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Celebrate 25 Years of F.R.I.E.N.D.S With These Nostalgic Episodes & An O.M.G 3 Day Friends Festival

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 11 min read

"JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD" but we sure can share this amazing guide to celebrate 25 years of the most "OH My God" series ever produced. The 1st episode of the show aired on 22nd September 1994 & it ritualized the whole industry, not just the US but the whole world. Today there are millions of fans out there, watching Friends all over again for the millionth time and picturing the happiest moments of the show in their mind repeatedly. 


This one is for the crazy, not-so-crazy & breezy audience/admirers/fans of the show who wouldn't mind an opportunity to look back into the show yet againnn...

Friends Theme Image


Be A Part Of This 3-Day F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fest

Gather-up your friend-ly spirits for a three-day weekend party Monica-style. What's more exciting than giving a day appreciating the best TV show ever like a true fan. You can even bring your lame-Gunther friends who still don't get Ross & Rachel chemistry or flight risk-David friends who just left the show in the middle and then tried to re-watch it from anywhere. 

If you did not understand the above, trust us you got to watch the episodes again.


Now, buckle-up peeps, we have some amazeballs episodes exclusively lined up for you. Travel back into the nostalgia train taking out to FRIENDS-Ville!


The One Where You Might Win A Foosball Championship

Looks like you have a chance to prove you are all Monica! when it comes to foosball. Get yourself registered for the battle of mini-football players game & proudly take home the title of the Best Foosball Champion in-and-around the whole city.

Foosball Championship


The One Where You Get A Chance To Shop

You have the golden opportunity to grab all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed mugs, diaries, tee-shirts, posters & so, so much more. The place will be filled with snazzy stuff that you always wanted to decorate your house with. So if you are a Rachel for cool stationery and other decor-related products this is where you need to shop.

Shop Friends Merch


The One Where You Watch Sunset-Screening Of Selected Episodes

What's better than watching a re-run of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Watching it on the big screen during duck surrounded by all the other fanatics of the series who would also be throwing the Janice-y laughs or mimicking Chandler & failing at it or even hogging-on sandwiches like our beloved Joey. The plan is to screen a total of 10 episodes collectively in the evening for 3 days. Say whaaaaa!. Just say, " Could it be any more exciting!"

Mental Picture of episodes

Here's the list of episodes you'll be looking forward to if you plan to attend the celebration:


 S3 E2         The One Where No One's Ready


 S10 E13     The One Where Joey Speaks French


 S10 E2       The One Where Ross Is Fine


 S6 E4         The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance


 S8 E9         The One With The Rumor


 S4 E8         The One With Chandler in Box


 S10 E3       The One With Ross's Tan


 S4 E12       The One With The Embryos


 S3 E22       The One With The Screamer


 S5 E11       The One With All The Resolution


Things You Need To Know:


When: Friday, Saturday & Sunday | 20th, 21st & 22nd September 2019


Where: DLF Cyber Hub, Phase-3, Gurugram


Timings: It starts at 11 AM on 20th September & ends at 9 PM on 22nd September


Entry: Free! Free! Free!


Nearest Metro Station: Indusland Bank Cyber City metro station (rapid metro)


So, don't wait up anymore! Go check out this amazing festival with your Monicas, Rosses, Joeys, Rachels, Chandlers & Phoebes. Do take along Gunthers, Janices, Marks & Richards. What we mean is, don't leave out anyone. 


You Can Smile, Cry & Laugh but can't escape F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Now, this segment is for the people who are drained-out in the weekend and just want to kick into their jammies to sleep or binge-watch something. So we have a pretty little manual to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S according to the mood you are. 


We've carefully listed the episodes that will graciously align with the tone of your life.


The One Where You Smile


S4 E12 TOW The Embryos

Remember the time when Phoebe decided to surrogate her brother's kids? How can someone be crazy & selfless at the same time? It was the highlight of the episode while the other bunch of friends were into a series of Q/A challenge with ducks, chicks & apartment at stake. You might never understand what Chandler did for a living but you should at least know who won the game. 

S4 E12


S5 E14 TOW Everyone Finds Out

Who would've thought that one day Monica will find his sophisticated man in Chandler and they will fall in love! They were a natural team in the whole series. But the highlight of their relationship was when everyone, everyone finds out about the secret-affair and our beloved Phoebe tries to break Mon-dler into telling them. And what made you smile? When at the end Chandler says "I Love You" to Monica for the very first time. Awwww much!?

S5 E14


S2 E19 TOW The Prom Video

After chasing-away each other like crabs, Ross & Rachel finally became each other's lobsters. And all thanks to the Prom video where the camera did add 10 pounds to the actually 1000 pounds of Monica. The whole episode was so adorable that you can watch it again and again but never really get tired of admiring it. 

S2 E19


S2 E7 TOW Ross Finds Out

Ross was minding his own girlfriend Julie, getting a cat you know, all that serious relationship stuff and what happens? Our drunken Rachel Green out on a date with some guy gives Ross a closure he didn't know about on some stranger's phone. When Ross gets the message the other day his exact words, " You''re over me? When were uh under me?". A full-proof smiling episode.

S2 E7


S7 E22 TOW Chandler's Dad

"Could my dad be any more strange?" The only thing that comes to our mind when we think about Chandler's estranged father. Although he was a pretty sweet-guy who did love his son very much. The part where his dad very pleasingly accepts the wedding invitation saying, "I wouldn't miss it for the world" was so pure. If this didn't make you smile then we don't know what will.

S7 E22



The One Where You'll Cry...


S6 E25 TOW The Proposal Part-2

Chandler is messy & sarcastic & a little weird but he is also understanding, caring & likely to take a wife. This is where he plans to propose Monica by "throwing her off" and then surprising her with the ring. Little did he Richard was back but with an intention this time. Joey buys a boat which he shouldn't have, and amidst all that chaos Monica manages to awe Chandler and he PROPOSES her. Feel like crying or what?

S6 E25


S3 E16 TOW The Morning After

Already getting misty ha? Should be, this is where we thought Ross & Rachel are over. Ross sleeps with that copy girl because apparently "THEY WERE ON A BREAK". While Ross tries to clean-up the trail of his sin, Rachel finds out. And things took an ugly turn. When this was going on all the others were trapped in Monica's bedroom listening, cribbing and crying, just like us. Till date, this debate on BREAK! is still a giant see-saw, swinging against each other with no conclusion.

S3 E16


S5 E3 The One Hundredth

Phoebe is all set to give birth to the triplets, while the whole episode was a hoot, the scene with her & just the three new-born babies will sure make you cry. She knew the pain she had to go through but it was hard on her, it was hard for us to watch too. 

S5 E03


S10 E17 The Last One Part-1

Rachel was going-off to Paris, there was tension in the episode. She said her goodbyes to everyone except Ross because it was too hard for her. As Ross walks to confront her, they sleep together but come the next morning she still plans on leaving. In the parallel universe, Erica is about to give a huge surprise to the Bings. Instead of just one, they are shocked yet happy for having twins in their lives. They take home 2 babies, a girl and a boy.

S10 E17


S10 E18 The Last One Part-2

Ross realizes he still loves Rachel, he chases her Bollywood style. But she still didn't come back. But wait, she did, "she got off the plane". And the reality hits, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is over. You cry for them, you cry because the journey has come to an end. They cry on screen, you cry in front of the screen. Super emotional!!

S10 E18



The One Where You'll Laugh...


S1 E7 TOW The Black Out

So much went on in this episode. The city was in the dark, Chandler was stuck with a model but couldn't talk, Ross had the chance to win Rachel but he too couldn't talk. There was a cat, some Paolo character and so much laughter. 

S1 E07


S10 E2 TOW Ross Is Fine

David Schwimmer just proved how good an actor he is. He took "Being Fine" on another level. He was in shock to find out about Rachel & Joey but he got drunk too. It was so much fun to watch and you just can never unsee Ross's expression once you see this episode.

S10 E02


S3 E2 TOW No One Is Ready

Ross has some paleontology thing at the museum and he's on the clock but guess what? No one is ready. Joey & Chandler are into their own couch-related feud, Phoebe has Humus on her dress, Monica is all breezy with Richard and his daughter (on the phone) and Rachel is just mad. How he manages to get everyone out of the house was so funny.

S3 E02


S6 E9 TOW Ross Got High

This is the time when Chandler finds out why Ross & Monica's parents hate Chandler. The episode where each friend nailed their part. Jack and Judy Geller find out about Ross's screw-ups about getting high, Rachel makes an English trifle for the Thanksgiving with meat and peas, Phoebe is all hung up on her dream about Mr. Geller & Joey just wants to leave for a hot dancer girl party. The hardest laugh of the series emerged from this one.

S6 E09


S6 E17 TOW Unagi

Ross's Unagi, the state of total awareness is hilarious till date. The whole part is just so funny. You just can never forget the Unagi. On the other side, Chandler & Monica screws up their hand-made-valentine-gift-pact. 

S6 E17


S7 E10 TOW The Holiday Armadillo

Do you remember little Cole Sprouse as Ben in Friends? If not you got to re-watch this one. Here Ross tries to get Ben excited about Hanukkah (Because Ben is part Jewish) on Christmas by dressing up like The Holiday Armadillo (Did you just hear this one in Ross's voice?). It so cute and funny how he desperately sticks to his story while the fun Uncle Chandler walks in dressed as Santa Claus. 

S7 E10


S4 E8 TOW Chandler In A Box

Joey & Chandler are like BFF goals, but even they had little fights here and there. Remember the one where Chandler kiss Kathy and after a long day of consulting decides to confront Joey? Yes, he got mad and Chandler spent Thanksgiving in a box because he was sorry. This one was both adorable and funny.

S4 E8


S10 E3 TOW Ross's Tan

When Ross got 4-2's on his front and 0-2's on his back, he looked like such a dork. If he'd known better, he would've counted Mississippi-lessly. But poor Ross, he was so miserable with that tan but we, we enjoyed every bit of that episode and so did Chandler with his sarcastic comments.

S10 E03


S5 E11 TOW All The Resolutions

The Friends takes up one resolution each for the New Years. Monica with her camera, Rachel with no-gossip promise, Chandler not being mean for a weak and Ross decides to take up a new thing every day for the whole year. But he gets stuck in his leather pants. So damn funny!

S5 E11


Crane/Bright/Kauffman's F.R.I.E.N.D.S has always been there for you and now it's your turn to be there for it, toooo...So if you are through with the theme song in your head let's begin the charade with an exciting event or just sit back and binge-watch it. 




Q. Is there anywhere we can register for the event?

A. Yes! Click Here to register for the event.


Q. Is it important to register for the event?

A. Yes


Q. How many people can we bring with one registration?

A. You have to register separately and after that, you'll receive an e-mail. 


Q. What if we don't register and still come to the venue?

A. You can enjoy the celebration but you will not be allowed to take part in the activities like Foosball Championship.

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