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10 Makeup Mistakes To-Be-Brides Often Make

By Harish Chandra

Updated - May 8, 2020 7 min read

You could be the bride who has been dreaming of a destination wedding since she was a young girl, or the bride who believes in getting married with a quick signature in the courthouse. Regardless, you're likely to be a bride who wants to look the best that she can on her big day. 



But looking your most beautiful on your wedding day can be a bit tricky -- especially considering the long day stretching ahead of you, complete with posing for photographs every few minutes. Most brides know exactly what they should do when it comes to makeup and skincare to look radiant on their big day, but we’re of the opinion that a strong grasp on what you shouldn’t do is just as important as knowing what you should! So here are a few common makeup mistakes that we see so many brides-to-be making far too often than they should.


Image Courtesy - Witty Vows


1. Letting Your Friend Do Your Makeup

We know it’s an emotional day, but don’t let emotions cloud your judgement. Every bride has that one friend who is on-point with her makeup skills. We don’t mean to make light of that friend’s expertise with the brush, but some occasions call for experts. First, there’s a big difference in being adept at doing your own makeup, and doing a top job on someone else. Even the steadiest hands can tend to waver, which is why you need an expert with plenty of practise. Second, even if that’s not the case with your friend, it is unlikely that your friend maintains the kind of brush hygiene that experts do, or has the number of tools and products that bridal makeup might require. You don’t want to risk breaking out into a rash because the brushes weren’t washed thoroughly enough (oh, the horror!), or have to make do with what’s available instead of what’s best for your look. For all these reasons and more, always go with an expert. 


2. Experimenting With A New Make-Up Look

Of all the days you could choose to try a new makeup trend, your wedding day must never, ever, EVER, be the one to get picked for an experiment. For your big day, go with classic looks that you’ve tried and tested before, and, most importantly, YOU feel most confident in. Remember, beauty is mostly about how you feel, and very little to do with what’s “hot”. The goal should always be to look like you, just a more glamorous version of you! We’d strongly advise against going overboard with makeup on your wedding day. Remember, you should have a strong point of view on what you ultimately want, and take the time to have lengthy conversations with your makeup artist about it. Anyone who tries to convince you to go with something you’re not comfortable with, or to make you look like someone else is clearly the wrong makeup partner for your big day! 


3. Skipping The Make-Up Trial

You wouldn’t skip your wedding outfit trial, right? Apply the same rule to your makeup trial as well! You need to try your makeup in advance so that there are no unpleasant surprises or mishaps on the final day. Yes, it might cost a little extra, but we promise you, it is absolutely worth it. Try to get done with your make-up trials at least three months in advance of your wedding day, so that you have enough time to change the look or the makeup artist according to your preference if the need arises. Some bridal makeup packages offer free trails as well.



4. Choosing The Wrong Lashes

Another common make-up mistake most brides tend to make is to go with the cheapest or most convenient option while picking false eyelashes, as a way to be quick and avoid extra charges. But a good artist will always tell you this -- there’s a lot more that goes into picking the right set of false eyelashes, and doing it right could be the difference between a graceful sweep of lashes framing your peepers and clumps of hair sitting atop your eyelids. You need something that is a combination of good material, good glue, and, most importantly, something that is suitable for the particular shape of your eyes, so let your makeup artist make this decision on your behalf, keeping in mind your preferences.  


5. Over-Doing The Eyebrows

Ladies! Remember this golden rule by heart: your brows shape your face. Going overboard with shaping and threading your eyebrows right before your wedding, is a big no-no and can lead to an entirely avoidable make-up disaster. Get your eyebrows waxed and professionally done from a good beauty salon, at least a week before your big day.


Image Courtesy - Big FDay


6. Not Wearing Waterproof Makeup

Let’s admit it -- no matter how hard they try not to, most brides end up shedding a few tears on their wedding day. You should also be mindful of the fact that under the bright lights of the camera along with all the wedding finery, you’re likely to feel a lot hotter than you normally do. And finally, there is the matter of outdoor and summer weddings. All of which mean one thing: Invest in a waterproof makeup bridal package. We can’t stress this enough. Do not skimp out on this one thing, you’ll thank us later, when your sister/friend doesn’t have to frantically wipe off runny mascara or even up a blotchy foundation or concealer so that the pictures don’t look, ahem, strange. Pro tip: a waterproof foundation base lasts a lot longer, and even if you cry just dab the tears away instead of wiping it.


7. Neglecting Body Makeup

Remember all those awkward celebrity photos where the face seems to be a wholly different colour from the neck and chest? You don’t want to be that kind of celebrity on your wedding day! Which is why, make sure your makeup artist has the sense to touch up your neck, cleavage and the back so they all match your skin. Your trial will tell you if your artist is mindful of these little details that go a long way in making you glow on your wedding day. Another reason not to miss that all-important trial! 


8. Not Prepping Your Skin

In the days leading up to your wedding, make sure you continue to follow your usual skincare routine. We’d advise against any kind of experimentation with skincare products, hacks, or home remedies, or making changes to your beauty regime, as that can cause your skin to break out right before your big day. On the day of your wedding, wash your face with a mild cleanser, exfoliate your face and lips, and apply moisturiser before putting on your make-up. 



9. Waxing One Day Before The Wedding

If you have never waxed in your life, then don't try to change that right before your wedding as it can lead to skin irritation and reactions. And if you have done it in the past, then get yourself waxed at least 6-7 days in advance of the big day. Avoid waxing anywhere on your skin a day or two before the wedding to avoid rashes and bumps.


10. Not Carrying An Emergency Kit

It does not matter how long-lasting or smudge-proof your makeup is, you have to carry some essentials with you at all times. It’s going to be a long day, and your base might get oilier, or you might need to touch up your makeup. For all these reasons and more, we recommend you carry a kit that includes some good quality blotting paper, a pack of soft tissues, the lipstick you’re wearing, lash glue, and some translucent powder. Make sure you give this kit to someone who is dependable, and going to be around you at all times. Avoid giving this kit to your mom or sister, they’re going to be running around taking care of a hundred other things! 


For wallet-friendly professional assistance with avoiding these bridal makeup and beauty mistakes, head on over to....



And finally, don’t forget to enjoy your big day. It’s true what they say -- the happiest brides are the most beautiful brides! No amount of makeup can give you the glow that happiness will! We hope you get your dream wedding in every way possible.

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