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Milkshake Beer, Mango Beer & More - It's Time To Bottoms Up Those Unconventional Beers

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

There's a saying that proudly puts across the fact that, "A good beer makes everything better" But where do you find these best beers? Kick-off those Conventional Beers because these Breweries in Gurgaon are serving some of the most unconventional flavored Beers in town in the most unimaginable flavors. Milkshake Beer, Water Melon Beer, and Mango Beer! What else you want? So head straight to these places and chug the beer you never heard of. 


1. Milkshake Beer - Molecule Air Bar

A Milkshake Beer? Did you just glance twice to see if you read that correct or not? Milk & Alcohol? Isn't milk more like an after drink to put off that brewing hangover? Well, breaking all the barriers & the conventional concept of the Beer there is Molecule Air Bar with as awesome as it sounds, the Milkshake Beer. All those pop shops we visit to have the best cold milkshakes & all the breweries we party at for the best bear, this place promises both in the same drink. Isn't that just super great? This is one milk mustache you would proudly flaunt while grooving on that peppy number playing in the bar. This is one crazy evolution we need to adjust too, FAST.

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The drink contains loads of oats and lactose sugar, which are then brewed. It is then flavored with Citra and hopped with Mosaic and Galaxy & is super creamy! The ultimate authority on this beer says that it tastes exactly like a pineapple upside down cake. What more can one ask for? Just pair it with their Shish Taouk, Quattro Formaggi Kulcha and Three Musketeer Melon Salad which are Molecules specialty and you'll reach a new food heaven you never knew even existed before. The place has the utmost charm with food served in symbolic chemistry-lab apparatus, molecule-shaped ceiling lights & and the use of liquid nitrogen to create a theatrical vibe to the whole atmosphere & food of the place.

Highlights: Presentation, Terrace Seating
Must-Haves: Addictive Nachos Samosa 2.0, Ravioli, Tender, Bruschettas, Milkshake Beer
Cost For Two: Rs 1650
Cuisine: Continental, North Indian, Italian, Chinese
Address: SCO 53, Top Floor, Sector 29, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


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2. Watermelon Beer - Vapour Bar Exchange

Agree with it right away or not, watermelon is your favorite summer flavor and just the thought of a watermelon bear made you thirsty right away. That juicy, summery, cool and refreshing fruit that till now you only used to savor in mocktails is now in your favorite cocktail drink, your beer! The Vapour Bar Exchange has for sure done everyone a favor with this. This brewery has come up with such an unconventional flavor of fresh beer in Gurgaon that it sure deserves our round of applause! The drink guarantees a delicious sip of heaven on your lips. It won't be long that it becomes a bestseller.

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The drink has refreshing hues of mint, watermelon, and the wheat hops. This will surely leave you drooling for more and you won't ever wish to go back to your old plain beer. The place has 3 outlets in Gurgaon itself & the drink is available on all 3 of them - Sec 29 market, Global Flyover mall & Sohna road. This is one of the most beautifully decorated microbreweries of the area and is guaranteed to never disappoint. The rooftop seating is sure to leave you mesmerized. These freshly brewed beers must be paired with their Onion Rings, Murgh Makhani, Crispy Chilli Corn and Apple Cider. Mouth-watering enough?

Highlights: Night Life, Screen Live Matches, Alcohol
Must-Haves: Murgh Makhani, Watermelon Beer, Virgin Mojito, Apple Cider, Strawberry Mojito
Cost For Two: Rs 1600
Cuisine: Finge Food, Continental
Address: Global Foyer Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


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3. Mango Beer - Prankster

The unconventional fresh beer in your favorite tropical flavor? Say goodbye to your plain old beer for good! Hot summers and mango is the most ancient and classic combination that has long waited to be included in our favorite alcoholic beverages. Just a quart of this ale is fit enough to be a dish for the king, it's that good! No wonder, Pranksters came up with this innovative surprise which makes you think, why wasn't it thought of by any other brewery by now? This fresh glass of beer is the perfect antidote to scorching summers. After the rage of flavored beers and apple ciders, we have something better to make our hot Summer days better!

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This blend i.e. legit awesome! Slurpy, sweet delicious mangoes contrasting perfectly with the note of your beer is just gold. The adventurous brewers at Pranksters have definitely done something right with this. Pair it with the tandoori delicacies of the menu which adds a flourish of vividness to an already exciting food culture of Leisure Valley. The interiors of the place are youthful & full of energy. It is a well deserved famous place as the ambiance takes you back to your college days with scooter seat, a canteen, and a library setting! The place is a hit in all the aspects.

Highlights: Ambience, Night Life, Theme, Screen Live Matches, Free Wifi
Must-Haves: Happy Burger Chicken Burger Aamras Chicken Seekh Mushroom Galauti, Delhification
Cost For Two: Rs 1550
Cuisine: Modern Indian, North Indian, Baker
Site 8-10, Sector 29, Gurgaon (Get Directions)

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The next time you want to cool off after work, head to these places for the unconventional beer experience you must not miss!



1. What is flavored beer?

A. Beer is made of hops, malt, and yeast which does not provide enough opportunity for a varying flavor. The flavored beers are brewed normally before being blended with fruit juices to add all kinds of exciting flavors.


2. Is beer fattening?

A. When it comes to alcohol and weight gain the term 'beer belly' can be misleading. The pure alcohol in your drink is as fattening whatever drink it's in - so it's no more fattening in beer than in wine for example. With around seven calories per gram, alcohol contains almost the same calories as pure fat.

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