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All You Need To Know About How Your Customers Data Can Boost Your Restaurant Business

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read

Let it be neutral saying! In most of the cases, restaurant owners focus more on advertising to promote their brand and business but ain't get the satisfactory responses. So where is the loophole? What are things obstructing behind? What made things fall? Let's explore! The problem is we all tend to look for an outbox and don’t focus on what assets we already possess and how these can be drive to attain a good result. since we have highlighted assets here, so what are those assets? The customer data are those unexplored data which was always in front of us but we never took heed of that. Restrauers posses numerous crucial data from their customers such as their review, their likes, dislikes, and order history. These data are not only ultimate solutions to every problem but also enhance your business flow and works as a panacea. Only you need is a proper guidance to analyze those customer data that fills those gap between your business and its flow. Helping you with the same we are up with all new innovative ideas and data strategies which will boost up your sales and concrete the business relationship too.


1. A POS System

If you are planning to engage with your customers then initially you gotta start with digging some data on it. Those collections of qualitative data, such as order history, preferences, interest and similar would be helpful for you to understand the whole status of your business, situations, and help you predict future of your business. These data are even helpful in shooting a comprehensive plan for your business. And all these things require a good POS system. A POS System store all the relevant information like guest information, order history received through online channels and much more. Considered to be one of the mandatory tools in the world of business a POS System not only ease your work but also build a strong and meaningful relationship with your customers.pos_system_image 

2. Adopt CRM Solution

Just having a POS System would not be enough to survive in this competitive edge. You need to have a centralized CRM solution too. Considered to an advance version of tapping customer’s data, the CRM system not only stores your customer's data but also segment it according to the database requirements. It splits the data into the active and inactive customers, dine-in, delivery and third-party customers. In addition to data tap, this system also helps in observing your customer behavior, likes, dislikes, and preferences. Further, you can use these data in building your restaurants authority and mold your business in a user-friendly way. Thus, an integrated CRM with the POS system will help in having a better insight about your customers and help you deliver best in the domain.


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3. Enhance Customer Relationships

Each time you welcome your customer you have blessed a privilege to tap his information such as purchasing habits, preferences for food, personal information followed by their name and contact information. This information helps you understand your customer and allow you to deliver better. Talking about the other points which can help in building customer relationships are:


1. Schedule Loyalty Programs- since these days participation in loyalty programs has increased to around 40%. So, having such loyalty programs would help you in building up a good relationship with your regular customers. A true sense of loyalty is secured by this medium.


2. Offer Rewards- Plan out a few discounts, offers, coupons or free drinks on the next visit of your customers. This increases the number of footfall in your restaurant.


3. Give Preference to Your Regular Customers- Follow the golden rule of business to give special attention to your regular customers. Make gestures that make them feel special like on crowdy days send them invitation first to book a table or remind them on your special occasions to book a table here. This will help in making them connected to your restaurant.


4. Pamper Your Customers With Surprises: A random discount message to be sent to your customers. For the new customers, you can make 10% off with a free dessert. These things tempt the customers to visit your outlet.

4. Turn Your Customers Into Promoters

One of the master strategies you can now follow is turn out your customers into promoters. satisfy your customer and make their visit memorable to your restaurant. This can only happen when you deliver an awesome customer service, signature presentation of your food, Scrumptious food, soothing place and comfortable environment. These things would definitely be communicated by your customers to their acquaintances because an impressed customer will always share their wonderful experience with their known people and give their suggestions to visit that place. This will not only promote your brand but also tempt more people to visit your outlet. word_of_mouth_advertising_image

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5. Optimize Your Menu

The aforementioned steps will help you accumulate all the necessary data about your customers. Now you are sorted to craft a comprehensive menu according to their most liked dishes and the least liked dishes because you have it all now. Highlight the best of your delicacies at the top and give a minimum priority to the least ordered food items or you can even pass those items as a complementary to your customers. For say, if you notice that biryani is the most ordered dish and dal makhani is the least ordered dish then you plan a combo of biryani with dal-makhani on a certain day. This will help in promoting your least ordered dish. Optimizing your menu according to the data will help in minimizing food wastage and enhance customer services.

6. Smart Strategies

It is all about working on your marketing strategies. Plan out the below marketing strategies to drive more footfall towards your business:
1. Customer Satisfaction
2. Attracting new customers
3. Increasing Sales


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Suggested Read: 8 Reasons Why Customer's Feedback Is Very Essential For Restaurants

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So from the above details, we have concluded that a POS and CRM system would help you accumulate all the data about your customers which can further be used to run a smart strategy. Since these data speak better about which of your promotional offers or rewards worked better - accordingly you can call out a plan and schedule a next offer based on the data collected. Next, you can work on your social media channels by sending across the best of your content. These platforms will help you build your presence amongst the customers and drive your business.


Q: We should take customer reviews seriously?
A: Yes

Q: Adapting to the new technologies will help in expanding the restaurant business?
A: Yes it will definitely help and you will tend to impress your customers more with the help of smart technologies.