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6 Cafes In Gurgaon Now Open For Dine-In, Delivery & Takeaways

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - July 17, 2020 4 min read

Gurgaon; A buzzing urban metropolis just touching the borders of the national capital city is also home to some of the finest restaurants and cafes in the NCR. Also, known as the hub of offices & better-living Gurgaon never failed to attract the crowd from the neighbouring cities all the time. Be it the daily commuters or once-in-a-while party animals, the city was always a-buzz with people frequenting every now and then.


After the entire country went into a never-ending lockdown the situation became somewhat irregular. While the city remained unchanged (except its Gurugram now) our perception of the outside world lost track. The pandemic got the best of us and, our hangout spots experienced bleak and sadness. But not anymore...



With lockdown easing up and offices dusting-off the pandemic smut, there are a few restaurants and cafes in Gurgaon that are now opening their doors for dine-in, delivery and takeaways. So, keeping all the safety measures in mind let's journey through this list and satiate your 120-days-old hunger pangs...


Image Courtesy: DforDelhi


Everyone knows Big Chill, heck everyone loves Big Chill. If you are anything like a foodie there is no chance you'd deny the fact that this place is not a hype but an OG experience for food lovers. It's a bit much for your pocket but there's always a salary-credit-day to get you through their door and try the best in town. And I get that you must be dreading their special Banoffee pie and cheesecakes but you got to try their Spaghetti Pasta at least once. So, head to Ardee Mall for your next Big Chill date.


Image Courtesy: magicpin


The place gives a legit feeling of entering into an origami convention. Although this misconception quickly dissolves into drooling when your olfactory receptors catch the whiff of the Japanese and Asian food being cooked in the kitchen with love. From Dimsums to Sushi rolls, Japanese pizza, prawns, fish, piquant curries and more; the place is a delightful haven of godlike Japanese, Asian dishes. And to top this off, there's a Sushi Boat and Mochi Ice-cream you DO NOT want to miss. Yum Yum Cha is taking all precautionary measures for your safety so rest assured.


Image Courtesy: Eazy Diner


A well-lit cafe surrounded by the glass buildings which I assume is offices. The seating is beautiful, the vibe is very romantic and the food is scrumptious. I for one am a fan of OLLY's DIY Love Meal For Two. In addition to this, you can pick your fave wraps, sandwiches, burgers, bowls, pizzas, pasta and dips made with absolute perfection and love.


Image Courtesy: Nearbuy


Di Ghent in Gurgaon is not your basic run-of-the-mill cafe, it's an exquisite haven of unorthodox dishes we didn't know could exist. Gluten-free tarts, Chicken on a Muffins, Bagel sandwiches and Waffle Pizzas are just a few of them. A perfect setting for breakfast, brunch and casual dating scenes with a sophisticated ambience and sober presentation that you'll adore.


And don't forget; their Prawn appetizers and Himalayan teas are to die for. 


Image Courtesy: WhatsHOT


With pretty outdoor seating, cosy coffee house music, the serene sound of nature, a golf camp on the side and scrummy food on the plate is a cutesy little cafe in the greens of sector 23 called Hamoni Cafe. It offers an All-Day Breakfast menu along with Chaats, Thin-Crust Pizzas, Large Platters of Indian & International flavours and coffees you'll instantly fall in love with. I'd suggest; you make this place your next fun-size getaway destination for you and your family. 


Image Courtesy: LBB


Unlike us, our dogs were stuck with confused, angry humans who barely survived the lockdown dangling between working-from-home and working-at-home scene. And I think our loving and patient best friends deserve a day-out to socialize and let's face it, play with other dogs. At 400 bucks you can take your paw-some partner to this one-of-a-kind cafe and even bring back some of the cuteness you witnessed at the place. Also, there's a pool too.


And if you get hungry there's a food truck that serves snacks and beverages.  


Pat yourselves on the back if you made it through the dreadful month of mandatory house arrest. Good...And now...scram to these cafes for a treat you know you've earned. 


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