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Planning To Start A Restaurant Blog? 10 Blog Posts Ideas To Begin With!

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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If you've just started a restaurant blog and are clueless about which topic to write on? We've got your back with 10 blog post ideas, to begin with.


1. Feature Special Dishes and Dish Of The Month

Post unique content - tell your customers about the best dishes in your restaurant. Write a blog about the exquisite meals served in your restaurant with high-quality pictures to make them realise that they are missing out on a lot. Add pictures of mouth-watering dishes to tempt the customers.



2. Engage Customers By Sharing The Best Reviews and Feedback On Your Blog

Getting customer engagement on your blog means featuring your customers as well to gain their attention. Share blogs regarding your regular customers. Click a picture when they visit the next time - the readers want to know what customers binge on when they visit your restaurant.  Add their stories and feedback to retain more customers.

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3. Secret Recipes 

It's completely in your hands if you would like to reveal the best of recipes, If yes, then post the secret recipes to the best dishes served in your restaurant as it engages more audience who would like to know how much going into making while preparing scrumptious dishes.



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4. Journey To Success

Share growth - share happy moments that you have experienced during your entire journey from setting up a restaurant to going up every level. It promotes positivity and customers look forward to it - share pictures when you make changes in the ambience of your restaurant, event pictures and media coverages till now.



5. Staff Encouragement

To build a strong base - one has to build a strong bond with their employees. Encouraging your own employees is the best way to begin - add a blog encouraging the employee of the month. A single feature a month won't do any harm - it's always going to encourage your staff to work hard.



6. Guest Blog - Experience And Backlinks

Get a newsletter - get your customers to share their feedbacks through guest blogs. Give them the freedom to write about latest food trends or the niche you focus on. Publishing guest blogs will help you get backlinks which will eventually help you gain more traffic on your restaurant blog.



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7. Food Trends Changing The Industry

It's important to cover trends leading the food industry. Write blogs about the best and worst of food fusions, trending cocktails and mocktails, themed ambiences - the list goes on. It's okay to divert from focusing on just "Your Restaurant" - write about trending news related to the food industry.

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8. Talk About Your Vouchers, Events And Loyalty Program

One way to reach your customers before even visiting the restaurant would be to highlight your main vouchers, events and loyalty programs through your blog/website. Write a blog on the best deals would definitely get you in the highlight - repost the same blogs on social media for more engagement. 



9. Share An Overall Dining Experience

Upload a video - share clips of the best dishes, restaurant ambience, a highly crowded day to show your readers what they can look forward to. Make them feel that they're missing out on the best - don't comprise with the quality as high-quality videos and content make a blog work in the first place.

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10. Behind The Scenes

Once in a while upload a picture-based blog - Readers don't always look for reading material sometimes it's all about high-quality interesting pictures. Give them an insight into the whole working environment of the restaurant, scrumptious dishes, kitchen-haul and the list goes on. It's all about posting high-quality curated content.

behind the scenes


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