention when addressing Christmas decor markets in Bangalore that are light on the pocket and heavy on the quality! 


Image Courtesy - WhatsUpLife



While Jayanagar might not directly furnish you with stalls selling elaborate Christmas decor items, the range of shopping malls and stores around the locality make it a worthy mention! Particularly in Jayanagar 4th block, your eyes and heart will be met with the sight of neat rows of shops offering holiday clothes and knick-knacks coupled with massive festive season discounts! Jayanagar is also known for its phenomenal bakeries and eateries, which you can view as a potential source of delish Christmas treats! 


Image Courtesy - Just Dial 



Christmas Melas And Markets 

In addition to established Christmas marketplaces and bazaars, the city of Bangalore also has a hoard of Christmas melas and fairs that are orchestrated at a grand scale and on an annual basis. With a bunch of flea markets, festive carnivals and Christmas fests organised across the length and breadth of the city, you will never run out of options for Christmas decor shopping while in Bangalore city! Some Christmas melas you can look forward to include the OWC Christmas Bazaar, Soul Flea, Snowflakes 2019 and LBB X TBH  Christmas Bazaar! 


Image Courtesy - Trip Savvy 


With that, we conclude this guide to the best Christmas markets in Bangalore. Whether it's your wardrobe, your bedroom or your office desk that you want to spruce up with some festive sparkle, these markets have you covered! Allocate your funds, and venture out now! Happy holidays! 


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