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10 Films (Almost) As Good As The Books They Were Inspired By

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - June 15, 2021 6 min read

Not everyone can commit to books like a booklover and you know what? That's okay! While bibliophiles get their daily dose of vivid reverie from well-written literature others can get a good sneak peek into these bizarre fictitious worlds through movies and TV series. And what better way to carry out this operation than by Netflix and chilling. 


Since we are all home and struggling with ways to entertain ourselves, let's turn on our binge-watch mode for these timeless movies inspired by some remarkable books. 


1. All The Bright Places

Recently released on Netflix and 2015 published novel by Jennifer Niven is a realistic fiction winning hearts everywhere. Two troubled teenagers deep into their personal struggles meet and save each other from the worst. Violet Markey played by Elle Fanning and Finch by Justice Smith will now be the faces you see if or when you read the book. It's dark, it's romantic and a weather forecast guys, if you are an emotional chap like myself, it's definitely going to rain.

All the bright places

Image Courtesy: Vanity Fair


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2. Rebecca

If you are a fan of classics and the grey era, we've found the perfect match for you. Before adding this to the list, just know; this movie got Alfred Hitchcock Oscar for Best Picture. Adapted from the book by Daphne du Maurier, this film is a spine chilling suspense starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine where the protagonist moving back to his old house with his newlywed second wife is visited by his dead ex-wife from the grave. Intriguing right?


Image Courtesy: Encyclopedia Britannica


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3. Anne With An E

This is the story of an orphan named Anne Shirley who is mistakenly sent to an unlikely home run by two middle-aged siblings. Derived from a very famous classic children's novel, Anne Of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the TV series is filled with make-believe places and vivid imaginations with an honest and heartfelt plotline. If you are in the mood for something delightful and enduring, don't think twice just hit the play icon and enjoy!

Anne with an E

Image Courtesy: PopSugar


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4. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

"We accept the love we think we deserve", quite a thinker, right? And this isn't even a quarter of what you will witness on the screen. A coming-of-age story based on the novel by Stephen Chbosky is about an introverted teenager, Charlie Kelmeckis who is trying to figure out life whilst dealing with his best friend's demise. And the star cast of the movie is as impressive as the title; Logan Lerman (Charlie) is accompanied by actors like Emma Watson, Ezra Miller and Paul Rudd. Thank me later!

Perks of being a wallflower

Image Courtesy: Empire


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5. The Great Gatsby

Who could have thought that an extraordinary story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald could also be a phenomenal movie? People who are still unaware of this masterpiece, let me tell you the role of Gatsby is played by our beloved Leonardo DiCaprio alongside Toby Maguire. Whaaa? Yes! The story is a narration of Nick Carraway's (Toby Maguire) encounter with Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio), his flamboyant neighbour who has an unknown side. Living on a make-believe island Nick discovers just that. It's a classic you should not miss.

The Great Gatsby

Image Courtesy: IndieWire


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6. Forrest Gump

If reading between the lines is your thing, then this satirical take on American history will tickle your ribs and send you into the coma of a thousand questions. The story is hinged around a perfect idiot played by legendary Tom Hanks who finds himself in the most important scenarios of his country. Forrest Gump is a sentimental, heartfelt and feel-good movie that you will definitely take to your grave. 

Forrest gump

Image Courtesy: Metro


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7. Ready Player One

Let's take you on a bumpy but thrilling ride to a massive virtual reality universe oozing with mystery, danger, action and a lot of pew-pew (That's the sound of a gun on other make-believe planets). Based on the debut novel of Ernest Cline, this film by Steven Spielberg is a power-packed story of a talented young gamer on a mission to save the world (n a game) but instead wins the world. I mean these words do not do justice with what you are going to see on the screen. So guys get ready, have a seat but trust me, you'll only need the edge.

Ready player one

Image Courtesy: The Verge


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8. Matilda

Adapted from Roald Dahl's work, Matilda is a nostalgic story for all the Millenials. A plain girl with hidden magical powers tries to deal with her cruel life and most of all, her bully school principal. The movie is easy on the eyes and a treat for the mind. While everyone is worried still, this film can take your mind off very easily. An off-beat, feel-good story directed by Danny DeVito (You'll know once you see him in the movie) is suitable for the kids as well. Gather around fam, you got a movie to watch!


Image Courtesy: Medium


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9. P.S. I Love You

Sometimes all you need is a fringe of literature or a snippet of a scene to believe in love. A tragic love story by Cecelia Ahern is also an ageless romantic served with a bowl full of emotions and little grief on the sides. The movie stars Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. With perfect on-screen chemistry, this pair will steal your heart just by their presence. Ready to fall in love already?

PS I Love You

Image Courtesy: Glamour


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10. Hugo 

God bless the director who had the heart to pick up a book named 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' by Brian Selznick and capture its magic in a motion picture. The movie centres around a young orphan, Hugo Cabret living inside a Paris train station taking care of the automation of a giant clock under the eagle's eye of the stationmaster. Further, Hugo embarks on a quest to solve the mystery of automation and find a place he can call home. The protagonist played by young Asa Butterfield (now goes by the name Otis Milburn in a famous Tv series; Sex Education) has done a splendid job. The movie is a must-watch watching!


Image Courtesy: Letterboxd


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Books might not be your strong suit but don't miss out on these movies for your pursuit of happiness and knowledge!

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