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5 Budget-Friendly Rums To Buy, In Case Your Shop Runs Out Of Old Monk

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20243 min read

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Is rum your favourite choice of poison? If so, here come the two most romantic words I will ever utter to you. Old. Monk. Got your heart racing, didn't I? 


You can take your pick from whether it's fortunate or unfortunate, but there's no denying the staggering count of people in the country you'd share this soft spot for Old Monk with. So naturally, the finite number of Old Rum bottles a liquor shop is usually stocked with is bound to run out at some point or the other. Besides, if your love for rum is genuine, you deserve to get a taste of more than just one kind or brand, that fits into the same budget as a fresh bottle of Old Monk. 


On that note, here's a list of 5 budget-friendly rum brands you need to try in case your liquor store is out of your relied-upon Old Monk. And also, for the sheer devotion to rum as a liquor. 


1. Jolly Roger 

First off, I'd buy this authentic dark rum just for how pretty the bottle is. The fact that the price is an absolute steal doesn't hurt the cause either. Created from fermented molasses, and enhanced with powerful natural spices, the exotic taste of the liquor will be worth every rupee you'll pay for this budget-friendly rum brand. 



750 ml at INR 270 (approx.)


Image Courtesy - Picky Top


2. Mc Dowell's

One of the most popular pocket-friendly rums in India, after Old Monk, of course, Mc Dowell's beat Bacardi to the position of "world's best selling rum brand" in 2012. This dark rum comes in a unique reddish-brown colour, with the distinct flavours of caramel and vanilla. The brand also sells a white variation, but the Mc Dowell's Celebration bottle takes the popular vote. 



750 ml at INR 282 (approx.)


Image Courtesy - Behance


3. Contessa

This much-adored dark flavoured rum is most commonly consumed by military personnel, and happens to be the only rum in India made from sugar cane spirit. The dominant flavour undertones in a bottle of Contessa rum include raisins, cocoa and vanilla. Manufactured by Radico Khaitan, Contessa bagged several accolades including a silver medal at Monde Selection 2008. 



750 ml at INR 260 (approx.)


Image Courtesy - Pinterest



4. Angostura 

One of Caribbean's leading producers of the dark liquor, Angostura rum boasts of several deep and enticing flavours including clove, tamarind and cinnamon. This rum comes with a distinct smoky undertone that tastes much more than the price a bottle is placed at. Produced by Trinidad Distillers Ltd., Angostura rum falls under the category of single barrel reserve. 



750 ml at INR 260 (approx.)


Image Courtesy - Fine O Wine


5. Hercules

Another popular Indian rum brand which enjoys massive popularity amongst members of the defence services, Hercules might be slightly pricier than the other mentions, but a bottle is certainly worth the cost. This pocket-friendly rum brand produces both light and dark variants, with the three choices you have being Hercules Deluxe Rum, Hercules XXX Rum, and Hercules White Rum. 



750 ml at INR 478 (approx.)


Image Courtesy - Hercules Deluxe

Don't be glum, here's some pocket-friendly rum.