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Best Yoga Classes In Delhi To De-Stress And Stay Fit

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

With the new workout sessions and yoga studios coming up, Delhi's has welcomed yoga with full arms. New yoga classes and yoga studios are popping up all around Delhi faster that you can even imagine. Delhiites love to perform yoga since they are more about de-stressing as it is about giving the body a good workout. If you are still in a fix to where you should go for a "Shavasana" or other yoga practices then we have found out the best yoga classes in Delhi.


1. Iyengar Yoga Center Yogakshema

Iyengar Yoga Center Yogakshema is one of the best yoga studio in Delhi that is fully equipped with all the props that are used during the yoga sessions. Along with the best trainers they are also very concerned about the hygiene of the people. Separate changing rooms and shower facilities are provided to men and women. There is also a quiet sit down at this yoga class in Delhi for reading. Join them now and be fit in the 21st century. best-yoga-classes-delhi-iyengar-yoga-centre-yogakshema-image

Address: Plot No.65,66,67, Deendayal Upadhyay Marg, Rouse Avenue, New Delhi



2. Morarji Desai National Institute Of Yoga

Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga has the sense of community and inclusion that being the best yoga studio in Delhi wants their students and teachers to feel that they are part of something bigger. This is a fully funded yoga institute which funded by Ministry of AYUSH. The motto of this place is to promote health, harmony and happiness through yoga and create a deeper understanding of the Yoga philosophy and practices based on the yoga classes and courses that they provide. best-yoga-classes-delhi-morarji-desai-national-institue-of-yoga-image

Address: 68, Ashoka Road, Near Gole Dak Khana, New Delhi 


3. Art Of Living Yoga And Meditation Centre

Art of Living Yoga And Meditation Centre is located at a lot of places around India. They believe that their yoga classes are meant to fulfill the dreams of their student and help them find their path through their practice. They have various programs out of which the Happiness program, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and Sri Sri Yoga are the most famous ones. Being one of the best yoga classes in Delhi they teach meditation and yoga with an effortless technique to enhance the clarity of mind. best-yoga-classes-delhi-art-of-living-yoga-image

Address: 18/50, East Patel Nagar, Delhi


4. Bikram Yoga Studio

You'll find peace in Bikram Yoga Studio since they have different levels for each class type raging from beginners to advanced. Located near Rajauri Garden Bikram Yoga Studio is no doubt one of the best dance studios in Delhi. They are fully dedicated to the practice of Bikram Yoga and their mission is to spread the therapeutic value of Hatha yoga through the dedicated 26 postures sequence that they teach at this yoga

Address:  A 24 vishal enclave rajouri garden, Delhi


5. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

A non-profit organization which was founded by  Swami Vishnudevananda provides one of the best yoga classes in Delhi. The professional teachers of this yoga studio intend on spreading the teachings on classical yoga through the five points of yoga by Swami Vishnudevananda. They aim in creating an awareness about the fruitfulness of doing yoga and want their students to achieve physical, mental and spiritual

Address: 41, Kailash Colony, New Delhi, India


6. Bharath Thakur’s Artistic Yoga

The spacious facilities by one of the best yoga studio in Delhi which is Bharath Thakur's Artistic yoga make Pure Yoga feel like an oasis in the middle of the city. This yoga studio wants their students to feel comfortable in taking chance on yoga and meditation so that they can count on the fact that they will meet and be supported whenever they are in their practice. They have specific classes for weight loss

Address: C-6 community centre, Vasant Kunj


7. Isha Yoga Center

Isha Yoga Center (Best Yoga Class in Delhi) has the vision is to offer the science of inner well-being to every human being – a science that helps a person realize the ultimate potential within. Isha Yoga Centre is a very peaceful place if you want to start practicing yoga and the trainers draw up plans differently for each level to make the students

Address: 4, Osho Drive, Mandi Gaon Road, Gadaipur, Nr. Chattarpur Metro Station, Mehrauli, New Delhi


8. Sole To Sole

When talking about the best yoga classes in Delhi it is hard to miss out this dance studio in Delhi which provides yoga classes along with other classes. Soul to Sole was founded to make sure keeping fit and healthy never feels like a chore. Their studios are at Greater Kailash 1 and DLF Phase 4 are a paradise for all our students who want to start practicing yoga and meditation. You are sure to get addicted to this yoga studio once you start classes there. best-yoga-classes-delhi-sole-to-sole-image

Address: B-64, Greater Kailash 1, Delhi


9. Zorba The Budha

Being one of the largest open faith spiritual centers in the world, Zorba The Budha is one of the best yoga studios in Delhi. They have specifically designed their yoga programs to foster creative and spiritual growth. They have their campus in the outskirts on Delhi which provides a brilliant haven for the people who seek spiritual retreats and yoga practices


Address: 7, Tropical Drive, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Ghitorni, New Delhi 


10. Mediplex Yoga Centre

Mediplex Yoga Centre is the best choice for people who are still new to Yoga. They have daily open yoga classes to provide excellent guidance and an amazing space for people who want to do yoga or meditate. Once a student gets done with their beginner's classes they can easily opt for the advanced classes at this best yoga class in


Just for you, here are 10 best yoga classes in Delhi that every yoga enthusiastic should check out. So, clear out your schedule for the weekend and go check out these yoga studios. You can thank us later!


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Q: Which are some of the famous places Yoga retreats in India?

A: Rishikesh, Kerela, And Goa


Q: What are the benefits of Yoga?

A: Increased Flexibility, Increased Strength, Weight Reduction, Balanced Metabolism, Improved Respiration and Mental Healing through meditation after yoga.


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