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10 Must-Visit Book Cafés In Delhi For Every Bibliophile

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 19, 2021 5 min read

Ever wondered what would it be like to share a cuppa joe with Shakespear or Tennyson or maybe Bronte? It would be a conversation worth remembering! I've had this day-dream a few times before and trust me, I didn't have to say a word. Now, it may not be possible in the manner of physical being but you can still do this at the best book cafes in your town. You'll have all the peace and quiet you need for concentration. A hot cup of coffee and light snacks would be just an order away. And finally, you don't have to worry about interruptions since everybody is exactly like you.



If this sounds like a fun idea, let me point you in the direction of some of the best book cafes in Delhi. 



Image Courtesy: magicpin


Not just food, The Nerdy Indian also serve books. Oh yes! With every meal, you get to take home a book from their massive bookshelf. It's a quaint little cafe in Saket serving finger-licking dishes along with a perfect destination for one helluva bibliophilic date or even a solo one. The interiors are kept to a minimum but the nerdy vibe is set to the max. 



Image Courtesy: ptole pregames


The Brew Room is a cutesy little cafe in SDA Market with a warm ambience and even prettier interiors. Perfect for solo dates and hanging out with friends, the cafe is mostly known for its lip-smacking menu stacked with scrummy Italian and Continental dishes. It's one of the best book cafes in Delhi where not only you get the peace & quiet for your mind but yummy food for your belly. If you ever find yourself here, we strongly recommend their Red Velvet waffles, Chicken BBQ Pizza and Lasagne. 



Image Courtesy: Live In Style


Tucked away in Shahpur Jat, Ivy & Bean is a must-visit book cafe in Delhi every bibliophilic-foodie should look up right now. With gram-worthy pastel interiors, a dream-like library and a unique menu, the cafe has become a hot-spot for solo-dates and small gatherings. Heaven for readers and foodies alike, the place offers a tranquil ambience for your date with Shakespear, Tennyson and so on accompanied by hearty portions of tasty but quirky dishes such as Three-Cheese Quesadilla, Fettucine for the soul.  



Image Courtesy: Clubby Vibes


Plane and tasteful, Cha Bar in CP is a bookstore slash book cafe worth visiting. From books to comforting beverages to scrummy dishes, minimal ambience & more, there's nothing you wouldn't find it here. To my surprise, they even have 60 different kinds of teas along with other mouth-watering dishes such as smoked barbeque sausage, Kadhai chicken pizza, bun kebab and so on. It's one of the best book cafes in Delhi and a notable Insta-worthy spot in town. Bibliophile or not, every Delhiite should check it out at least once. 



Image Courtesy: digi media


Samosas and coffee are pretty common but this place has something special when it comes to coffee shops in Delhi. An exhausting collection of books (fiction, non-fiction, political) along with yummy food like chicken soup and a theatre in the next room for plays & other cool events. It's cosy, it's personal and a paradise for readers, writers, thinkers and art lovers alike. You don't have to be a genius to recognise one of the best book cafes in Delhi and this my friends, is it. 





Slow & steady wins the race! And that's what Cafe Turtle in Khan Market wants you to understand. The concept behind their name indicates a beautiful space adorned with books, vintage decor and a soothing ambience where you not only enjoy a good read but great food with the speed of a turtle (Slow & nice). One of the best book cafes in Delhi that also serve scrummy desserts such as chocolate and date cakes. If you ever find yourself in the area, do check this place out. 




Image Courtesy: myHQ


Known for its massive library and European-cuisine, The Reader's Cafe is one of the best book cafes in Delhi NCR. From reading to stuffing your face with delicious dishes to attending interesting events such as book launches, live screening, book swapping, etc. and more, there's nothing nerdy you can't do here. Pick your favourite read, choose from the palatable range of drinks and dishes like MeatBall Spaghetti, Fish Burger, Watermelon Spice and so on... and soothe your mind as well as senses at this amazing book cafe in Indirapuram.




Image Courtesy: great pice


Hauz Khas has always been a party hub of D-Town. But there are a few cafes such as this which makes the place worth visiting. Kunzum Travel Cafe is a noble venture filled with green teas, black coffees, an up-to-date magazine collection, a massive pile of books and inspiration all over their walls. The biscuits are complimentary and you don't have to pay any kind of bill instead here's a donation box you can contribute your fair share in. If this doesn't make this cafe the best book cafe in Delhi then I don't know what will. 




Image Courtesy: magicpin


Here's a superb idea for a mini-break. Get away from the hustle-bustle of Delhi and get lost in the Music & Mountains Cafe in GK. They have everything to make you feel at mountains... the interiors, the food, pop music and an earthly vibe (Mostly due to wood & stone in their decor). But the list goes on... long tree log tables, nonchalant jazz music, Tracy Chapman & Coldplay in the background, comfy chairs, laid-back ambience, a book already on your table and a drool-worthy menu inspired by authentic dishes from the mountains. We highly recommend Mountain Assam Tea, Panna Cotta with Mousse and Coffee Crumble at one of the best book cafes in Delhi. 




Image Courtesy: Instagram


A basic wooden decor, a gravel path that stands out, pet-friendly cafes along with all the peace and quiet one might need for reading. That's the magic of this best book cafe in Delhi situated in the crafty lanes of Champa Gali. Be it business meetings, a coffee date with your BFF, solo-outing with Sherlock Holmes and more... the cafe caters to all your needs in its own unique way. And if you're just a foodie, we suggest you try their Banana cake, cappuccino, cheese sandwich, waffles, iced latte and scrambled eggs. 


Read between the lines or better... read at these best cafes in Delhi. You're welcome!


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