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10 Books From The Shelf Of Warren Buffet To Help You Become A Master Of Investment

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - May 9, 202410 min read

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Warren Buffet, not only a genius in the world of Economics but an inspiration for the young, budding entrepreneurs and investors from all across the globe. People look up to the "Warren Buffet way" in order to climb up the ladder of success all the time. Wanting to dress like him, talk like him and if possible, even to think like him, we wonder about what goes on in his brilliant mind. But not many would know that a man's intelligence is more by what he has learned in life than what is perceived from the bare eyes. And what better a sneak-peek can be into his mind than a list of books on his bookshelf?    


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Well, today, we bring you a list of Warren Buffet's book collection that he trusts to be the guiding light of his methods and principles.  These impressive reads are held dear to his heart and he often recommends these in his journals and his addresses to the world. So without much ado, let's get to them already!


1. The Intelligent Investor - By Benjamin Graham

Touted as a guide for ardent investors, the Intelligent Investor is a book that has set numerous benchmarks in helping individuals refrain from allowing their emotional conscience to overrule their reasoning abilities while making business-oriented decisions. It's basically an alternative approach to the fundamentals of stock analysis. A complete set of know-hows, about what's good and what's bad for a successful investment, it's undoubtedly worthy of a podium spot in this list. A great read for us all, but more beneficial if you're looking forward to investment as your goal. Simply, a treasure trove of essential information about investment and other criticalities of business.


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Author: Benjamin Graham

Year Of Release: 1948

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2. Essays In Persuasion - By John Meynard Keynes

This pre-Word War II compilation of essays talks about the consequences of peace and other subsequent effects of World War I on the Economy. It talks about 5 major concerns that prevailed that sensitive economic era, namely; The Peace Treaty, Inflation & Deflation, The Return of Gold Standard, Politics and Future. Keynes' essays make it evident that these factors are intermingled, even in the current and futuristic economic conditions. Explaining further as to how these concerns are to be tackled and how to make the most of these situations, this book is a unit of standardization for every economically aware mindset. Making it another worthy placement in this list and one of the most remarkable works ever in understanding the economic folio at a macro level. An even interesting & enriching piece of work, Essays In Persuasion is a must-read for one and many.


Author: John Meynard Keynes

Year Of Release: 1931 

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3. The Clash Of Cultures - John Bogle

A brilliant piece of informative architecture by John C. Bogle, The Clash Of Cultures talks about the wedge between two types of investment methodologies, Long Term & Short Term. In this comprehensively defined work of business intelligence, Mr. Bogle has explained his views on how a sudden surge in the aggressive short-term investment has destroyed the value of long-term investments and its consequences bear harsh effects on the entire approach altogether. It talks about the restless new generation which chooses a fast & easy way out of economically disastrous situations, making the entire culture prone to catastrophic results. Touted by Warren Buffet as a must-read for all his shareholders, this is as candid as it gets in terms of investors' ideology. 


Author: John Bogle

Year Of Release: 2012

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4. The Essays Of Warren Buffet - By Warren Buffet

The Essays Of Warren Buffet marks its presence as one of the most remarkable works in the world of business economics. Compiling the entire gist of his investment methodology, it's about how he would take up the economic ups & downs and how he converted crisis into opportunities. A compilation of his best annual letters to his shareholders, this is more like a professional autobiography of this investment legend. Talking about his reformative strategies and consequences, this book piques the minds of young and elders alike. A must-read for both book lovers and those looking for some guidance in this field, it has undeniably set higher standards of professionalism, both ethical and practically implementable.


Author: Warren Buffet

Year Of Release: 1997

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5. Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales From The World Of Wall-Street By John Brooks

A consortium of twelve mind-boggling cases from the world of wall street, this piece of literary architecture is a muse and entertainment for business mindsets. From the first chapter till the last, it gets more and more inspiring and interesting with every word. No wonder, Mr. Buffet has spoken so highly of this book just every once he got a chance to. Depicting events and firms that you might not have heard about, the conclusions and the problem handling capabilities portrayed in here would surely astonish you till the core. If you're looking for fun, candid and ground-breaking revelations in the world of Wall Street, this is the book to read.


Author: John Brooks

Year Of Release: 1969

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6. Where Are The Customers' Yachts? By Fred Schwed

"The Funniest Book Ever Written About Investment" according to Warren Buffet, is a story about a visitor in New York who was amused by the number of yachts parked at the harbor. Upon asking about the owners, he was told that they all belonged to bankers from the wall street. And when he asked where the customers parked theirs, there was no answer to them, except, that they couldn't afford any. A quirky comparison of investment schedules and the outcomes of these transactions, 'Where Are The Customers' Yachts' is a complete pandemonium of sarcastic relevance in the investment industry. Explains why Warren Buffet calls it a humorously great read.


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Author: Fred Schwed

Year Of Release: 1940

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7. Poor Charlies Almanac: The Wit & Wisdom Of Charles T. Munger Edited By Peter Kaufman

A collection of speeches and other texts by Charlie Munger, the Right-Hand Man of Warren Buffet for over 50 years, is a time-defying anthology. True to the words of Warren Buffet himself, "you'll never find a book with more useful ideas", it talks about the behavioral traits of investors and how can they cause more harm than good to themselves at times. The book is a set of facts about the less informal approach of Mr. Munger in keeping the troubled waters away from Warren Buffet. When he wanted to sail through these and confront them up close the dangers lying in wait. 


Author: Peter Kaufman

Year Of Release: 2005

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8. The Outsiders By William Thorndike Jr. 

A book that has continuously enjoyed the stance of a Hot Cake in the market, is an "Outstanding Book" according to Warren Buffet. Also mentioned in his 2012 Annual Letter, "The Outsiders" is a classical approach towards decision making and other business handling capabilities of an efficient leader or manager. Quoting that the most pivotal aspect of a successful business operation is controlling the cash-outflow, William Thorndike states that the best managers are those who do this the best. By using funds in a manner that increases revenue and at the same time, provides for all the needs at hand. A useful and interesting read for all, "The Outsiders" is an essential entry in this list.


Author: William Thorndike Jr.

Year Of Release: 2012

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9. The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing By John C. Bogle

In the sixth book by Bogle, he explains that the simplest and efficient way of investing is by maintaining a "classical index fund". Stating that it's the only market portfolio that guarantees stock market returns, this book elaborates a similar practice obeyed by Mr. Bogle in turning profits for his clients during the time he built the Vanguard Group. One of the most promising works of Mr. Bogle, The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing is sure to churn out some useful ideas for your business investment strategy. 


Author: John C. Bogle

Year Of Release: 2007

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10. The Most Important Thing: Uncommon Sense For The Thoughtful Investor, By Howard Marks

"This is that rarity, a useful book" words by Warren Buffet are true to every inch for this book. This insightful assessment of market opportunity & risk By Howard Marks, the Chairman and Co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management, brims with tried & tested tactics and fundamental philosophy that is sought after by a number of investors across the globe. With passages taken from his memos, Marks teaches by example, detailing the development of an investment philosophy that fully acknowledges the complexities of investing and the perils of the financial world. Much needed in the volatile investment folio of today, this book is a founding stone in making essential investment decisions nowadays. 


Author: Howard Marks

Year Of Release: 2011

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A man is by his words, the words he reads and the words he comes up with. The same is the case with Warren Buffet. His wisdom, his prominent personality, his aura is not a brainchild of nature but of legendary works and intelligence that he came about in the course of time.


He is known for his knowledge and experience, but little do people know that this knowledge and experience is what's reflected in his bookshelf. Even after a brief glance at everything stated in these books, you can soak in the gist of his ideology.


So go ahead and seek the wisdom of the mighty Warren Buffet, because "What counts for most people in investing is not how much they know, but rather how realistically they define what they don't know" - Warren Buffet!