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10 Cafes In Delhi Now Open For Dine-In, Delivery & Takeaways

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - July 16, 2020 5 min read

Post-lockdown scenes in the capital have got us all kinds of confused. Is it raining, is it hot, is it safe to step outside, is the pandemic over or far from it... so on and so forth. But one thing that remains as constant as Delhi's traffic is our hankering to gorge on some delicious appetizers from a certain cafe in the area. Also, throw in some soulful desserts, mind-numbing ice-creams, heartfelt pizzas and you've got yourself a party you've been meaning to go since the lockdown. 



Now we cannot compensate for the time you lost while sitting at home drooling over the previous out-sy post of some cafe you love in the city but we can point you in the direction of a few cafes in Delhi that have now opened themselves for dine-in, takeaways and even delivery.


So, if your heart has waited long enough I say, dig in...



Image Courtesy: LBB


On the land of the fine dining experiences in Delhi, lies a restaurant known for its palm trees, kick-ass view, limited menu, live kitchen and delectable food. With an all-day breakfast menu, seasonal specials, crafty cocktails, healthy bowls, a bewitching ambience and more, it took like a week for Grammar Room to become the most favourite brunch place of Delhiites. And now that you know they are open on all-threes (dine-in, takeaway and delivery), get yourselves some of that fine-dining action you were missing all this while. 


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I remember the rush of happiness I felt in my heart and in the belly when I heard that Ama Cafe is now open for dine-in, delivery and takeaways. An absolute favourite of Delhizens who know the city at the back of their hand, Ama Cafe is a stairway to gastronomic heaven. Popular for it's Himalayan, English and American breakfast, the place is always raging with people dying to canon-through Ama special Pancakes, Chicken Cheese Fries, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, fresh juices, shakes and scrumptious desserts. And remember that this cafe isn't too expensive for month-end cravings. Thank us later!


Image Courtesy: Justdial


Grand setting with traditional recipes, fresh ingredients and unique flavours is all the redemption you need after a 4-month long lockdown. You'll come for their authentic Burmese dishes and stay for their rich menu of black, oolong, green, white, herbal and my personal fave bubble teas. From soups to salads, crisps, noodles, sticky rice, curries and more, everything at Burma Burma is true to its nature and scrumptious flavours. Either go check it out for yourself, take-away your order or get it delivered at home, the choice is yours.


Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor


Everyone knows Big Chill, heck everyone loves Big Chill. If you are anything like a foodie there is no chance you'd deny the fact that this place is not a hype but an OG experience for food lovers. It's a bit much for your pocket but there's always a salary-credit-day to get you through their door and try the best in town. And I get that you must be dreading their special Banoffee pie and cheesecakes but you got to try their Spaghetti Pasta at least once. So, head to Khan Market, Connaught Place or Kailash Colony for your next Big Chill date.  


Image Courtesy: WhatsHOT


Good news guys; Mia Bella is here to rescue you from the pains of cooking and spending date nights on a video call. From picking the best out of 28 varieties of pizzas to ordering the most flavourful pasta, risotto, steak, delish appetizers and more, if there's one thing we missed the most about date nights is doing this. And if the view across your table and on your plate becomes as good as the view of the lake, there isn't any reason to not check this place out.  


Image Courtesy: Swiggy


The place gives a legit feeling of entering into an origami convention. Although this misconception quickly dissolves into drooling when your olfactory receptors catch the whiff of the Japanese and Asian food being cooked in the kitchen with love. From Dimsums to Sushi rolls, Japanese pizza, prawns, fish, piquant curries and more; the place is a delightful haven of godlike Japanese, Asian dishes. And to top this off, there's a Sushi Boat and Mochi Ice-cream you DO NOT want to miss. Yum Yum Cha is taking all precautionary measures for your safety so rest assured. 


Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor


A no-nonsense menu of appetizers, salads, desserts pizzas and ginger ale (because your pizza needs a friend) is what attracts most people to Leo's. I for one have the hots for their Pepperoni Pizza but you can eat, order or takeaway whichever you like, they are all good. 


Image Courtesy: The Statesman 


Tired of your basic Indian flavours cooked a thousand times at home? Well, a single visit to Fabcafe will be enough to make you fall in love with your home-cuisine all over again. With Biryanis, appetizers, curries accompanied by Keto-Rice and Quinoa Rotis, the experience of North Indian flavours would be a healthy one. Also make sure that you give their All-Day breakfast menu, artisanal ice-creams, cold brew coffee, juices, Kambuch and tea a whirl before you decide your favourite in Delhi. 


Image Courtesy: DSSC Delhi


Eclectic cocktails, fun-filled interiors, comfortable seating, delicious food and a Hookah ride by your side, if this doesn't call for a low-key sunny weekend plan then I don't know what will. Dine-in, order or pick up your approved dish from this place any day of the week but make sure you make it on the weekends too because; weekend brunch are a thing. At least at Public Affair. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


We understand the pain of shattered holiday plans. If sitting by the fireplace or eating in the woods was on your travel itinerary too, head to Music & Mountains in GK for the similar feels now. Also don't forget to gulp down their soups, salads, burgers, pasta, risotto, pizzas, sandwiches and Homemade Hillside Beverages the next time you are there. And oh wait...there's an All-Day breakfast menu to get you through the stressful days of cancelled-vacation-plans. 


Give in to your cravings at these best cafes in Delhi but with safety and necessary precautions. 


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