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Planning A Goa Trip Will Not Drive You Nuts With Our Vehicle Rental Tips

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Goa is a destination that you want to explore on your own will and at your own comfort. It can take you up to 15 days to cover probably the whole of Goa or parts of it. For that, you need a vehicle that suits your need to travel. Public transport like taxis, buses is also an option but that would only be a hindrance in your zest for exploration. The options are endless if you want to rent a private way of transport. 


Self-Driven Cars

This is by far one of the most preferred options if you are traveling in a big group. The car rental services are many as far as Goa is concerned. There are a lot of recognized car rental services with genuine customer reviews on various reputed travel websites. Many of them offer self-driven cars. You can book the car of your choice – luxury, economy, average, deluxe, SUV/MUV and as per your choice and budget from various firms.



In the peak season, it can cost you more than a 1000 bucks (INR) per day, negotiable. On a good day or a low-demand season, it can cost you anything between 800-1000 per day depending upon the car you want.


A sedan as basic as Swift Dzire will cost you INR 800 per day. If you like to go for a bigger car, An Innova maybe can cost you approximately INR 1500-2000 per day. But then with more people in one car, the cost is also divided more.


Things To Keep In Mind:

Check the car entirely when taking and if there is a dent in the car, take the picture of that area in front of that person who is giving you the car so that when you are returning he can't say it happened when the car was with you.
Otherwise, you'd never get your security deposit back for something you haven't done.


2. Scooters - Bikes

The best way to explore Goa is on a scooty or a bike. Self-riding bike rentals offer you the freedom to go where you choose when you choose. There’s no driver nagging you to get back to the hotel nor do you have to put up with a possibly unclean car.
Catch hold of your hotel manager, he's usually the best person who'd tell you from where to rent a bike or a scooty because he's a local for one. And two, he already has tie-ups with people who rent out.



PEAK SEASON: Bajaj Pulsar for around Rs 800 a day and a Honda Activa scooter for around Rs 400 a day. Royal Enfield costs Rs 1200 a day.


OFF SEASON: Pulsar goes for approximately Rs 600 a day and a Honda Activa scooter will cost you as little as Rs 250 a day. Royal Enfield costs Rs 900 per day.



A Gypsy comes under the category for self-driven cars but I made sure to make it a different category because a lot of people didn't know you could hire a Gypsy in Goa. Renting an open Jeep has its pros and cons too.
An open Jeep can be real fun while exploring the city and taking in the Arabian breeze in the coastal area. However, Goa is very hot in the afternoon even in December, so hiring a Jeep could be a real pain in the ass when you're traveling around during the day in the sun.



It can cost you about INR 1700 a day during the peak season. While during the off-season, it could be 1000-1200 INR.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND - are the same as the ones in Car rental.


Procedure Of Booking A Car or Any Other Vehicle:

1. Always book the self-drive cars from the recognized, registered and verified car rentals.

2. After the bookings have been made, you should get a receipt for the confirmation of the same. The confirmation receipt will be the only way to confirm the bookings.

3. Before you start your travel, you should confirm the booking so as to ensure that you don't have to face any last minute problems.


Documentation Required:

1. License

2. Identification (A valid photo ID like a Pan Card or Passport) as collateral.

3. Bike Documents - Make sure that you ask for all the bike/car documents before you take over the vehicle.


Other Things To Keep In Mind Before Renting Out Any Vehicle:

1. Test the vehicle to make sure it's in good condition.

2. Ensure you have the dealer's contact information.


3. Check the fuel.

4. Safety - Do not pay extra for the helmet, they are included in your daily rental.

5. Return - Make sure you return the vehicle on time to avoid any extra charger. 


Q. Which is the cheapest car rental in Goa?

A. Prices during season and offseason may vary. The average is INR 1500 - 4000 per day depending type of car. An open Jeep is on the higher side. A Hatchback is on the lower side.


Q. What is the tariff for renting self-driven cars in Goa?

A. Mini cars like Indica, Swift, i10 etc range from Rs. 800–1200 per day. A decent sedan will cost you somewhere around Rs. 1800–2400. A good SUV or jeep like Mahindra Thar will cost you Rs. 3000–4000.


Q. Can I hire a car with a driver in Goa?

A. Yes, You can even hire a cab with Lady drivers run by GTDC which has affordable prices and mostly run from PANJIM. 

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