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Dating Scene In Delhi That Won't Prick A Hole In Your Pockets

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Surely, when the cupid strikes, you wish to go all guns blazing into the blissful feeling of love. And it's not a crime to display your affection for the special one in your life extravagantly, but putting your best foot forward and not the most expensive one is what the situation demands. You may have the riches to show off, but the one on the receiving end may not like it. And he/she may not even appreciate you spending anything more than necessary.


Image Courtesy: Country Living Magazine


And so the grave question remains, how to date without pricking a hole in your pockets? Well, it's easy, with honesty and love! As for the rest, you just need to go ahead and give this a read!


Planning Is The Key

Every difficult situation can be handled more appropriately by planning for eventualities. Assessing what can happen and what can go wrong, will help you spend a great date without having to spend that much. Planning the entire itinerary of the day, including affordable places to eat, free activities in the city, a romantic walk by a verdant expanse and then an ice-cream under the star-lit sky, would surely be a great way to stay under a budget while dating. There are a number of affordable things that can be done on a date, yet not impromptu, but if you plan thoroughly.


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Picnics Are Great For The Pocket

Heading out for food and great conversations can cost you, but a picnic won't and it's more about everything you look for in a date! When in Delhi, you are at luck as there are a number of spots that are just perfect for a quintessential picnic. From Lodhi Gardens and the India Gate complex to the Humayun Tomb compound and the Nehru Park, you can choose from a number of places to head out! Lazing under the shades, sipping onto your favorite beverages, while diving in your beloved's eyes, what more do you seek from a date if not this?


Image Courtesy: eHarmony


Look For Deals & Discounts

In the digital era we live in, getting a great discount is just a click away. From discovery apps like "magicpin", there are a number of applications that roll out regular deals and discounts on eateries and other entertainment hubs. Choosing these, you can surely do all the regular dating stuff without spending much. 


Image Courtesy: Not A Nomad Blog


Go For Free Exhibitions, Museums & Budget-Friendly Events

At all times, there's something or the other going on in Delhi! All you have to do is look around meticulously! From IITF (India International Trade Fair) & Book Fair at Pragati Maidan to the various exhibitions at the galore of art & craft, the Mandi House and who can forget to mention the INA Dilli Haat, where you can actually spend an entire day with your date for practically free of charge or something similar! If you like exploring new while on a date, you can also head to the first contemporary art Museum of India that will make you go wow! these places would be a perfect fit for you two. 


Image Courtesy: The Caniglia Group



Window Shopping Is Fun

Who doesn't love shopping nowadays, but not many know that window shopping is equally satisfying! And you can spend hours gazing at the unique merchandise you get across the flea markets of Delhi. From Chandni Chowk to Connaught Place Circle, the quaint flea markets of Delhi hide a treasure trove of unexplored goods and gazing at these articles makes for a great conversation starter on dates


Image Courtesy: Kiplinger


Look For Some Budget Friendly Cafes

Delhi is home to a number of budget-friendly restaurants and cafes, that offer good food and great ambiance at some dirt cheap prices. Getting to these places is something your cost-efficient dating plans can comply with. Heading to places like Hauz Khas Village, the Hudson Lane or The Satya Niketan complex is sure to keep your dating expenses under the tab, as there are a number of budget-friendly spots where you can spend some quality with your date for hours and more. 


Image Courtesy: Graceful Abandon


Head To The Art District - The Lodhi Road

Going to the nation's first art district is surely something that you and your date would enjoy. Get clicked beside the Insta-worthy wall-art and backdrops over here and it will surely bring a huge smile on your face. With great places to relax and eat nearby, you can spend an entire day gazing at the street art speckled around, and also while with each other. 


Image Courtesy: Shiv Sharma Photography


Cozy Up At The Garden Of Five Senses

Romantic dates also call for some time aloof from the world and the Garden Of Five Senses is a perfect place for couples to get cozy in Delhi. Walking hands in hands or lazing on a lush green carpet of nature while gazing into each others' eyes is sure to bring the two of you closer and comfortable with each other. If you happen to be a musician, maybe you can sing and play a song for your date as well. You won't get this much seclusion from the world anywhere else! And you won't know by when a few hours pass by over here. 


Image Courtesy: What's Up Life


Dating is a vital element in building a great relationship. It's a step ahead in getting to know each other better and for the good of your future. After all, what matters is spending time and not money or splurging out madly on things that hardly make relevance in life. So go ahead and express yourself completely, but not outside your pocket's comfort!


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