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We Reviewed India's 1st Interchangeable Footwear By Cameleo Fashion!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 3, 2021 4 min read

How many times have you gotten a glance at a celebrity's shoe closet on social media, and proceeded to turn green with envy? What does one person do with so many pairs of shoes, anyway? No, I'm not bitter AT ALL. Just wondering. Anyway, as tragic as it is, my budget doesn't allow for a shoe collection worth drooling over, and at any given point in time, I only have enough pairs to occupy like 1 and a half shelf of the shoe cabinet outside my front door. If I could manifest more shoes solely with the power of my mind, trust me we wouldn't be having this conversation. But I can't. And to my utter horror, I have to be prudent with the few shoes I own that I can actually wear outside the house. Appallingly don the same pair for a lunch date, and a weekend night at the bar. *muted sobs*


I know I'm being dramatic, okay? But by a show of hands, tell me honestly. Do you know a single woman who would say no to the question, "Hey, would you like another pair of pumps?" No, right? Yeah, me neither. Let me pose a different question this time, and tell me if your response would be in affirmative. "Would you like to own 2 pairs of shoes, but pay for only 1?" Woah, I think that YES just blasted my eardrum. 


Well, on a former occasion about 2 weeks back, someone asked me this exact same question. And I too, lost my mind nodding my head aggressively. By someone, I mean a representative from Cameleo Fashion. As it turned out, they wanted me to review their product, which is dubbed as India’s first-ever interchangeable footwear. Truth be told, that caught my attention. What do you mean by "interchangeable", I asked. "Well, when you purchase this shoe, you get a basic sole along with multiple straps of different colours, which you can mix and match to create 3 unique pairs of shoes, at the price of 1". What did I say next? "Send some over, please!"


So they did. And, on cue, here's my product review of Calemeo Fashion's Interchangeable Sandals. 


What I Received 


For starters, a pretty pink box. Opened the lid, to find nestled under wrapping paper, a dark navy coloured footwear sole, coupled with 3 different colours of a T-strap to go with it, namely, orange, white, and gold. As a fan of neutral colours, I was most eager to try the white T-strap and navy sole combo, as well as the gold T-strap and navy sole combo. I decided to incorporate the former in a casual daytime look, and the latter in a dressier night-time outfit for which I wanted to be comfortable. 

Here are the looks I speak of: 


Casual, Daytime Fashion


As you can imagine by taking a look at this picture, the white T-strap worked wonderfully well with this casual ripped jeans outfit. It was super comfy, and light on my feet, and although the occasion warranted quite a bit of walking around by my standards, there was no sign of discomfort hours later. Also, the strap is super easy to put on, with a connecting flap at the T bit. 


Nighttime Party Outfit 


To summarise how I felt about these sandals as a part of my outfit....I absolutely loved them. I'm not one for wearing high heels to the bar or for a night out, because of the excruciating pain and discomfort I eventually walk home with. So for me, this was simply fabulous. To be frank, I expected the pair to tone down the glam look of my plunge-neck romper. But that didn't happen. Instead, the gold complemented my look seamlessly, and I was able to dance without a single worry or any feeling of unease. 


So, What's My Final Opinion? 

I think, if you like to blend practicality with style as much as I do, you're bound to love these interchangeable sandals by Cameleo Fashion. A pair of these shoes is immensely comfortable to wear, and super versatile, especially considering you can literally change how it looks by switching the strap. They also have tonnes of strap shade options for you to pick from, and you can go for either flip-flops, or T-strap sandals as I did. Honestly, I see no downside to this, only perks. So, my final verdict is, that you should certainly give these shoes a shot, especially if your budget is anywhere close to as stringent as mine is! Two thumbs up. 

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