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De-Stress At These Serene Book Cafes In Pune

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Feb. 17, 2021 4 min read

There's something just so utterly tranquil about cosying up in a pretty corner with a fantastic book and a steaming mug of coffee. After a hectic week of meeting deadlines, attending meetings, and socialising, some alone time is the perfect remedy for piling stress. And an aesthetically stunning cafe that houses a wonderful collection of books, along with a kitchen furnishing delicious snacks, nibbles and beverages, is the ideal spot for grabbing a few moments of solitude. 


As most Punekars would be quick to tell you, the city is a hub of such awesome spots that let you satiate your food cravings and unwind in your own time. And especially now that most of our favourite places have re-opened post-COVID, and are back in full swing, the array of options you can find is simply staggering. Same is the case with book cafes in Pune. But luckily, you don't need to filter through these long lists, because we'll do it for you. Exactly how we did all the research, and shortlisted the best book cafes in Pune so you can focus all your attention on visiting these places and relaxing to your heart's content! 


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After much anticipation and waiting, our beloved Fat Cat's Book Cafe is back to regular business, and we couldn't be more thrilled. One of the best book cafes in Pune city, and definitely one of the most inviting spots around town, Fat Cat's is highly revered for its massive stacks of books, tranquil interiors and pretty pastel decor. Along with offering delicious food and drinks, this book cafe is also very Instagrammable, making it a must-visit place for everybody who hasn't been there yet, and a spot worth heading back to every once in a while, for those who have. Also, it's pet friendly so feel free to bring your pooch along! 


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A warm, homely ambience, lots of comfy seating options and splashes of greenery in unassuming corners, are what await you at Waari, one of the most loved book cafes in Pune. Every item you'll pick from their menu, is extremely light on your wallet and a true value for the bucks you do spend. They also have racks full of well-thumbed reads across a wide variety of subjects and topics, along with an extremely peaceful environment, which is just as great for folks looking to grab alone time as it is for couples seeking a quiet, romantic corner in the city. 


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As the name rightfully suggests, if you have a penchant for all things story-telling, Cafe Kathaa is one of the best places in Pune for you to make a beeline for. It's a spacious snacking spot, with an extensive menu crammed with delish offerings. Their bank of books is just as impressive, with titles spanning a multitude of genres. But, if you think you're too picky to flip through random books, they also have a Kindle you can use. The vibrant ambience and bright seating nooks are some other add-ons you'll fall in love with. 


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The name of this cafe does a pretty good job at summing up what it's like to step foot here. From the moment you arrive here, you can't help but feel absolutely smitten by the pretty decor, rustic wooden benches and impressive collection of intriguing reads. The comforting interiors of this place make you feel instantly at home, no matter how many miles away your actual abode might be. It's also extremely budget-friendly and the large crowds of college students flocking to this book cafe in Pune, bear testimony to that. 


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A paradise for book lovers in every sense of the word, this place will let you waltz in through the door, take your pick from their vast repository of both old and new books, sit down, and relax for as long as you'd like. Keeping you company through your reading adventures, would be refreshing cups of kadak adrak chai, which taste exactly like home, and nibbles that'll make your mouth water just with one glance at them. One of the best book cafes in Pune city, Pagdandi has served as the happy place for countless guests for over 8 years.  


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If you've been stumbling around town looking for the best book cafes in Pune, you're in for a treat. Because The Munching Route Book Cafe fits the bill perfectly. Tucked away in a bustling nook of Baner, this book cafe in Pune is adored by residents and visitors in equal measure, for its calm ambience and soothing vibes. All the food you'll order here will leave you impressed, both in terms of taste and potions. And the fact that you can get free WiFi while you spend your moments of quietude, certainly helps the case! 

So, pull up a chair, put up your feet, and get ready for a relaxing time with your fresh cups of joe, and your favourite read. 

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