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Thoughtful Bhai Dooj Gifts For Your Brother To Make Up For All the Fights

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Nov. 5, 2021 6 min read

We all know that after Diwali there comes Bhai Dooj and all the sisters are stuck in chaos about what to gift their amazing brother. To have the best Bhai Dooj you just need to have a few ideas about the likes and dislikes of your brother. With a little bit of planning and a heart full of love and affection, you'll surely find the perfect gift for your brother. Here are some of the handpicked ideas of what to gift your brother this year for Bhai Dooj.


1. Watches for the one who is always on time

On the occasion of Bhai Dooj, an exquisite watch would be really a thoughtful gift for a brother from a sister. Show your caring side to your adorable brother with an amazing gift box of a single watch or a gift box of watches comprising of his favourite brands. This Bhai dooj gift will surely enhance the charm of your dear bro.


We recommend: Maritime Watch with Black Dial & Leather Strap from Titan @ ₹9,495

Image Courtesy: Titan 



2. Shoes that he likes

Like women, men are also crazy about shoes. Gift your brother the shoes that he has wanted to buy from so long on this Bhai Dooj, and lift his mood on another level. Undoubtedly gifting your brother his favourite pair of shoes is the best gift you can gift him this Bhai Dooj.


We recommend: Kook N Keech Men Black Sneakers from Myntra @ ₹999

Image Courtesy: Myntra



3. For the bathroom singer

For all this brother's who are music lovers, gifting a pair speakers will be the best thought out gift this Bhai Dooj. You can choose from the unlimited cool and sleek options available in the market. This is the perfect gift on which your brother is gonna crush on.


We recommend: boAt Stone 650 from boAt @ ₹1,999


Image Courtesy - boAt



4. Chocolates for the sweet tooth

For the brother who has a sweet tooth, you can gift a beautifully packed box of his favourite chocolate and let the festive season of Bhai Dooj leave behind a sweet memory for both of you. For the brother you live far off you can send them a box of chocolate decorated with ceramic designs and sequins which can be easily found on the Internet. Sites like Flipkart and Amazon offers a lot of such options.


We recommend: Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Gift Hamper with Wooden Tray from Cadbury Gifting @ ₹1,750

Image Courtesy: Cadbury Gifting



5. For the intellectual brother

This one is dedicated to all sisters who have bibliophiles as brothers. This Bhai dooj treat your brother with a box to upgrade their book collection with some of the most inspirational, fascinating and booksellers book to enhance their creative knowledge mind. This is the perfect gift for all the intellectual brothers. Read Book Subscription Boxes In India to choose the best gift for your brother. Or else gift him a book by Salman Rushdie.


We recommend: Midnight's Children from Amazon @ ₹300

Image Courtesy: Amazon



6. Foodie fanatic

No matter how much you fight with your brother, a gift box of his favorite food item can fix everything up. So, this Bhai dooj, reminisce all the bittersweet memories of your siblinghood with this delectable gift idea for your brother.


Image Courtesy: Grit Daily


 7. For the one who loves his perfumes

One of the best Bhai Dooj gift ideas would be gifting your brother a perfume so that he can use the gift every day. Choose the perfume that he loves the most, or gift him the perfume that he always waned to purchase. This is the perfect gift if your brother’s closet looks like a mini perfume shop. Add one more to his collection. 


We recommend: Eau De Parfum - Ombre from The Man Company @ ₹499

Image Courtesy: The Man Company



8. Customized gifts

Customized gifs are one of the cute and adorable gift ideas that can sweeten up your bond with your brother. You can customize his favourite Marvel hero into his cup or can gift his a photo of himself as a showpiece. Who won't love to wake up to his own picture anyway? You can get the craziest and amazing collection of customized gifts on online gift portals like Mango people, and so forth.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


9. For the gadget junkie

Gadgets and men are inseparable and what more can be better can gifting your brother one more gadget. There are a lot of options that come under this section, be it a new game controller, or a camera to go for the photography hobby they always had, there is something for every kind of brother.


We recommend: ProGear B20 By BoAt @ ₹1,799


Image Courtesy: BoAt



10. For the wanderlust soul

There is no better Bhai dooj gift than a gift of beautiful memories. A dream holiday for your brother will make for a perfect gift this year to let him loose his wanderlust soul. Gift your brother memories to cherish for a lifetime.bhai-dooj-gifts-for-your-brother-image

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



As we all know that finding a gift for brothers is extremely difficult, we hope this ultimate guide of Bhai Dooj gifts for brothers will make your search easier.



Q. What is celebrated on Bhai Dooj?
A. Bhai Dooj: The last and final day is called the Bhai Dooj or Bhau Beej, which celebrates the special bond of brothers and sisters. It is celebrated on the second day of the Shukla Paksha of the lunar calendar and is similar to Rakshabandhan.
Q. Can brothers celebrate Bhai Dooj?
A. This offering of gifts and return gifts by both brother and sister to each other has become an important part of the present day celebration of this special occasion among people.
Q. What is the difference between Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj?
A. The first difference is that Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in August, while Bhai Dooj is observed in October or November two days after Diwali. On Raksha Bandhan, the brother vows to protect his sister at all costs, while in Bhai Dooj the sister vows to protect her brother.

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